How To Approach Women On Instagram & Facebook

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hey you my name is Marnie and from here

on out I'm going to be your very own

personal ling girl I'm gonna give you

everything you need to know about how to

attract date seduce and get the women

you want here's how to use social media

to need planning let's use Instagram for

example when you start to follow the hot

girl on Instagram take your time to see

who she is by observing what you pose if

you really like a few of her posts then

like and then after 5 to 10 likes you

can write her directly because at that

point it kind of know her and can show

you're approaching her for more than

just her looks even though modern

technology can bring us closer together

and make things a lot easier when it

comes to finding women to me it's still

a pretty scary place for women as they

get approached or let's call it spammed

quite a lot by guys who don't take the

time to get to know them and just hit on

them right away

usually this comes across as creepy but

if you take your time and make your

approach after you know something about

her you have a much better chance of her

actually replying with interest and

that's my wound runner for this week