How To Approach A Girl Who Is With Her Friends (Watch This Before You Talk To A Group Of Girls!)

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so one thing that still comes up often

as a question is

how do i get to know a girl that seems

to be living

in a group of friends so you see her

around frequently

and it's just never that she's alone and

you feel

you know it's difficult to start a

conversation with her when everybody

else is around there because they

usually have things to talk about and

all of that

so there are many things you can do but

let's give you a couple of things that

make this a smooth

process that actually works for you so

that the group of people actually works

for you

rather than against you if you're here

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the biggest thing with with this idea of

talking to a girl in a group that always

seems to be in a group

and i'm also assuming from the kind of

usual questions about this that

you're talking about situations where

you meet this girl quite frequently for

example at university

or let's say even at work you're meeting

another woman

who may be with a group of friends work

is always a different topic but let's

stick with university

school even and those situations where

you've met a girl she kind of caught

your eye

you're intrigued you want to talk to her

but she's

always in a group of friends the first

mistake you

don't want to make is to basically try

to only talk to this one girl ignore

everybody else

and basically that ruins things

pretty much for you because the key

thing is you're first to get the group

on board to get the group to not

talk bad about you after you've left

makes sense

so if you only go in and talk to this

one girl everybody else will feel

either uh ignored or

that you're intruding or you're just one

of those guys

who's trying to hit on their friend okay

and you don't want to be in that


because her friends are going to be more

important to her than you

at that stage and so if they talk smack

about you afterwards

then you know it can't really go


in most cases unless she's really really

strong so

number one befriend the group

go very step by step here okay play the

long game

not the sort of like instant in and out

trying to get a number because nothing

will happen in most cases

you want to make friends with a group

when you've made friends with a group

you're in a situation where they all

trust you a little bit if you

actually do it well then they should

know you by first name

after your first interaction they should

think you're a cool guy

they should think that you're generally

you know a chill person

and fun to be around yeah and

that would already give you a level of

social proof that you wouldn't have


in terms of this girl that you might be

interested in secondly you should know

this from me already but i never

i never recommend like going to speak to

a girl in order to get a number i always


going to speak to a girl in order to

find out whether you want to get her

number okay so in this case it's no

different you want to first figure out

whether this group of people is actually


whether they are not complete morons

whether she is not crazy

and all of these things so you want to

first have a few interactions now

assuming that you're in a university or

something like that

i assume you have regular touch points

so they will see you around so

next time they see you they should know

you either by name or at least know your

face and they should

most of them should be like oh hey how's

it going and you should be able to have

a short conversation

that's the way to go forward with this

okay so get them to trust you a little

bit and like you a little bit first

so that they don't talk bad about you

when you talk to this girl

later on that you're interested in in

that process you'll also get to you

to know her and get to know her friends

a little bit so that's great

because you know sooner or later they if

if things actually work out and you two

hit it off

which is still a far way away then you


you need to hang out with them anyway so

it's better they like you already right

so then go through the process

of at some point if you have been having

a few touch points and there's a bit of

trust built and they know your name and

they know your face

and they think you're all right then at

some point you can find an opportunity

to talk to her directly you can

also do really fun things which is why i

really love

you know talking to groups of people


you can basically have fun with them

tease them about each other or get them

to tell you secrets about each other

in a playful kind of way so you can say

oh so what is

what is she like when she's like this or

like that or you know oh

and she said this what does she actually

mean and you can talk to somebody else

that leads to all kinds of shenanigans

you can have a lot of fun with this

and it turns you into somebody that

knows such social situations and how to

manage them

really well and all of that stuff but

also that confidence that that projects

uh stands you in good stead with a girl

that you're interested in

so you don't want to necessarily

straight away

from my perspective like go all in focus

on this one girl show

interest interest interest and ignore

everybody else that's the worst

so in in fact sometimes it can be useful

to actually show a little bit more

interest in other people

and then slowly after you've figured out

what she's like

show her more interest that gives her

more of a win as well when she shows

interest to you maybe

so that makes you a little bit more

intriguing than just like oh

you're the hottest so therefore i really

want to just talk to you

definitely use the group and enjoy the

fact that she's in a group

to get to know them all a bit because

who knows sometimes

things work out differently turns out

that the girl

that's standing next to her that maybe

didn't look so hot from

afar is actually way cooler or more fun

so in the process you get to know them

all a bit better and you get to know her


and you can figure out whether she

actually is somebody that you're

interested in

the key thing here is as well which

always helps i know it sounds banal but

be curious about people if you can just

be curious about them as people

and just be a social person that that is


about what they what these guys are

doing and so forth

then that's a great general way of

looking at the situation now i hope

those were a couple of

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