How to Become Friends with a Girl

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So we've done a lot of videos about how to get girls to like you.

And if you go to our YouTube channel and click "sort videos by most popular," you'll see why.

But from time to time we get asked,

How can I get a girl to like me if I don't even know how to be friends with a girl?

And this is a good question.

In fact, it's more important to figure out how to be a friend to a girl than it is to try and figure out

how to get her to like you.

Oh, hello there!


Hi, so I was across the room and I saw a smoking-hot babe who is you and so I came over to say hi.


Where are my notes?

Okay, step one: "Listen to her feelings."

Tell me some feelings.

I feel ... creeped out.

Step two: "Be there for her when she's having a hard day."

Okay, I heard you were creeped out, and so I just wanted to let you know that I'm always here for you.

Okay, now can we make this relationship Instagram official?


Snapchat official? Okay? It's gone in 24 hours! Please, I need this!

I mean, what's a friendship if you're just trying to get something out of it?

Trust me, you don't wanna be that guy.

Wow, dude, it's been so long since I've seen you! I can't believe we just randomly ran into each other like this!

What are the odds?

Wow, yeah, it's been such a long time. How have you been?

Good, good. Hey, listen, uh, do you still have that PS4?

And can I borrow it? I'll bring it back, I swear!

If a girl can sense that you're trying to get something out of your friendship,

you're gonna have troubles.

Instead, if you focus on just being her friend, you're gonna be a lot better off.

But this can be difficult to do, right? I mean, sometimes it seems like no matter how friendly

you are, girls just aren't interested in being your friend.

Hi there!


Hey, how's it going?

Oh! Fine.

So what do you do? Well, let's figure it out.

All right, well, first things first, it's important to remember that you shouldn't treat her differently

just because she's a girl.

I know that's difficult, but if you really just want to be a friend, then treat her like one.

Hey guys, let's go throw the football! Come on!


Oh, hey, uh, Sarah. Maybe you should stay inside and watch Netflix. 4K streaming.

I'm good. I can play football.

I don't want you to damage your beautiful looks.

And what is it that attracts you to the friends you have right now?

Chances are, one of the big reasons is that you guys have a lot of shared interests.

So it's going to be about a hundred times easier to become friends with a girl with whom

you have a lot in common.

Four words: built-in ice breakers.


Excuse me: did somebody over here just mention Shark Tank?

I love that show!

Cool! Who's your favorite shark?

(LAUGHS) I'm so excited I can't even remember!

But suppose you want to get to know a girl and you don't really have that many shared interests.

Well, you can always pick up one of her hobbies.

I just wouldn't be too obvious about it because that can easily come across as clingy.

Oh, hi, ladies! Fancy running into you here at the ... the Forever Two-One!

I love this store. I come here all the time, all my clothes.

Hey, maybe we could all hang out together sometime. (LAUGHING) That'd be fun.


Here's the thing: there are a million ways you could end up coming across like you're looking for a girlfriend.

But as best you can, it's best to not even think about this girl as girlfriend material.

And look, I know it's tough.

How can I get you to believe that I just wanna be your friend when I can't even convince myself?

So if you really want this friendship to work, you have to actively resist this part of your brain.

Think platonic thoughts!

Now I have one more idea that I hesitate to even bring up because I know it's basically impossible,

but here it goes anyway.

Don't be jealous if she likes someone else.

I mean, if you're serious about just being friends, this shouldn't be difficult.


See, look, I know this is hard, but just look at it like this.

If she is confiding in you about this kind of stuff, that's a good thing!

I mean, she's closer to you than she is to whomever she likes, or else she would have already told them.

You're in a good spot!

It's called the long game.

(COUGHS) Uh, I mean, it's platonic ... but, come on.

Hey, uh, did I see you talking to ... George?

Yeah, I kinda have a crush on him.

Oh, you do, do you? Well ... oh ... that's great.

I hope you guys have a beautiful relationship and that nothing terrible happens except ... (PANTING)

I can tell you a few things about him if you want me to.

So best of luck to you as you seek out female friendships.

I hope this advice serves you well and that you have more platonic relationships than you know what to do with.

And, if none of this works,

well, I tried.

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That was funny. I said "built-in ice breakers."

(LAUGHING) And because I thought that "ice breakers" was one word.


Excuse me? Did I hear somebody over here say something about Shark Tank?

I love that show! (LAUGHS)

Awesome! Who's your favorite shark?

(LAUGHING) I'm so happy right now I can't even remember!


- I ... it'll probably turn out terrible for you but ... - (SARAH LAUGHING)

- It's ... - (ALL LAUGHING)

I love this store! I come here all the time!

- (LAUGHING) - Sorry. - I was ... I was dumb.

Tell me some feelings!

- (BOTH LAUGHING) - I'm so sorry!

(LAUGHING) It was the way you fumble with paper. I was like, "A magic trick!"

Hello! Hello? Hey. Hi.

- (LAUGHING) Okay, don't go "HELLO!" - I should just say, "How's it going?"

I come here all the time.

JOSH: Oh geez. Look behind you.


- Are you serious? - SARAH: Look what you did!