How to approach ANY girl with CONFIDENCE

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you ever see a girl and you feel way too

anxious to approach her or if you do

talk to her

you're shaking in your boots and you end

up getting rejected well today we gonna

fix that what up homie my name is Dave

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and I'm over here with the Beast once

again what's going on guys and yeah man

else is pretty sick right you gotta come

down here more often I think I might I

think I might but anyway today you guys

gonna learn how to approach any girl

with the ultimate confidence so you're

talking to them like a boss right yeah

zero anxiety straight confidence

straight confidence let's get into it

all right man so picture this you're

going out with a couple of your buddies

maybe you even have a couple drinks

before you get to the bar get there walk

in you're feeling awesome you guys are

all hyped up and all of a sudden across

the room you see this girl and she's

exactly your type seriously stop and

picture that happening what's going

through your head so for me like a lot

of times I wouldn't even approach her

because I would think she's out of my

league I would walk up just get rejected

super hard and it would be terrible yeah

a lot of times for me man it was I was

afraid what other people were gonna

think if she was near other people at

the bar I was afraid they were gonna

hear it if she turned me down was gonna

be so embarrassing and I just got

paralyzed - man you got to be conscious

of what that means for you so if you're

anything like me and you're afraid that

girls are gonna be out of your league

then that might mean that you need to

increase your perception of yourself so

that can mean going to the gym improving

your style getting a better haircut like

I don't know if y'all noticed I got that

fresh haircut yesterday how you feeling

about you get that fresh

I got it that's what that means but if

you're like me and you're afraid of

other people maybe overhearing you you

got to realize in a bar people aren't

really trying to listen to other

people's conversations so in that case

it's not even a real it's not even a

real fear I can bet if anything those

guys are looking at you being like oh

man like what's that guy doing like does

he have a chance what's gonna happen and

they're just jealous


all right so check it out all of us have

comfort zones and I want you to picture

a circle because that's basically your

comfort zone everything inside of the

circle are things that you're not afraid

of doing yeah so this could be things

like asking for directions or going and

talking to a girl that somebody else

introduced you to exactly now when you

get outside of the circle those are

things that you are afraid of doing but

you have to realize that there's

different levels to this because if you

go like way way way outside the circle

this is something that you're extremely

afraid of so maybe approaching a girl

who's with three of her friends or

asking a girl to go on a date with you

and these is gonna be too much it's

gonna psych you out it's not productive

to try and do these things because

you're probably just gonna get paralyzed

what you want to focus on doing is

finding those things that are just on

the edge of your circle they're scary

but they're still manageable so maybe

for you this is you know finding a girl

who's all alone and approaching her and

when you do these things that are at the

edge of your comfort zone consistently

for months and years what's gonna happen

is that circle is gonna slowly expand

and before you know it doing those super

scary things it's not gonna be that

scary anymore

yeah and you're gonna realize me and

Dave have been doing [ __ ] that scares us

for years from approaching girls to

filming these videos in public filming

ourselves approaching girls in public

yeah which is a whole nother level

the point is we've stretched our comfort

zone but it doesn't mean there's not

still things that we're not afraid of

yeah for example this is a super crowded

area people down there if we go down

there right now and I was to start like

singing and dancing that's still kind of

scary yeah I wouldn't want to do that



stop drop shut it down open up stop

oh no that's a Rough Riders roll I'm

coming for you cowards in is gonna be



let your chat hang all that a rock that

to the flow that is shining the light is

a plenum is it go can you throw you show

the if is how to make me call

let's go chain hang no it's not your

chain oh man yeah I feel like every time

I'm making a video with you we do some

ridiculous ass [ __ ] that we have to yeah

but guys if this is something you want

to do right like supercharge your

confidence get over your approach

anxiety with these types of challenges

but dave has of course with that right

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days to alpha and basically how it works

is that each day you're gonna log in and

you're gonna get a new challenge that

forces you to expand your comfort zone

to expand that circle one step bigger

and the idea is that it doesn't matter

how shy are quiet of a guy you are right

now if you join the course and you make

it to day 30 doing things like

approaching hot girls approaching groups

of girls asking girls out but all of

this gonna be easy for you yeah I've

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so a lot of anxiety stems from just not

knowing what to say when you talk to a

girl so what can you do to solve it well

there's really two simple things you can

plan out just a little bit to make it

easier what are those things so the

first is to have a couple of

conversation starters in your back


maybe something simple like hey you guys

look like fun how's your night going or

hey I know it's just random but so

you're walking by and thought you were

cute and I wanted to say hi

boom you get a couple in your pocket

then you can have a good way to bridge

the conversation which a lot of times

that can be to make an assumption like

you seem like a creative girl or you

seem like you're from Los Angeles or

Atlanta or wherever it could also be

something super simple like asking what

she's up to whatever the case you have

your starter and your bridge and that's

gonna help you to build the conversation

so then when you see that girl you're

not gonna be wondering where do I go how

do I take this you're gonna know exactly

what she's gonna do and bro that little

bit of certainty is gonna help you to

eliminate a lot of that approaching


since other stories because

all right so like what is the reason

that you approach a girl in the first


it's probably because do you want to

hook up with her or you wanted to become

your girl from maybe or something and

that's normal that's the outcome of the

situation that you want but the funny

thing is that if you're thinking about

this outcome when you're approaching the

girl it's gonna [ __ ] you it's gonna make

it seem like it's this big deal and you

got all of this you have so much riding

on the interaction because this could be

the next girl you hook up with this

could be your next girlfriend you know

when you think about it like how many

girls are we approached now how many

girlfriends do we have have you had I've

approached thousands of girls I've had

three girlfriends I've done the same I

probably had like two or three at most

it is plenty but that means that like

the chance of any single interaction

turning into something like super

meaningful it's like nothing bro so next

time you're thinking about approaching a

girl and you're getting all nervous just

remind yourself that it's supposed to be

fun right it's not supposed to be this

big deal yeah man it's like when you go

to the gym you do a bunch of reps right

approaching the girls just like another

rep that rap itself is not super

important but like it is a stepping

stone to get you where you're trying to

go bottom line is we just out here doing

reps whether we in the gym oh yet the

club so I just won't own another rep

another rep another rep caledonia

another woman and speaking of taking

more reps we just filmed the video on

how to be channel what's it called how

to get hot girls even if your average

looking boom you can check that out

right here let's keep it going I'll see

you there homie