How to Approach a Girl | 3 Approach Anxiety Tips

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what's up guys it's David here and in

this video I'm going to give you three

simple challenges you can use today to

overcome the fear of approaching women

in your life let's get started


the reason I'm making this video is

because I recently conducted a survey on

thousands of guys about their fears and

by far the number one fear is the fear

of failure and rejection and when I

asked some of these guys what this fear

prevented them from achieving in their

life the majority of them says that

prevented them from approaching meeting

and dating women now the important thing

you have to realize is that this fear is

no different than any other fear the

only way to overcome it is to actually

face it and the most effective way to do

this is to give yourself progressively

more difficult challenges that will

allow you to slowly expand your comfort

zone so sure right now you might not be

able to walk up to a girl tell anything

she's queued natura for a number but you

might be able to go up to a girl and ask

her for directions or something easy

like that now for some reason guys tend

to blow the fear of approaching women

way out of proportion but in reality is

no different than facing any other fear

for example when I started building my

youtube channel I was scared to death of

filming videos in public because I

thought I was going to be embarrassing I

was going to make a fool of myself but

little by little I pushed myself outside

of my comfort zone it first let's film a

video in a part where there's only a

couple other people then I'd walk around

my block during the middle of the day

when there's only a handful of people

around and now if you watch a lot of my

videos you can see that I can walk

through downtown Boston or downtown New

York we're downtown Madrid talking on my

camera like a boss anyway let's get to

the point of this video I'm going to

head downtown so I can demonstrate these

three simple challenges for you on



we can go


all right guys I'm here in downtown

Boston anyway I'm gonna give you the

first challenge now and this is just a

challenge to get you comfortable

stopping a girl who you're attracted to

and starting an interaction with it and

the easiest way to do this is just to

ask her for directions and the simplest

way to do this is just to ask them where

the nearest Starbucks is because

love their Starbucks let me show you how

it's done

do you know if there's a Starbucks

anywhere like around this block around

area Oh perfect thank you and you guys

can see that's very simple very easy to

do it's not intimidating at all and once

you get comfortable doing that

the next challenge I have for you is to

go up to a girl to stop her and just to

give her a compliment because this is

going to get you comfortable expressing

your interest in a girl without going

all the way to asking her out keep in

mind you don't need to do all of these

things in the same day start with just

challenge number one and don't move on

to child's number two until you actually

get comfortable doing that and the

easiest and the least intimidating way

to do this if the comments on something

she's wearing you know maybe her shoes

or her boots if she's wearing something

like ice carvers some sunglasses that

works too anyway let me show you I would

start excuse me I know this is really

random but I'd say I really like those


thank you welcome have a good day so

that ended up being a little bit awkward

but that's sort of the point of this if

you want to expand your comfort zone

you're gonna have to deal with some

awkward situation I have a confession to

make as I have a serious addiction to

Lululemon the clothes are just too

comfortable I can't keep myself away

from that store let's get back on task

anyway once you get comfortable doing

that the third and final challenge I

have for you is to go up to a girl and

to tell her that you think that she's

cute the same way that I we wade into

that compliment by saying I know this is

random I want you to stop a girl the

same exact way and tell her that you

know this is random because that shows

social awareness that allows you to sort

of introduce yourself without completely

shocking her and taking her completely

off-guard anyway let me demonstrate the

third challenge for you now excuse me no

this is really random I had to say I

thought you really did I'm doing hi

that's right as immediately as you day

yawn all right well let me just of you

day so obviously that didn't go so


she took the compliment but she didn't

want to keep talking to me that's all

right the point of doing these things is

not to see some immediate success in

your life it's about the personal growth

it's about expanding your comfort zone

and it's about getting comfortable

facing your fears anyway those are three

simple challenges that I recommend that

you use but you're also free to

brainstorm your own challenges the main

thing is that they're just outside of

your comfort zone but not too far

outside of your comfort zone that they

completely paralyze you and you can't

actually follow through on them I also

want to say don't just get obsessed and

addicted to doing these challenges and

forget about the point of meeting and

actually connecting with women you know

if you have the chance to have a genuine

real conversation with a woman that you

like never pass that up anyway I'm going

to wrap the video up here because I have

a few errands to run and I'm starving

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