THIS is How to DM A Girl on Instagram | How to DM Someone You Don't Know

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Ho-ly fuck.

This video has been even more requested than the fucking body language video.

I feel like every time I look at my phone or go on the computer, I’m getting 100 messages

telling me “Zeus do a video on how to dm a girl on instagram”, “hey zeus when’s

that video on dming girls coming out?”, “zeus we went how to pick up girl on instagram

pt 2” like holy shit you guys must have some victoria secret models following you

on instagram that you’ve just been waiting to DM.

So, as requested, I’m going to be highlighting 3 different ways to DM a girl on Instagram.

Let’s jump right into it.

Disclaimer: DMing girls on Instagram has an inherently low success rate, even for a god

like me.

Too many thirsty guys DM hot girls 24/7 that it’s hard to stand out and build rapport

with a girl over DMs.

These tips will help bring your chances up significantly but they’re not perfect.

#1 Reply to the girl’s story.

This is perhaps the easiest and most organic way of building a connection with a girl via


If you reply to her story and make a comment about something she’s doing, it comes off

as a lot more natural and laid back as opposed to the whole “im tryna smash that ass left,

right, up, down, and sideways hoe” vibe that you give off when you open with a corny

line about sliding into her DMs.

For example, if she post a story about her being in the city you can be like “I love

that part of town, you gotta try out this dope new restaurant around there” or something

to that effect.

I used to do this a lot with Snapchat stories but ever since that dumb ass stories update,

I barely even use snapchat anymore and can’t even see the hot girls’ stories anymore

so I just pull the same move on Instagram.

Just make any comment about her story if it makes sense to and that’s it, don’t overcomplicate

this shit.

Obviously don’t be like “damn girl you lookin sexy as fuck in that beach pic, my

erect penis is in my hand as I type this with the other”.

You think this shit sounds obvious but I get some ridiculous ass messages from some guys

who say the wackiest shit and then wonder why the girl isn’t responding.

I’ve also noticed that the more you reply to a girl’s story on Instagram, the more

likely she’ll be to reply to your story as well and it’ll help establish a mutual

interest in the relationship you guys are developing.

Now you don’t wanna overuse this tactic and be replying to every single on of her

stories but you should feel free to do it every once in a while to make her feel more

comfortable with you and begin to break that ice.

Typically her response will signal to you whether or not you should continue the conversation

from there.

I HIGHLY recommend starting almost all your DM interactions this way because it’s been

the most successful for me and it’s the least thirsty and creepy way of initiating

contact with a girl.

Bonus tip: if it’s a girl you already talk to and text, I like to send them funny memes

and pictures I come across that relate to something we’ve talked about before.

This is a good way to maintain contact and staying on her mind without seeming desperate

and while keeping things natural.

#2 Just do it.

If you know a girl that you’ve talked to in class, have met at parties, or know from

your school, and you guys follow each other on Instagram then go ahead and just DM her.

For example, the other night I was out at a party and I just went over and started talking

to a girl I followed on Instagram but never talked to before.

I literally just went up to her and said “hey I think we follow each other on Instagram”

and boom that was it, conversation started.

From there we started talking for a little and things were going good but I actually

ended up leaving later in the night without saying bye to her.

A few minutes later, she had DM’d me asking me if I left.

Boom that was it.

It wasn’t weird that she DM’d me because we were just talking earlier and she didn’t

have my number so this was the most natural way for her to reach me.

As a guy, you can and SHOULD do the same.

If you see a girl you know from your school, just start talking to her in person and you

can always follow up with a DM later if you don’t get her number for whatever reason.

Additionally, if it’s a girl you kinda talk to every once in a while but you don’t have

her number, just DM her on Instagram and open the conversation with something you guys talked

about before to keep the vibe natural.

It’s not THAT weird to DM a girl about something you guys talked about before if you’ve actually

talked to them in the past.

So don’t overthink or overcomplicate it.

#3 The over-the-top message.

Now this is the really ballsy approach that will either work really well or fall totally


An over-the-top message would be like sending the girl a ball emoji, and then following

it up by saying something like “oh shit sorry, I’m not sure how that rolled in there”.

I personally like this tactic as well because even if the shit ends up not working, it’s

still funy as fuck and entertains me for a short period of time so I end up not even

caring if it works or not.

This also works as a good exercise to get you in the mindset that one individual girl

doesn’t matter all that much in the grand scheme of things and that the real goal of

talking to girls in the first place anyways, is to have fun.

I’ll have some screenshots of funny ones I’ve used in the past for you guys to copy.

Actually, now that I think about it, send me the profiles of girls you know that I should

DM and try this tactic on.

If i get any funny responses I’ll do a funny video reading all my Instagram DMs.

So comment below the usernames of girls I should DM and I’ll take one for the team

and smash them all for you bros.

#4 Like a bunch of her pictures

Now if you’re a good looking guy, or have a really popping instagram, or you already

know the girl is kind of into you, you can go and like her 3 most recent pictures on

Instagram and see if she likes some of your pictures.

Now speaking of having a really popping Instagram, you should definitely check out my video on

how to properly setup your Instagram profile so girls think you’re cool.

If you haven’t checked it out then brooo, c’mon you’re gonna get like 2 likes on

your pics, so go check it out.

If she likes some of your pictures in return, then feel free to just DM her and be like

“hey add me on snapchat” and give her your snap and boom you’re done.

I’ve only ever done this a couple times with girls i was pretty sure were into me

but this isn’t the most successful option.

It is simple and to the point though, so if you’re looking for efficiency then this

might be a good option for you.

#5 Join the Based Lifestyle Community and ask other Basedlympians for their DM tactics.

If you don’t know, I recently just launched a Slack channel which is basically like a

Discord server but a little bit more professional.

There are a bunch of other Basedlympians helping each other out with texting problems, workout

advice, fashion and style advice, and even tips on how to be more confident around girls.

The beauty of this is that it’s in real time, so anytime you’re DMing a girl and

don’t know what to say, you can just screenshot that bad boy and drop it in the chat and get

help from me and a ton of other Basedlympians.

We actually just recently had a whole discussion in there about this one guy who was trying

to DM a girl and we all helped him come up with the best responses to try and help him

get the girl.

This is dope because then everyone else learns as well and it helps increase your game with

girls exponentially.

I’ll have it linked below at the top of the description for you guys to check out.

And that’s it.

In summary:

Reply to the girl’s story Just do it.

Try out the over-the-top messages Like a bunch of her pictures and follow up

with a DM Join the Based Lifestyle Community for on-demand