How to Approach a Girl Without Getting Rejected

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have you ever seen a girl and you really

wanted to go talk to her but then you

stopped yourself because you were

worried about getting rejected well in

this video I'm gonna tell you one solid

tip that will make sure every time you

approach her your odds of getting

rejected or almost zero



just approached you so hard yeah now

this works whether she's by herself or

with a bunch of girlfriends or in a big

group it doesn't matter

this works almost every time and this

could work whether you just saw her at a

cafe or whether you're out at a crowded

bar where everyone is approaching

everyone and you you you're like the

tenth guy that's come up to her or it

could be a girl that you already know

maybe a girl you're even thinking about

right now well when you first walk up to

a girl here's what most guys do wrong

and 90% of the time this is what's gonna

get you rejected it's not because of

what you say it's because of what you're

communicating with your body language so

let me show you what I mean most guys

when they go to approach a girl they're

thinking in their head about what they

want to say and they walk right up to

and they're like hi I'm here I'm talking

to you this is my pickup line and I want

to hoping that it wins you over right


and they face a girl directly like this

just giving her everything their whole

body's pointed at the girl and the girls

usually other facing them or probably

turning me trying to get away and what

happens when you do this unless the girl

is already really attracted to you or

she's just really drunk and horny and

ready to hook up with anyone which does

happen if you go to bars but unless she

has already seen you and she's already

really attracted to you this is gonna

feel like an attack it's gonna feel like

you just walked up you're all up in her

personal space and because she doesn't

know you the girl you've never met

before you just came up and you are

fully committed you were saying with

your body language I like you and I want

this to go well and if she doesn't know

you yet she has no reason to like you

back this is gonna feel like too much

too soon it's gonna creep her out it's

gonna feel like you are definitely

hitting on her really hard and that's

not what you want right when you

approach a girl for the first time

you've never met before

girls get hit on all the time you got to

understand what's going on in her mind

when she especially when she goes out to

a party or a bar or a place where girls

usually get approached she's gonna be a

little bit wary of guys walking up and

approaching her and it's not that she

doesn't want to meet a really cool

confident guy like you it's that she

doesn't want to meet one of those creepy

weirdo guys that

understand personal space that don't

understand boundaries that don't

understand how to make her feel

comfortable or turn her on or connect

with her as a person they just want to

spit their game and be mr. alpha macho

cool guy bro and come up to her and try

really hard and girls don't like that

they don't want you to come up and act

like that and so when you first approach

her she's gonna be a little bit nervous

that you might be one of those guys and

for the first five minutes or so it's

really just about showing her hey this

is cool it's comfortable to talk to me

I'm not one of those guys I'm actually

pretty cool we should get to know me you

can't do that if you get right in her

face right away she's just gonna

instantly think one of those guys no

thanks I'm sorry I'm here with my

friends I don't want to talk to anyone

sorry I have a boyfriend no thank you

yeah you can buy us drinks if you want

but we don't want to talk to you all

right they're just gonna reject the

out of you you know what I'm talking

about so what do you do instead well

it's really simple if this is too much

if you and me facing each other like

this is way too much well when you first

approach a girl and you walk up you want

to stand like this just shoulder to

shoulder we're both facing the same way

we're not facing each other we're facing

the same way and if you notice I'm still

the exact same distance away from her I

can playfully flirt with her and touch

her a little bit I can talk to her over

my shoulder not directly but what it

feels like is totally different this

feels like me and you just casually

bumped into each other all it takes is

one turn of the head this way and the

conversations over so neither one of us

is that committed we're not fully

invested in this conversation yet nor

should we be because we don't know each

other we just met she has no reason to

like me yet and honestly I have no

reason to like her yet other than that I

thought she was cute and I wanted to

find out more so all I'm saying with my

body language here is hey I'm interested

but if this doesn't go well then you and

I can both easily turn around and

nothing is lost it doesn't feel weird

it doesn't feel awkward but now that

we're talking and I'm talking to you

over my shoulder like this it feels like

we're on the same team and maybe we'll

even be talking to some people over

there look pointing at them or looking

at them we're looking the same direction

and that feels body language wise like

we're on this

team we're on the same side it's me and

her together against the world we want

the same thing we're on the same side

and as we're talking as we start getting

to know each other and I decide that I

like her for a reason not just because

she's hot but because she did something

that I liked because I'm getting to know

her as a person then I might start

turning more towards her and what I'm

saying with my body is I'm investing a

little bit more in this now I'm a little

bit more into you and I'm only gonna

turn my body towards her as much as she

faces me okay if she's still facing over

here and I'm facing her like this what

does it look like and how does it feel

it looks like I'm trying way harder than

her and I want her way more than she

wants me and that's not attractive girls

aren't gonna be really into a guy that

wants her way more than she wants me you

want it to feel natural and like we're

doing this together so we both start

turning towards each other as we're

talking and I might even flirt with her

and connect with her on something and

then even like playfully nudge her a

little bit so that we're facing each

other more because the more we face each

other the more it feels like we're

connecting but I only want to do it as

much as she's doing it with me so that

it feels again like we're on the same

team and we're doing this together and

I'm not some guy who just approached her

and is trying to get something from her

you know a lot of guys approach girls

and it feels combative it feels like I'm

trying to get in your pants notice the

phrases that we use I'm trying to get

some I'm trying to get in your pants I'm

trying to take you home with me instead

of me versus you me trying to get

something from you I want it to feel

like it's me and you together connecting

and having an adventure together and you

can communicate that with your words but

even more importantly with your body

language and just the way that you face

each other naturally so keep that in


the next time you want to approach a

girl instead of facing her directly

right away just walk up and stand next

to her like you and her just looking at

something like you're like you're in an

art gallery and you're just casually

looking at a painting together like hey

what do you think of this as you start

getting to know her in the first five

minutes or so then you start turning

towards her then you start flirting more

it works way better it's way more

consistent and you won't get rejected

and even if the girl doesn't like you

she's not gonna feel put off she's not

gonna feel like oh my god I got to

reject this guy right away because he's

way in my face and he doesn't understand

how to talk to me she's gonna feel

natural and

it's gonna feel like two people just

casually connecting which is how you

always want it to feel do you want to

know more about body language and how to

communicate this stuff without even

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