Learn How to Grind - Club Dance (Men's Edition)

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alright guys it's me Kiki again and we

are back to give you a really good video

today we're going to talk about grinding

hahaha now I know you guys will know

this stuff so pay attention close

attention ok so grinding just like I

said in the other video the 2/5 is key

ok now you don't always have to do the

two-step you can always just you can do

the bounce as well one two one two yeah

like you're just going to try to follow

her movement yeah as she's backing it up

on you so here we go so and this

scenario everything's really simple

she's just doing a simple move and I'm

just following yes now let's say I get

lost I put my hands on her hip just to

kind of follow along and understand what

she's doing but you have those ones that

do crazy stuff that's how that goes our

girls ready to go oh alright so again

putting my hand on her hips kind of

helps me understand a little bit what

she's doing but she may switch it up on

me any moment and I just have to kind of

catch it on to it this is where I can

just apply that two-step kind of let go

and do my own thing but I'm still

dancing with her right and no one really

knows that you're not doing everything

she's doing so the whole idea is just to

be confident and what you are doing and

what you know to do and just then again

hands on the hip always helps

what hand up whatever you want whatever

you feel alright so that's grinding I

hope that helped I think we did a good

job right yeah yeah that last thing is

also really important because it's

always nice to feel like you have space

as a girl yeah never nice to feel chat

yeah yeah I agree that week you like

you're always like figuring out how you

flow together and you never

laughing good you hear that I'm woman

herself so take that advice run with it

and have a good time next you got go out