How To Get A Second Date: 5 Ways To Getting The Second Date

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Hello my name is Tripp from and today I'm going to

tell you

how to get second date.

This second date is the

key to getting closer to a girl but before you can go for a second date

you have to make sure that the first date

went smoothly.

Let me give you a few tips. Number one, make sure the date is fun.

Whatever you guys do together, make sure you bring your A-game.

What's your A-game?

You've a great sense of humor,

interesting stories,

continuous flirting and leading the interaction,

you pick an enjoyable date spot and

you remain present.

Wait. What the hell does that mean?

It's important that you stay in the moment in all of your interactions

especially on the first date.

Don't think about what you have to do tomorrow or how much she likes you.

Just have fun.

The first night out should be carefree.

Act as if

there's nothing else important except for the time that you're spending with your date in

that moment.

Number two,

show interest.

This time together is not all about you

and I know a lot of people get nervous and fill uncomfortable silences with



make sure that you're engaging in a two-way conversation.

Ask her questions.

Get to know her.

The most common complaint that I hear from women

is "He talked the entire time and never even asked one question.

I wonder if he even knows my name."

A great way to connect with a girl is to ask her questions

and reciprocate with a story of your own related to her responses. Now you're

getting to know her, she's getting to know you and round and round it goes. Number


treat the people around you with respect

whether it's a server, cashier or stranger,

treat them

with kindness and be friendly. This will show your date that you have strong

character and that you're just a good human being. If you're yelling at the

waitress for bringing your food late,

she can only imagine what you're going to be like when you're an old man.

Number four,

should you pay for the date?

At the end the day it's a chivalrous move

and you'll score major points with this girl if you do.

And have no fear. If she is a cool girl she'll pick up the next tab. Now on the other

hand, if you're broke

then get creative and don't take your date to hundred dollar dinners. Number five,

one of the best ways to get a second date

is to set it up on the first date.

Instead of waiting a few days to make the second date call,

then think of something

that gives you a reason to meet up again. For example, maybe you guys share a

common interest like biking.

Set up a biking date but don't wait to ask.

On the date,

tell you guys should get together soon and then do whatever you guys think you

should do together. Easy right? Your second date will be set up and you'll be

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