How To Approach A Girl That Likes You - A Simple Way To Start The Conversation With Her!

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hey it's Stephan up on here from event

again calm I wanted to tell you a quick

story that happened to me recently that

will matter to you if you ever struggle

to make the first move

with women and you know maybe you find

reasons why they should make the move

for you or maybe you just never really

go for it so I was meeting a friend of

mine who is a music producer and who

I've known for a long time he's a great

guy and I really enjoy hanging out with

them and we were going to have a chat

and just hang out and have a coffee or

something right

so I'm sitting in this cafe and we're

sitting outside and so there's a big

cafe inside right so I'm sitting with my

back to the window behind me and while

we're talking I noticed that he's

getting distracted like he's looking

behind me I notice his eyes flickering

right so I'm like I look around and

there there's two girls

yeah two kind of young girls not bad

young okay legal age and they were when

I looked around they were clearly one of

them was just they were just kind of

giggling a little bit when I looked

around and apparently my friend said

that one of them had been looking at him

and been pointing him out to her friend

and he also said that he that she was

cute so I'm like thinking all right well

why don't you go and speak to them then

we can chill out afterwards and talk and

you not be distracted get it out of the

way get her number and move on right but

he was like uh no no let's not you know

really you know I I know video so ever

anyway he was giving out these vibes

that he didn't really want to go and you

know that he didn't really want to make

the move so I turn around and I said to

them hey give us give us ten minutes and

don't distract him for a while because I

actually want to talk to this guy and

we'll come and meet you in a second okay

so and they just sort of giggled a bit

more and but they seem to understand

what I was saying right time passes I

forgot all about them completely and

literally like 25 minutes later when we

have a finish our coffees and we thought

all we need to go now and basically I

turn around I'm thinking

like okay let's let's let's talk to them

now and so that they can set themselves

up and because if you like so why not

right he was like no not really and now

I know and then he goes now she should

have come to me I was like dude she

should have come to you I mean look

you're you're older you're more mature

you are you should be confident you're

the guy you really expect her to come to

speak to you make all that effort even

though she's giving you all the signs

that she wants you to talk to her and he

goes yeah I mean she just didn't act

right I mean she should have tea should

have made more of an effort to meet me

and I'm thinking dude and I'm actually

saying this to him dude if you don't

take any action you don't get any action

okay you know what I mean and he was

like yeah well he was giving me all that

sort of behavior right now I was like

hmm I did not realize that you would go

shy on me because hey man she clearly

was into you but this is what it's like

for so many guys where the girl actually

gives them all the signs then they start

to rationalize in action and they don't

do anything because somehow they feel

that the girl should make more moves but

let me just tell you tell you one thing

okay making a move on a guy is a lot

harder for a girl because of cultural

expectations and general shaming of

women that are proactive in the process

of meeting guys for guys it's like hey

you're a stud oh you can talk to a girl

great you're a stud right for a girl

it's like you're a it's it's

completely wrong of course it's

completely ridiculous but that's how it

is so don't wait for girls to make moves

on you when they're trying to give you

all the signs they possibly can okay so

remember as well getting there straight

away starting the conversation straight

away is the best thing now what I should

have done in hindsight I should have

just turned around and when I saw them I

should've just gone in okay because that

would have been great then I would have

dragged him into the process and

made it happen if I was him I would be

like I would use that excuse of hey I

need to focus on my friend so stop

distracting me so give me your number

and I'll call you later

all right that would be a simple great

way to start the conversation with her

right so you don't have to go up and oh

you know do them no you just deal with

the logic of the situation and you sound

like a guy that's got this together

but at the same time is open to talking

to girls right so always take the

initiative when you get the opportunity

it doesn't have to mean that you have to

you know declare your undying love but

you just need to start the conversation

that's going to be key and you can make

that as plausible as I just described it

okay anyway if you want to know how to

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