How to Smoothly Open and Hook a Girl - 3 PUA Openers That Works ✔

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how to start talking to a girl that's

the question I get asked very often and

in this video I'm gonna give you guys

three different techniques three

different ways to approach girl and

almost always get her talking back to

you and I'm going to give you a bonus

one at the end which is kind of my

favorite camera team which I don't do

often but it worked at the beginning too

well for me to keep it to myself so

essentially this is what we have to

understand that when you approach a girl

the first opener we're talking going to

be talking about relation is when we

approach a girl will become very nervous

our minds are focused on what could go


all right we're actually when we feel

nervous we're actually asking ourselves

what could go wrong you're asking

yourself certain questions because of

the fear when there's uncertainty you

begin to ask yourself questions in order

to fill in to fill in the gap that you

emotionally feel that you have to know

so your mind will keep asking yourself

what could go wrong I hope she doesn't

reject me she says she can reject me

what causes that is feeling like you're

not enough so what's going to cause you

to feel nervous when you see it that's

why you that's why you become to feel

like that anxiety so by advancing

yourself well who go wrong as yourself

how can I have fun how can I have fun

right now so if you see you're walking

down the street and yourself how can I

have fun the answer that will come from

that question

well mostly variably something that's

actually fun and attractive so you see

her you said yourself how can I have fun

your pocher and say hey you yeah you

what you relax ISM yeah and plexus it's

pleasure to meet you

what are you doing right now but you

were cute and you know what how come or

we say I'm you know sorry about that

it's the rule or you see her walking

with her friends if I stop guys stop

stop look I know you guys want me but I

just love blondes I had to come over to

have like if you do it from a place of

having fun the only way for you to say

things I have fun in the process is to

not care what they think okay so you it

comes from a place of no mind it doesn't

come from a place

kinda like intellectually logically

pacing your steps no you're just feeling

and acting so by asking yourself how can

have fun you're able to access a place

of sponging Navy a place of creativity a

place where it whatever comes out of it

most people will enjoy because they're

not going to be enjoying the things that

you say they're going to be enjoying by

experiencing your pleasurable and fun

state because by accessing a place of

fun you're allowing them to experience

fun who you bring it down into your own

reality because you don't care what they


do you deal with your people to

experience your reality is through you

not thinking of what they think it calls

them say you know either stay here or

become part of this record of his

reality so by asking yourself what can I

say right now to have fun that's what a

neighbor used to come up with a good

opener and act upon it it can be used

anywhere she could be at the library and

you can ask yourself what can i how can

I approach and have fun in the process

suddenly you'll be able to come up with

something even good the thing is that

this is important because yes it doesn't

give I don't give you a specific thing

to say which I'll teach you specific

things to say but with this technique

you're going to be flexing your muscle

of creativity this is more for the long

run and they makes you more spontaneous

more funnier and more creative and above

all people can look at you and notice

how creative and more happen how

confident you are people are able to act

on the spot and usually the most

confident in those situations make sense

so ask yourself what can I do to have

fun is a good way to open the second

opener to have is asking yourself acting

Lindsay the second best openers you have

is introducing yourself which actually I

believe that that's like the best one in

my opinion I just wanted to put the

first one in there because that's what

came to my mind first but this is

actually my favorite one because when I

started you when I started introduce

myself as my main opener which is what I

do today night which is like 80 and 90%

of my openers it was so simple it was


I used to think to myself that I needed

to say the best opener that I needed to

say the right thing that I could have

stumbled you understand and one of my

problems one of my problems is speaking

speaking clear

as one of my big problems so when I

would approach and I would say a line I

will always stumble upon my words and

sometimes a girl wouldn't even

understand what I said but you know

what's a funny thing is that a lot of

girls didn't understand what I say but

they kind of understood what I was

trying to say and so they liked me

ironically but nevertheless though

that's irrelevant

um so by introducing himself a lot of

guys struggle with this open because

they say to themselves how could I owe

you my how could that even work why were

you even use as an opera but I want you

to think about this as an opener that's

devoid of any value per se because

you're not expressing any value you're

not telling her you're not trying to woo

her you're not trying to flatter you're

not saying anything about yourself but

your name but somehow it works you wanna

know why it works because it makes you

vulnerable it makes you put yourself out

there naked without kind of like

dressing yourself up with a flattering

her or giving her their compliment or

saying something amazing about you

you're so confident that you don't need

anything else to fulfill you when she

sees you she sets herself

who the hell does this guy think he is

that he thinks that that opener it's

gonna work on me but guess what she's

gonna say damn who he must be something

that he thinks that just introducing

himself will get him to go and get me to

go out home and that's the point by

simply being so directing so simple by

saying hey I'm the Lexus what is your

name where you from

mmm how are you by just doing that but

the old acity of someone just going up

to you and say hey boom I'm this and

just sit down and just talk to them what

are you gonna do that's either someone

doing that you think a lot of people did

the things that people think a lot of

guys do that but I don't the youth a lot

people don't use is open because I see

it in movies all right and they say

doesn't work because a lot of things in

movies they say it doesn't work but

because you think it doesn't work

because you think everyone else does it

you like people don't do it because you

think that advice that women give for

men which is usually be yourself or two

inches introduce yourself

most people shall not shut it off

because mostly advice that women say are

not good and that's true but this one

thing women are righteous introduce

yourself because I will say so much more

about you do you think learn are the

Caprio fizzle need to explain who years

do you think Jack Nicholson has a need

please I need to elaborate on who

he's talking to a girl he really knows

that who he really knows he's amazing so

all he has to do is just say hey I'm

this the most confident people say the

least about themselves and they allow

their actions their sub communication

and other people to talk for themselves

to understand so introduce yourselves

the best one and when I started you

introduce myself ugh I saw it I can

still remember the first day I did that

ok still remember the first day it was

it was in the summer obviously and I and

I was skating down the street and I saw

this and I saw this redhead and I was

like you know bhakta she I'm going to

open I went up to house I tapped on the

shoulder what I ate and Alexis Jenny

boom she her eyes like what and ever

since is dead when you do this open I'm

noticing when I did this opener I feel

so empowered I feel powerful feel strong

alright and now I don't feel strong

because the reaction I get but I feel

strong because I don't need anything

else so I'm just you know I'm here boom

I'm the Lexus and one of the things is

that the self is always coming through

so my hi I am this will come across 100%

different there from someone who doesn't

believe in themselves they're from

someone who has low self-esteem they're

from someone who has self-hatred and

who's always blaming other people for

their failures in life so by becoming

someone who's whole by becoming someone

who accept themselves without comparing

yourself to other people which is the

quarrel of the ego you'll be able to

approach her with nothing in mind but

desire in her she'll look at you look at

you and look and see your desire towards

her because you by simply saying hey I

am this you're not giving her any

you're not giving her any funny

lines you're just putting yourself out

there and just saying look I'm one I

want you right now and that's very rare

for a woman to experience pure desire

and you're calling dude about just st. D

voiding yourself with anything else but

who you are and let her experience you

because of something that because of

your approach could be is so simple that

she cannot rationalize what she likes


she could only experience it it's

something I cannot put into words to be

perfectly honest with you it's just a

very powerful thing next one is actually

it's kind of a a derivative of the

opening opener but it's not exactly that

you have a notice remember back in the


if you guys never have haven't been in

it for a long time you know that be back

in the days

opening openers were big everyone was

using opener does you know who lies more

men and women but now I started noticing

that if I could just approach someone

with just talking about my day and

feeling good inside and talking about

something that matters to me

it normally gets them hooked okay so

let's say you at the library or the

bookstore you see a woman getting

reading a book and you just sit down and

just say look Matt just got this book

like this book is so good Matt

will love it

and yeah if you actually say it with

actual passion whatever you say with

passion and desire whatever you say with

actual with actual you know we would

visit again I had the elevator ReactOS

its passionate nothing else but whatever

you say with passion it'll come across

as interesting as more interesting so

just talk about something that cared

that you care about or even talk about

something that you that peeves you

something that you're emotionally

inclined to talk about said politics but

just talk about something about your day

and you notice how I actually gets them

to talking so for example the first time

I did that I was I walked from Brooklyn

all the way down to my head and because

I lost my skateboard and I approached

and she was walking down Soho and she

and I think she was coming back from

where yellow so it was like around five

o'clock in the daytime and and I ran

towards her in a in a poke turn in their

shoulder I was a hey young man

today was a long baby let me tell ya I

believe it I just walked from Brooklyn

all the way here the reason why did that

was because like I was you know walking

down and also you know what let me let

me go on the bridge you know just check

it out and as I kept walking down the

bridge jobs like you know what let me go

me something let me go to Soho and it

just gradually turned from like a

10-minute walk to a two-hour walk you

believe that as crazy and actually hurts

you like huh hmm and she actually

started talking to me she gave me her

number and when I saw suffering we

didn't go out we think about it was a

flake but nevertheless though that was

the first time that actually I actually

said something so while like I just

approach talking about one day it will

work believe that it's a but the thing

is that you got to talk about something

that actually matters so that rather

than saying it because

you want to reaction you say any because

you need to let it out you understand

you need to let it out you're talking

about something that you love so you

need someone who listens so you're just

saying something for example I can talk

about a lot about meditation so I'll

talk about that for days all right and I

could just open a girl just talking

about meditation and they'll listen

because it's something that I really

like and by all talking a lot in the

beginning and allowing her to experience

who I am through my words because not my

words are not being and not the only

things that are affecting her my words

and emotions behind those words are like

going like having having like ripples

through space-time and and then going

into her brain and changing her neuro

chemistry to the mirror neurons that she

possesses and every human and every

human being has even animals and so you

experiencing her on a deeper level

because by talking about your passion is

talking about something that you love it

stimulates you it stimulates your brain

and fires neurons and because again if

you create a little bit of rapport with

someone by you by doing that and having

the higher emotional state you'll be

able to affect their because think about

it we have a cybernetic device and

that's called our brains and not only

does this device are is able to create

new things to to enhance itself almost

as though you're enhancing the drive of

a computer the CPU you're able to

enhance it by broadening your views are

on your reality you're also able to

communicate with like almost like via

bluetooth or via Wi-Fi to other brains

because each one has it but I kind of a

little Wi-Fi signal because there we

call those mirror neurons that's how

you're able to communicate you use that

so by handing your own emotional state

and building a little bit report you're

able to affect them and bring their

experience up and remember when we

become attracted to you depending on how

you make them feel so if you give them

what they like to call it mind gasm

through allowing them to experience what

you feel you are they are gonna become

attracted so you got to talk about

something that you love and expect them

to listen

surrounding the world listen I was

almost like the matrix

it's almost echo matrix if you believe

that they're going to become affected by

that you believe that they're going to

like what you say they are going to like

what this you say you know what if they

don't like what you say you can have

that certainty that your brain is not

going to record that as a failure your

brain is going to record that as

feedback and it's gonna notice it thing

today they're wrong and they're right

and suddenly it's gonna make it better

the next time

so you have to believe that she's gonna

listen yeah so storytelling talking

about your day talking about something

that happened to you in a day that will

always get them to open I can promise

you that okay it's it's it closes even

better you just talk and say hey look

man I just had a girl Mayer approached

me actually I'll just approach and say

look man like today I'm here to pick up


Andy someone to talk to you okay guys

I'm not gonna be standing around here

doing nothing what did you name see just

being 100 honest and the last one the

bonus one the all can opener you can use

which is very good it actually works

pretty well it's kind of like you're

challenging her like making and making

it her fault that you had to approach

her it's making her making it her fault

that Europe that you had to come on you

had to come out of your way to approach

her making it her fault that you almost

hit a car because you want to approach

her or you have to do this just say

excuse me what are you doing you see we

just did you made me cross the streets

almost hit a car almost my daughter ran

over an older lady just to approach you

some boss you know that's it wasn't it

okay or another one is very similar to

is you see here you just say

what are you doing what you think that

you can't be walking around looking all

cute and expect me not to vote you

not I can happen what's your name

boom see so it's kind it's kind of like

saying look it's your fault that this is

happening okay you are the cause is mine

the reason why I approached you and you

do that's kind of fun because kinda like

you know you mess where and you actually

feel good before that you feel calm

almost like a you know your your your

state races you feel better when you do

that move me that technique okay so yeah

you got three different ways to approach

I promise you that if you implement just

the one just implement the first two the

three actually works though the

storytelling by primarily used talking

about something that's fun like ask

myself how can I approach have fun or

introduce myself so if you dish yourself

should be your primary one so there's no

excuse absolutely no excuse given users

in groups okay you see a group of girl

girls or even with guys you just point

at point at the girl are you you've

signed you get her attention hey come on

that's cool let's go

you just got that just approach and put

a smile on her face all right

again stay there there are guys

sometimes that want me to make a

difference because some guys most of

time is just our friends and um and if

you do a good job guys where my they'll

give you that look like yeah that's

actually pretty good bro you give them

look like yeah I know

alright so this acts for my foot

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