How to be polite

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today we're going to be talking about

how to be polite one of the first

concepts about being polite is

addressing females one of the biggest

mistakes a man can make is not knowing

when to say man when to say miss when to

say misses and when to say first names

last names that's a big problem it could

be a strength of yours if you know the

differences rarely if ever am I going to

use the term man women feel old when

they hear the term man so you gotta use

miss excuse me miss there's even a song

about it excuse me miss what's your name

get to know you excuse me miss the point

is excuse me miss is a very important

term to use and to understand I am

rarely if ever gonna use the word man

unless I take a trip with my family or

my girlfriend or my friends down south

I'm not going to say the word man and

even doing so then is a risk I don't

like the word man stay away from it if

you want to be polite okay so that

brings me to miss and mrs. mrs. always

safe mrs. you're only going to use that

if you know for a fact she is a missus

so if you're going over a friend's house

and you know his mother is married to

his father

you call her mrs. Johnson but if you

don't know if they're boyfriend or

girlfriend if she's divorced you say

hello miss let them give you permission

to call them by their first name so if

you're gonna say hello mrs. Johnson how

you been a hundred times in a row and

then that hundred first time she says

call me sandy wait if she never says it

then say missus for the rest of your

life the next one is saying excuse me

and sir

whenever I see a man who I don't know a

stranger or a guy that I see once in a

great while i'm gonna say sir how you

doing sir good afternoon sir

hello sir serves to touch you when some

guys feel like sir

makes them feel but you don't know that

a lot of guys expect you to call them

sir because they're older than you I say

sir ninety-nine percent of my

unless I'm formal with someone how you

doing Paul how you doing Mike

how you doing Pete Fred what's up

Brandon Kevin I call my friends by their

names but guys I don't know or if I

think I know him I see him once in a

while I'm calling him sir until they say

hey my name is Tony you can call me Tony

I'm using the word sir

so excuse me and thank you are two very

important parts of being polite saying

excuse me is so important excuse me sir

you drop that excuse me sir you have

something on your shirt excuse me miss

you drop something and being polite

doesn't stop with strangers you're

supposed to be polite to the people in

your household to your friends to your

family respect everyone the same play it

safe be polite to everyone another

important part about being polite is

holding doors open sometimes it could be

a pain because if you start holding a

door open a line just starts coming

through and you don't know when to stop

and when to to let go here's what I do

and this is something that I've been

doing for years I'll grab the door I'll

hold it open you got to make eye contact

and look at the next man that's coming

in to the same place you are going to go

through the same door you are make sure

he understands through the nonverbal cue

with your eyes that he's going to grab

the door you know pass it off to him

he'll take it

most people are polite believe it or not

that brings me to my next point

acknowledging people and verbal and

nonverbal communication the words I'm

sorry can be perceived as sincere and

this person means it or sarcastic

there's a fine line and you have to know

the tone of your voice and the pace of

your body how they're gonna perceive it

so you could say I'm sorry and they're

gonna say yeah right he's not sorry did

you see the way he said that

so you got to say I'm sorry is there

anything I can do I see you drop that

you have to be sincere that's a verbal

communication so you're verbally

communicating your apology a nonverbal

communication or a nonverbal gesture in

that case would be actually moving

towards the object the person is

dropping if that's the hypothetical

situation that someone's dropping

something actually moving towards it and

saying do you need help with that you

drop something sir

leaning back and saying you drop

something sir he's gonna think you're

goofing on him because it sounds like it

it's it nonverbal and verbal

communications are key and being polite

it's all about the way you say you have

to know how to say and practice look in

the mirror and practice if you're unsure

of yourself practice the next thing

about being polite is being patient when

it comes to being polite you have to

have zero expectations that you're going

to receive the same treatment that

you're giving out so if you're super

kind to someone you hold the door open

don't be upset if someone let's endorse

them in your face there's a high price

to pay for being polite but the rewards

are amazing if you say good morning to

someone every single day and they ignore

you or they only give you a morning more

don't expect them to be polite back part

of being polite is understanding that

not everyone is going to be polite back

every single day that you're polite

you're going to see 10 people who aren't

and 5 people who are and you'll remember

the 5 people every time when someone's

good at their job or they're good to you

you realize that you recognize it and

you reward them for it if it's a waiter

and he goes out of his way to be kind to

you when you're eating your dinner

you're going to tip it more being polite

pays off monetarily also if you're in a

job where being polite could get you

more money than being play is super

important and be play all the time don't

just do it once in a while if somebody

sees that you're not polite one day

they'll remember that and they're gonna

hold it against you they're gonna say I

remember that kid he was a jerk to me

even if you were polite nine days out of

10 that one time that you warm they're

gonna remember you for it and you're

gonna have to work really hard to make

them forget that and always think about

these two lines ladies first

respect your elders if you remember

those two lines ladies first respect

your elders you'll be fine respect

anyone that's older than you a year 10

years 20 years it doesn't matter and

respect ladies let them go first

that movie the Titanic they said women

and children women and children there's

no such thing as being too polite or

polite too often again start right at

home practice around the house see the

difference that it makes I promise you

with these few simple steps that you

will see more smiles more laughter

you'll get to know more people

positive energy feeds off of itself if

you're positive you will attract

positive energy you will bring out the

best in people your colleagues your

friends your family if you're polite

everywhere you go you will begin to see

the beautiful side of everyone they will

show it to you and you bring that

positive energy every single day which

is what being polite is it's positive

energy then they're going to give it

back to you remember have no

expectations you might not get it back

all the time but when you do it's going

to be well worth your work I hope you

guys enjoyed this video I hope it helps

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