How to Approach a Girl Without Being Awkward (99% Don’t Know)

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Uncle C, back in the office and in today's video, I'm going to be teaching each and every

single one of you how to approach any woman without it being awkward.

Now there's a very fine balance that we have to understand with this between tactics and

energy and the right things to say.

And you see, it's all a very predictable, repeatable process if you do this the right


So stay tuned with me until the end, because you're going to want to learn all of these


Okay, if you can't take the time to focus in for a few minutes, you're going to be sorely

mistaken when it comes to the real world.

Now, here's the thing.

This is where most people go extremely wrong.


They think that they can have the confidence they can have the skill set, they can just

apply the tactics, even if they're not doing anything with their life.

Okay, the biggest Asterix that I have right here is that none of this will work.


I specifically say this won't work.

If you're not doing the work.

Basically what I mean?

If you look like shit, if you dress like shit, if you feel like shit about yourself, if you

wake up in this hazy, foggy, depressed state everyday like 99% of men, good luck showing

that you're a viable option when it comes to the sexual playing field, it's going to

be virtually impossible.

Because we all know how do you get joy?

How do you get?

How do you get that long term gratification, you get it through doing the things that most

men will not do.

And when you start to have that you have that abundance and fulfillment and you actually

feel good about yourself, then we can start working through all of these things.

So that has to be a staple.

Now the reason why things honestly the truth that matters the most is because if you look

at my current client, Michael, okay, Michael specifically commented this in my blueprint

close members group, he literally goes the pickup industry often focuses primarily on

what we call outer game.

And this is all about psychological persuasion, the tips and tricks for getting the girl to

be with you or to sleep with you.

Obviously these will have very limited effect if you can't even approach her Fellas screaming

for mommy and collapsing into a fetal position.

This is the problem is most guys deep down do not believe they're worthy.

And because they don't believe they're worthy, they don't act like it, which means that every

single tactic you want to apply to a man that isn't ready for it, they don't have the opportunity

to do that.

Now fellas, if you would actually like to see the step by step process that all of these

men are using in this blueprint close members group, what you're going to want to do is

you're going to want to go down below and register for my free men's attraction masterclass.

Now, in this attraction master class, I'm going to be teaching you everything, how to

get a woman hooked, how to make sure that there is no pull backs and how to make sure

that you have your game on point 24 seven so that way, you know where the interaction

is going no matter what, okay?

Always be on that mission of self improvement.

But however, once you go on that mission of self improvement, here's where it gets really


Most guys use self improvement specifically to never take action and actually handle their

love life.

They think it's the exact same they think if they improve enough that's just going to

come false.

Getting good at what you practice.

That is exactly what you're going to get good and have rewards in.

This is why there's oftentimes many guys that are ripped.

They have amazing businesses, they have amazing bodies, they have amazing personalities deep


But when it comes to just expressing that to a woman, they're screwed.

It's because they do not understand that you have to practice what you want.

Now, the number one thing that you have to understand with women, the number one thing

that you have to understand about anything in life is that nobody owes you anything and

nobody's just going to treat you the way you would like unless you directly ask them to.

So here's the statement that I love the quarters if you're not direct about what you want,

you will probably be disappointed in what you get.

The reason why so many men have so many issues when it comes to approaching women is because

they never specifically state what it is about that girl that they like and why they want

to get to know them.

They beat around the bush, okay, and because they beat around the bush, it turns into a

payment of 20 questions.

It turns into a back and forth of a bunch of questions and a bunch of long drawn out


And they never actually get to the point.

These interactions don't have to be ridiculously long for most of you guys, you're trying just

to get a phone number.

Well, you're going to get that by being direct and asking for her phone number because XYZ

reasons that you like about her.

This is not very hard, but so many guys their head, the reason why they can't clear it is

because there's just full of a million different tactics.

And if you watch enough of these YouTube channels, you're going to be even more confused by the

time you leave than by the time when you enter.

Because there's a different tactic for everything and they all can work if you apply it the

right way.

If the man knows how to apply it, it's all in the energy.

It's all in that man.

If you're not direct about what you want, you will be disappointed in what you get.

She's not just going to reward you and give you it just because you're standing there.

Okay, you have to work you have to work on that personality you have to be human.

Okay, which is why brings me to number two in order to approach a woman without it being


You're Energy has to be on point.

Okay, what you have to do to really master your energy when you're with a woman is you

have to just come at it with the mindset that you assume there's interest, specifically

because you have balls.

Because you have a pair of nuts.

That should be everything that it takes for you to convince yourself that this interaction

should play into your favor.

You see people, people in life, they get what they focus on.

If you focus on the negative outcome, you focus on how cloudy Your head is, you focus

on exactly what if she says a certain thing and you don't know how to reply to it.

You see, this is not this is not chess.

This is people and people are not robots.

When your heads that cloudy.

When you think things through that in depth, you have to understand what situation that's

putting you in.

It's putting you in a situation where you're essentially stuck in your head and you can't

ever get into the body.

You can't have good energy in your body.

You Can't have good vibes.

However, if that guy focused on how amazing this is going to be because he's a guy and

she's a girl, and she's obviously going to like him by default, that's going to change

his demeanor and everything that's going to change how he smiles, how he holds eye contact,

how he directly says, Hey, we should do XYZ because it might be fun, okay, it's going

to change everything about him.

It's also going to help that men push past an objection, because you got to realize,

if she hits him with something like I have a boyfriend and you know, it's fake, or she

hits him with something like, I don't know, if that's a good idea, I should probably get

to work or I should probably get back home or I should probably do all of these things.

You got to realize the man who's doing the work, and he's direct and he's mastered his

energy understands that objections happen, and he understands that you have to push through


Okay, the guy with true confidence, essentially what that says is, hey, that's as I've been

here before.

And since I have balls, and since I know that men and women are supposed to get along, I'm

going to push fast out objection.

Anyway, that's when all of a sudden the words just flow out of him.

He's able to say something like you guys, and cute girls typically get along so good

that it's probably not in your best interest to turn this down.

You could say anything that goes along the lines that says, hey, I've been here before.

I'm used to this.

And I'm used to having a good reaction from the girl, not a poor one.

If it says that she's going to go, huh, this guy's been here before this guy understands

how to talk to women.

This guy probably is used to getting what he wants.

Maybe he is what he says he's about, I'm going to give this an opportunity.

You see, pushing past the objections in life is everything.

And when you can start to understand how to push past and projection to get what you want.

It makes you a tougher, stronger individual business with women with anything people are

going to tell you no left and right.

Can you push past it?

The next step?

You see this woman, even putting in the work you've been you understand about being direct,

you understand about being upbeat and having a great energy and a great positive vibe to


What you have to do then is you have to just clear your head and you just only need to

focus on saying hi.

Just say hi and see where it goes.

The reason for that is because you cannot predict everything like these guys that show

and teach game on the internet teach you, these guys are showing you the three approaches

that worked that night and not the other 40 women that told them to get bent.

Do you get that guys are selective with what they show.

And these channels that have massive volumes of men that looking like they just have this

smooth, suave, seductive to them in any girl on the streets is just going to stop exactly

what they're doing and be attractive, completely false.

The reason why you can't plan what you're going to say is because you don't know where

this interaction is going to go.

Maybe you want to comment, a voter smile, maybe you want to comment about her teeth,

maybe you want to comment about her dress that she's wearing.

Maybe you want to say hey, I think it would be fun if we got together due to the fact

that boom, boom boom about you.

You look like the type of girl that I maybe might be able to get along with.

Okay, whatever the case may be.

You don't know what you're going To say anything that's staged, anything that's pre planned,

is just going to fog your head, which is why you have to focus on saying hi and hi only.

Hey, my name is Casey.

Let's see where this goes.

If it goes poorly with that woman, guess what?

Nobody walked into the gym the very first day and they sorted incline bench pressing

two plates.

On the first day, you may be sorted with the bar plus like a 10 and a five on each side.

And that was just a grind.

And guess what?

You fortify the muscle.

You keep moving it you keep fortifying what it's made of how good you can get the repetition.

It is the exact same with women.

The first Hi, the first Hello, it's shaky, it's unconfident.

It doesn't feel good.

And you keep working that repetitive motion until you're smooth.

You're fluent.

You understand that men and women are supposed to be together.

Half of this is just retraining your brain to think human to realize that sexual chemistry

is biology and a natural occurrence.

Okay, moving on number four, you have to undertake And throughout this that the masculine side

of energy means that you are exercising your will.


You're asserting your will out into the world.

You're showing the world what you're made of.

For example, when you go and you approach that woman, that is you exerting your will

onto her, you're saying, Hey, this is me.

I want to get to know you, which puts her in the feminine position, because the feminine

now receives or accepts, you have to understand that this is extremely natural.

This is biological roles.

The men put themselves out there the men lead the men displayed the trait that they want,

the female receives.

If the female likes what she sees, guess what she's going to do, she's going to give that

man a chance.

Because here's the thing fellas, as high value as you want to think you are as stone cold

as you want to think you are.

If you built the six pack abs and you're doing great financially and everything Guess what,

you're still going to have to To put more work in in the initial than a woman ever will.

Because if you do not, and you reverse the role, it now puts her in the masculine frame

where she's able to actually exercise her will onto you, you do not want it like that.

Now, what you have to do when you're in this position, the whole time why it's ever awkward

for any man is because they never actually say why they're there.

They beat around the bush, they start talking to her about her day her work her occupation,

it's like that guy did not care about that when he saw her, that guy was interested,

thought she was good looking and thought that there's a slight chance if she has a cool

personality, there's a chance maybe they'll get along.

That's it, then you need to display that.

That's what you need to display if that's what you think because there is no right or


What you want is internal.

You have to be okay with actually expressing what it is in this life that you want.

Now, if you state why you're there, it takes half of the awkwardness out of it from the

get go because now there's a perimeter situation to the whole meeting to the whole exchange

of words.

This is why it's awkward for most men, this is why they never get past this fact is because

they never to state why they're there.

If you look at number five, this is also going to come.

As you start to flex that confidence muscle, you start to flex that muscle of, hey, social

interaction, explaining to people what you want, and why you're actually here in this

situation, your sub communication over time is going to get better, Your smile is going

to be more calibrated, your body language will be on point.

Pretty soon, you're going to be flirting with her and teasing her and all of this stuff

and it's not even going to, you're not even gonna have to think about it.

You're not going to have to watch any sort of video, what's going to happen is you start

to become the actual, you become that guy, you shift your identity to actually becoming

that guy.

So what you're going to do when you get to this point to get your sub communication on

point is you're going to start to comment at her or about her.

Whether it's something you like about her, whether you're saying something you're unsure

of about her.

What this is going to do is this is probably going to get you to smile, it's probably going

to get her to feel a bit uncomfortable or nervous because now you're kind of picking

her apart in a way.

And what she's going to do is she's going to feel some sort of attraction, because she

senses uncertainty between you and her.

This is extremely important.

This takes time.

The reason why this number five is in green, and the rest isn't is because sub communication

is ridiculously huge.

You got to understand she is in tune.

She's in tune with her body.

She's in tune with her emotions.

And if you want what she has, if you want to have a great experience with her, you have

to understand how to read her, where she's at, in the interaction, where you're at in

the interaction, how you can progress things forward in a smooth, seamless process without

anything feeling forced.

With a woman as soon as the energy shifts and something is wrong, women can sense it.

If you've ever been with a woman, and all of a sudden her mood and her demeanor shifts,

something happened and she can feel it and she starts to shut down which means you have

to To be in tune the entire time with her.

Now, here's the deal.

In order to fix this, you just have to understand that men plus women literally equals peanut

butter plus jelly.

And like I said, if you go into it with the assumed authority, that hey, because I have

balls, this interaction should probably go really good, you're going to have really great

success, but people literally assume people start to forget, because they're brainwashed

by their cell phone the whole time that something artificial a Tinder an app, a Bumble, that

any of this shit is going to actually work.

You cannot get rid of the human to human interaction, you cannot get rid of the human to human connection.

If you start looking at people as peanut butter, or jelly, or the male plus the female is meant

to be meant to get along.

This will be very easy.

If attraction is in the middle.

And here's a man here's a woman attractions in the middle.

The last thing we want to do is complicate this anymore because this should be a straight

line process.

But what do men do now?

Men confuse it with dirty websites.

they confuse it with over sexualized culture.

they confuse it with alcohol.

they confuse it with loud music.

they confuse it with anything in the middle that they can do to make meeting the opposite

sex extremely difficult we've already mastered as a culture.

Fellas if you like this video, I want you to hit the like button, comment and subscribe

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