How to NOT Get NERVOUS Around Girls

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today boys today's I'm really gonna help

you out because today I'm gonna show you

how you could talk to girls without

being nervous around me so tell me if

you recall scenario something something

like this oh crap crap she's looking at

me normal act normal okay I'm being I'm

being super crap if that's you that's

that's okay

trust me it's normal for a lot of guys

today I'm going to show you what you can

do to fight that and no longer be

nervous around girls so the first and

most important thing you're gonna have

to start doing this to stop overthinking

and start actually doing most of the

nervousness that comes from being around

girls is because we're overthinking of

all the bad things that can happen

however if you implement something like

the three to one approach where you only

give yourself three seconds to approach

that girl you won't give your brain any

time to overthink anything and by the

time you're already there you're in a

full-blown conversation with her and

you're actually doing and not think and

that's the key moment when you stop your

thoughts from impeding your actions

that's when you become an alpha male

with zero nervousness around girl number

two you have to be confident in your own

skin you just have to feel good about

yourself how do you do that easy your

exterior reflects your interior so when

you're wearing your best clothes or

driving your new freshly-cleaned car or

wearing your new shoes or whatever it is

that you're proud of you feel on top of

the world because a lot of times these

tiny superficial items do reflect a

confidence boost inside of you and make

you feel better about yourself and for

me one item that I always wear it I've

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even more for the third tip to not be

nervous around girls it's all about

practice practice does make perfect so

my suggestion fine girls that aren't as

attractive average or below average at

least that they aren't attractive in

your eyes that's what you're looking for

then in your mind already decide that

you're not looking to actually date this

girl or even get her number what this is

gonna do it's it's gonna put you in that

confident mindset where who cares if she

rejects you you didn't actually want to

date her all you wanted to do is meet on

your person talk to her and have a good

time so now the pressures off and you

can comfortably go in there and start

talking to girls I would do this a

couple times so you can get warmed up

and and see how the process goes once

you feel comfortable you see

everything's going good and it's not as

serious as when we make it out to be

then you go for that person you actually

want but once you're ready to tackle

that person remember tip number four

she's not as perfect as you think she is

and this is a good mindset to go into so

if you see this girl as super hot

let completely out of your league you're

going in with the wrong mindset and it's

just gonna make it even harder and more

nerve-wracking for you to talk to her

but if you go in there thinking yeah

she's okay yeah no she's not that

attractive you'll be able to talk to her

like a normal person and I know what

you're thinking Jose she's way too hot

it's impossible to think she's ugly

that's understandable a second tactic

kind of in the same

format that you can do is again you want

to take your mindset off of her being so

hot and you being out of her league

instead think of something else

count to a hundred think of that one

funny time that you had with your

friends think of whatever anything that

you can get your mind off of that fact

that she's so hot will help you reduce

the nervousness when you go up to talk

to her everything final thing is to

remember you don't have to impress her

one huge fail point that guys make is

that they're in their minds thinking of

all these intricate ways that they're

gonna impress this chick get that

because by the time that she's responded

to you need to respond back you're gonna

be stumbling upon your words then you're

gonna get nervous then you're gonna feel

awkward um yeah okay can I have your

number to go on a date then the Bloods

gonna rush to your face and all of a

sudden you've ruined everything because

you're over here in your head trying to

impress her again I've said this before

believe it or not most girls don't get

approached every single day by guys

rarely do they ever get approached so

just the fact that you had the levels to

go up to her and talk to her

that's impressive enough to forget about

impressing her just try to hold the

conversation for one to two minutes and

when you feel the time is right ask for

her phone number or something more

informal like her snapchat or her

Instagram and that's basically it if you

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well that's it for me today see you next