8 Tips to Pickup Cute Cashier Girls in Stores and Restaurants

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hey there it's Jesse from seduction

science and today I have for you eight

tips to pick up cute cashier girls who

work behind the counter at stores and

boutiques and fast-food places because

you know some of these girls are

surprisingly cute and you're talking to

them anyway right so you might as well

know what it takes to get their numbers

and meet them up later for a little fun

and at the end of this video I have an

extra special bonus tip for you

bonus tip number nine which is

particularly fantastic giving these cute

cashier girls attracted to you before

you even talk to her so stick around all

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button right now now in my day I have

seen plenty of really cute girls working

the register yeah most of the time in

these stores the people working the

register are overweight they're kind of

old they're beaten down they don't look

very attractive at all but you'll always

catch that one or two girls at the store

who are really really pretty and good

old me what I used to do when there was

a pretty girl working the registers I

just get really nervous I'd look down

cuz I didn't wanna make eye contact I'd

get stiff and clam up because look I

didn't know what to do I really hated

that well in this video my friend I'm

gonna get you started on the right path

of what to do when you see a pretty girl

working that cash register let's crack

right into it alright alright tip number

one when it comes to getting those

cashier girls those girls work in the

register in stores

well cashier girls are more impressed by


lose guy then you'd at first think think

about it these girls don't make much

money they don't really want to be there

typically they dislike or even hate

their jobs or their boss and most

importantly these girls are bored out of

their freakin minds they're just doing

the same action day after day week after

week and nothing is there to break up

that monotony so it doesn't take that

much on your part it's not like chatting

up a girl in a nightclub who's being

bombarded by the stimulation of the

music and the lights and the dancing and

getting hit on by a bunch of

well-dressed cute guys not at all the

cashier girl she's feeling under

stimulated and nama she's welcoming of

anything or anyone that will break up

that monotony so if you can spike her

feelings and her excitement even a

little bit she's gonna notice and

lighten up you can be that force that

breaks her boredom which brings us to

tip number two for getting those cashier

girls now to seduce a cashier girl you

want to be very well-dressed and be very

well-groomed imagine her situation and

how she feels

this monotony here just imagine her day

and how she's seeing lazy sloppy dude

after lazy sloppy dude dressed in the

same lazy sloppy t-shirt and jeans over

and over and over again all day long so

you be the first guy to break that

routine for her that means you're gonna

stand out be a little bit overdressed

for the venue with a little sexual edge

to it and yet still relatable that means

even if it's a McDonald's you're still

gonna wear your 200 300 400 dollar shirt

that's carefully chosen so that you are

the best-dressed man she'll see all day

hands down you want to look cool like

real cool 10 out of 10 cool now dressing

cool and dressing stylish and being


you know that alone isn't gonna get you

the girl but it goes a long way and

standing out not as a regular bloke that

she's seen a thousand times that day but

rather as a guy she'd want to hook up

with tip number three for getting

cashier in store girls is remember this

that girl working the cash register is

going to be back day after day after day

week after week use that to your

advantage you can slow play her over the

course of a month or to simply go back

to the store to see her again once a

week for the next four weeks and after

two or three visits the girl is gonna

see your face as a familiar face

especially when you come well-dressed

and you say things she's gonna remember

and women respond very favorably to a

familiar face for example say you're in

a nightclub and you go up you talk to

this beautiful girl and she is cold to

you well thirty minutes later when you

go up to her again when you reopen her

it's it's a strange thing but more often

than not

she'll suddenly be really friendly to

you with a big smile across her face

because she recognizes you same with

these cashier girls when she sees your

face again again and you say things

she's gonna remember and you're this

cool smooth well-dressed guy she'll

really warm up to you tip number four to

get cash for your girls that all being

said if the logistics are good to get

her number the first time you talk to

her always go for the number right then

if the opportunity arises early do not

wait three or four or five visits to

make your move say you go to a

McDonald's and there's nobody else there

you're like the only guy in line and the

cute girl she's looking really bored

she's got time to chat with you and

she's digging you and the logistics are

real good to get her number right then

and there do not feel like you have to

see her three or four or five times to

build up familiarity as soon as the

logistics are good make your move and

get her number

tip number five for women work in the

register is this

you ask the cashier girl for a number

and she doesn't give it to you no

worries no sweat

you're just gonna be gone for a week and

then you're gonna try again Lafe aliy

you're gonna try again you can go back

and try for a number of three or four

times once a week and playfully ask for

a number and oftentimes just see you

again and again over time girl can warm

up to you and a little persistence and

confidence can often flip that girl

around alright tip number six for these

register girls here it is or a girl work

in a store visit her on the off-peak

hours so every place of business you

know has its busy hours and has its

off-peak hours when it's dead like a

fast-food joint is always typically

gonna be busy around lunchtime so never

go there to order your lunch around

12:00 noon go around 2 o'clock or three

o'clock instead when there's gonna be

far less customers and she's gonna be

bored out of her mind the time of day

when she feels less pressure on her

shoulders that way when you're taking

your order and you're talking to her you

have more time to just chat with her

relaxed alright tip number seven for

meeting these cashier girls small little

shops and small little boutiques will be

especially great because that girl will

be extremely bored and no one will be

there to interrupt you you might even

get 10 or even 15 minutes of clean time

to talk with her where's that a bigger

store like say a Walmart she usually has

a constant line of customers she has to

deal with now even at one of these big

stores even if she's really busy you can

still make it work even with a minute or

two to chat but often in one of these

smaller stores I'm one of these smaller

boutiques you've got even more time to

talk to her and the girl is even more

bored out of her mind so use that to

your advantage

all right now we come to tip number

eight for getting these cashier girls

remember this that store girl is usually

bored out of her freaking mind

our day is pure monotony and then you

you come on in all serious face not

moving with no face

Shoal expression pretty much like every

other guy she's seen all day that's not

gonna excite her that's not gonna

attract her what you've got to do is

break her out of that trance and jolt

her with some positive energy it's

simple rainy and share with her your

positive cocky vibe I have a big smile

on your face smack her across the head

with a blast of good energy to a electro

fire and wake her up and she will love

you for that

and now my friend we get to the good

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right now for special bonus tip number 9

you see a cashier girl a girl working in

the store she's not going anywhere right

her feet are firmly planted there in one

spot for the most part she's stationary

well you are gonna use that to your

unfair advantage what you're gonna do

here is force indicators of interest

from her and demonstrate your

charismatic personality traits before

you even say hello to her now I'm going

to explain how say you're in a fast-food

place like Wendy's well before you even

get in line to take your order you're

gonna stand rather back from the counter

but still where the girl can easily see

you then you're gonna take your phone

out of your pocket and pretend like

you're taking a call from a friend hey

Eric what's up man how are you doing mmm

wait Gina right she's that

tall blonde with the with the green eyes

the real pretty one right yeah I

remember her and I don't want her at the

party cuz she's kind of crazy she's

trouble oh yeah but Jessica yeah I

remember Jessica she can go again to be

clear you're not really talking to

anybody there's no one on the phone but

the girl working the counter doesn't

know that and while you're taking this

call you've got that big celebrity smile

on your face and you're being positive

you're commanding you're leading and

you've got this loud projecting voice

that carries over all the ambient noise

grabs everyone's attention in the store

including the girls you're talking like

an Italian with the hand gestures that

are taking up visual space in other

words you're giving off all these sexy

charismatic alpha male singles

essentially what you're doing is priming

the open ahead of time now here's the

important part once you get in line and

you meet that cashier girl you're gonna

want to remain congruent with that guy

on the phone fierce eye contact big

celebrity smile flutter with that

positive energy and you're gonna wake

her up and she will go crazy for you so

there you go use those nine tips on

cashier girls who work in stores and

restaurants and it will make all the

difference don't forget you want to be

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it works alright my friend thank you so

much for joining me I will talk to you

next time Jesse yeah