What to Do If a Girl Ignores You?

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hey guys Gabrielle and I'm from Carmel

ourselves calm so guys today I'm going

to talk about what to do if a girl

ignores you

so she's the girl of your dreams and

you've been eyeing her up for a long

time and you finally get the guts to say

hi and introduce yourself but she shut

you down and he ignores you or maybe

you've been dating for quite some time

and all of a sudden your girl is that

you can Noreen you you've had a couple

of rough patches but anyway who doesn't

so you think but now she is ignoring you

here are some tips that you can consider

trying when your girl ignores you find

the trigger so think through your past

actions in front of your girl or any

comments you've said so obviously know

what she likes and what she does not

like so think through the events that

led to her ignoring you you could go to

her and maybe end up losing someone you

love over something that you can easily

solve she might be ignoring you because

she keeps pointing out something to you

consistently but you don't pay much

attention so start there also be sure

that she is ignoring you and that you're

not just imagining this could also be

another issue in your relationship where

ever you think that she is ignoring you

but she is not and this is a sign that

she is losing interest in you give her

space if she's ignoring you then let her

be because she is not ready to talk it

through so she does not want to talk

about it and respect her give her a

cooling-off period where she will think

over the issue without you constantly

reminding her that she needs to talk to

you so during this period find an

activity that you love doing and make it

a hobby try work on yourself to be a

better person and it will also help you

grow as a person this will help you stop

obsessing on your girlfriend and avoid

calling her which could come off as a

needy and desperate which will only feel

the situation giving her space will also

enable you to think clearly about your

relationship areas that you need to

discuss so it will also help you terming

if the relationship is worth it either

first to make a move I know you're

probably wondering how to do that when

she is ignoring you

the good thing taken

Knology is on your side you can call her

with private ID or you can simply send

her a text or email her because you are

sure she will see them and see your

message or if all that does not work

then reach her through social media

alternatively you could just walk to our

house and knock on the door try to show

her that you are willing to listen and

then you will not hold it against her

for ignoring you don't act aggressively

as this will only push her away show her

that you are willing to make it work for

the sake of your relationship and be an

active listener this will allow her to

open up to you

if she's still not ready to talk do not

pressure her into it walk away if all

this has failed and she still ignores

you even when you reach out then you

should consider walking away because the

situation will drain you emotionally it

will only make you feel alone and

ignored so weigh up your options and

think through it whether the

relationship is worth it and you can

stay in such a relationship just all for

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I'm Gabriella Ryan and I will see you

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