How To Approach A Girl Wearing Headphones

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hi guys today's question comes from

anonymous he specifically asked me not

to mention even his code name maybe

works for the CIA or something I don't

know his question is what are your

thoughts and/or tips about approaching

girls with wearing head of headphones is

it durable absolutely think of yourself

as the lion stalking through the savanna

it sees the gazelle sees the kudu if

you're in a in Africa and it's gonna get

that that piece of meat whatever happens

yes so whatever circumstances you're

gonna go off to go and it's irrelevant

really whether she's walking fast on the

street whether she's in ER in

a group mates whether she has her

headphones in completely irrelevant you

know you've got a snapper out but

remember if it goes walking along and

yes you're getting right up front you're

stopping her the point is the snapper

attention to you it doesn't matter what

she's currently doing it's the same

thing with guys asked me do I stop

someone on a girl on my family

absolutely absolutely

because remember what you're doing

you're you're the man it's your job to

be interrupted this process and

interrupts of sale you're breaking in

sorry I see you're showing what you've

got she's gonna either buy it or not but

it's irrelevant think about everyday

life you know do you ever see that

absolute stunner who's you know dress

the nines walking along your roads just

broke up with a boyfriend wanting to be

cold approached maybe once in a million

but generally speaking the hot girls are

always in awkward situations usually on

the tube when you're hungover or you

know listening to you as you say

listening to headphones looking like you

know a bit of a scowl on the face too

overly talked to you today and as men

it's just couldn't accept its part the

caller Proulx process man up

do the [ __ ] approach the way to do it

is stop the girl if she's walking on the

street and just open as usual she just

stopped up go like that Meishan sake her

get it to take her headphones out she

will and then you just go with hey look

I know this is random but I'd say you

look good

carry on if she's on the phone something

I do often I'll stop the girl and I'll

be like a [ __ ] equally galaxy' put the

phone down or failing that she's on the

phone I'll just start talking and trust

me if she wants to get off the phone she

will get off the phone she doesn't want

to go from flame she won't get off the

fire but either way remember it's about

you folks need to still be on you if you

go and approach those girls and they

don't give you a time of day you can

hold your head up high and go you know

what I [ __ ] went out I did my turn

approaches and I wait it's about you

it's about solidifying your own thing

you're the only constant in this it's

about you getting comfortable with

approach it's not about what happened

for them as well you doing it the issue

is with you you have an issue with girls

wearing headphones or on the phone

specifically go out and game girls with

headphones on or on the phone until it's

not an issue anymore find your limiting

beliefs fine holds you back in my I'm

going to smash into it and just do it

repeated in so you realize yeah it's not

an issue anymore select a new issue to

smash it keep doing it

hope that helps Cheers