How To Pickup Girls Who Have A Boyfriend: Use These Tips With Caution!

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PUA training danke hey guys it's rich

and in this video I'm going to be a

little bit bad I'm going to talk about

how to get girls that have a boyfriend

but please do not freak out and think

that I've turned evil overnight because

there are many different situations

there are a lot of girls out there that

hate being single so they're just never

single so they've got a guy in their

life they don't really like but you know

he takes them to dinners and stuff and

she doesn't think that there's a

long-term future but for now she's with

him on the other end of the spectrum

you've got girls that are with guys that

they're completely in love with and they

don't even notice other guys and if guys

even talk to them you know they might

answer back they might talk to them or

they might just completely blank them

but there's no chance with these girls

because they're completely in love in

the middle you've got a whole range of

situations so in this video I'm talking

about that stuff but I'm mainly talking

about the girls in the first side you

know that have guys in their life but no

one that they consider you know for a

long-term future and this is going to be

a common thing when you meet girls with

boyfriends first thing is there's a rule

is that you should never ask if you're

single or not just assume she is if

she's giving you her number if she's

giving you her attention if she's

smiling and you know having a

conversation with you you might as well

assume she's single up until the point

where she says that she isn't if you ask

her she might feel duty-bound you know

to tell you that she's got a guy in her

life and it might happen before you've

had a chance to build enough attraction

to compete with him so if she doesn't

mention it don't bring it up if she does

mention it the best thing to do is to

say oh cool yeah I wouldn't expect a

girl like you to be single and say yeah

I'm dating some girls as well you know

whatever and then change the subject

carry on and then you're going to

suggest the meeting if you've already

found out that she's got a guy then you

want to suggest a meeting that is non

romantic seeming so it would be a

daytime coffee something like this that

you know she can meet and it's kind of

just a friendly thing so

that's what you want to go for when you

do meet and another good thing actually

is with the invitation you can say

something like less me if your boyfriend

won't mind or if you're allowed so

that's something you can do if you

already know that she's not hundred

percent single when you do meet her you

want to play it cool and just have you

know normal chat but at some point you

want to ask two very important questions

the first is how long they've been

dating if it's a very short time you

know means that they're not too serious

you also want to ask quite a sneaky

question you want to say something like

and is he like the perfect guy and

you're going to marry him and in 99% of

cases she's going to say no and you can

settle really why and then she's going

to explain all of his problems so it's

setting a nice a nice little situation

which is telling you all of the problems

when she is telling you all of the

problems you don't want to say the

opposite so you know I is always busy as

always playing computer games watching

football you don't say oh I never do

that I always you know give my

girlfriends 100% of my attention how

could he do that what an awful guy you

don't do that that's the wrong frame you

want to say something like cool you know

what games dizzy play I love playing

games - oh watch team disease what

sounds like a great guy when I meet him

and you actually want to say the same

things and agree with her because she's

attracted to him for a reason so you

actually don't want to be the opposite

the other thing to remember is probably

that what she wants from you is

excitement she doesn't want boring dates

and you know the things that she's

already got from her boyfriend the

stability and stuff she wants some

excitement and playfulness so that's

what you're going to do so if she's

raised the subject and she said you know

we're just meeting you I'm just we're

just meeting like friends and we're just

gonna have a chat and nothing else you

say yeah sure you know it's not like

we're gonna kiss it's not like we're

going to go like to my place and you

know things are going to happen I

wouldn't take you and we lie down

I wouldn't do any of this stuff we're

just going to be like friends just

hanging out and nothing's going to

happen and then you might sit next to

her and you're going to use excuses to

touch her and be playful and you're

going to use things that are not

crossing the line because you're not

kissing you're not having

sex but they're things that are going to

start turning around exciting her and

given other things that she's not going

in a relationship that is the reason

that she's actually meeting you in the

first place so you could say oh this is

a lovely dress what material is it and

you'll be touching it like that and she

might seriously answer you to begin with

but then you're carrying on doing it and

she starts to smile and realize that

you're joking if I phone rings or she

gets a message if she ate the phone

rings you want to say oh is it your

boyfriend let me let me speak to him

like that and you try and take her file

and she's like no no it's just my mom or

if it is him

you're like speak like this when she's

talking to him if she gets a message you

said I was your boyfriend

messaging you let her reply and then you

can take a phone say let's send him a

picture and you go like that with her he

take a picture with her on her phone as

they go and send it to him now only

joking in a playful like that you can

find out if she told him that you're

meeting if she didn't tell him that

you're you're meeting each other it's a

sign again that she's thinking of being

a bad girl so you're using all of this

stuff and you've got to remember that

what she wants is excitement so you can

push things you can you know hold our

hand faster you can even go for the kiss

faster you can play with the line as I

like to call it so you can say you know

what do you think's cheating do you

think kissing is cheating or only sex

and she said yeah of course kissing is

cheating and so but for example we could

look at each other like that and it

wouldn't be or I could kiss you on the

cheek because that's like what friends

do or I could kiss you on the hand

because you know that's what a gentleman

would do if we met you and you're doing

all of these things and it's playful you

know I could give you a massage if if

you had a bad back because you know

that's kind of thing that you would go

to a massage therapist for that's not

sexual is it and you're going to play

with the line and keep turning her on

and doing these things and at the end of

this date

it's the daytime remember so the end of

this date you could invite her back to

your place and you could do this kind of

thing but better is in most cases it's

not going to work out so quickly you

just want to let her be away thinking

about it if she did tell her boyfriend

it's actually good because she's going

to go back and he's going to be like

what happened

and you know she's going to be shy about

it he's going to be jealous you're not

going to be messaging her for a few days

so she's going to be thinking about you

and you're playing all of these these

things to bring out that side of further

ones adventure and excitement and you

can always use you can bring out her

rebellious side where you can say things

every time you meet like are you sure

you're allowed to maybe he wouldn't like

it and this kind of thing but you can

see how the psychology of it works and

that's how you approach a girl that has

a boyfriend and please remember guys if

you do go out and talk to lots of girls

you will find that quite a few I don't

know five ten percent of them will be so

in love that it doesn't matter how cool

you are with your game things that will

just not work because she's been with a

guy for years she completely loves him

and you won't get anything back that's

it guys

thanks for watching and see you soon

PUA training