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[ __ ] truly hey what's up missionary

Rene and today I'm going to be telling

you how to get a girl on Instagram so

it's a very much full of beautiful women

pretty girls popular celebrities and a

lot of you guys are like let me shoot my


but don't know how to do it so today I'm

going to let you know the proper way to

get a girl on Instagram so first step if

you see a pretty girl and you're

attracted to her you want to talk to her

via Instagram the first step is to

follow her and actually like get to know

her go through her pegs see what she

likes like a couple pigs we would like

to do so that when you do approach her

or DM her then you actually have

something to talk about and I think what

will help you really stand out is if you

go through her page and support her and

whatever type of way they are whatever

thing that she has going on so if you

see her just get a new job you can

comment hey congratulations on the new

job or if you see she lost some weight

just comment something polite and nice

like hey you looking good these days

congratulations on the weight loss or if

she's raising money for something is

there anything that I can do offer to

donate offer to support or just show her

that you're interested in her in more

than one way via social media

thank God make sure that your page is

public it can't have a private page make

sure that you do have good pictures of

yourself selfies but not so much just a

pic seeing who you are as a person so

she can get a feel for you as well and

not too many mean especially derogatory

means or things that are saying like

nasty or negative things about me

because that'll give her a negative

connotation about you before she even

gets a note if you have a girlfriend or

a a wife or somebody like it is on your

page it's a no-go already I'm not saying

lie or cheat or hot but you can't try to

holla at somebody and come slide in

there DM and then you have a picture of

your wife or your baby mom or your

girlfriend or your page like that's kind

of a big no-no I feel like that's

obvious but

so obviously a lot of people know creep

activity allowed so create activity

includes a profile with no pictures or

with Bureau followers or zero people

following you and sending unwarranted

unwanted private parties is a huge nono

that is a big turn-off so do not in any

way any privacy unless they ask for this

most girls don't who don't offer those

in those those especially if it's not

that attractive no creep comment no you

can sit on my face that all the sexual

things that you would like to do to me

in the comments that's negative because

that's already like if you're coming

know things in my comments you're

probably telling them and everyone else

is going to know though so now the first

formal steps when you slide it her DM

make sure that the first thing you do is

not offer your number or like hey let me

get your number make sure that you just

comment on something that she does or

you know make light conversation dish to

get her to interact with you then you've

over to all I think you're so beautiful

I would love to take you out maybe get

drinks and then possibly set up a

meeting time or J or offer something fun

to do that she would normally do like do

something different you have to make

yourself stand out because a lot of guys

if she's pretty it's a lot of guys funny

minute dance and they're all coming the

same way so just be innovative okay so

these have been my tips on how to get a

girl on Instagram if you follow my tips

and my advice so 70% chance that you

will pull your dream girl on Instagram

so go out there start following with

start like you start Carmen and sour

dammit and then come back and comment

and let me know how it works out it's

your girl Bri Renee if you like this

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try to use my own tips and advice

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just keep it all plus honey thank you

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