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I have a friend a guy and he was

definitely at her friend zone he was my

ugly but just not confident on what he

could handle he didn't have that no oh

you know most girls like we went to a

bar one night and I told him I was going

to find the girl but it was awkward

because he kept buying me drinks and it

really not that I came over and just

started talking to me he was so

attractive everything that was on my

list of wants and friend William just

sit there and didn't get one girl I felt

so sorry i have to cut out my

conversation short with this guy and you

know I mrs. ooh I know you're not

supposed to change a man but while i

went online I just had to do it I didn't

know how to help him so I brought him to

give the tale of bass oh my god it works

and it came with four bonus books never

get cheated on monogamy versus Paula

Gore Murray guide and breaking up and

escaping the friend zone yep that last

one must be something because i'm at her

William Wong I've heard from him just

haven't seen him like I normally do he

introduced me to three random girls like

the past two weeks I'm not jealous they

are pretty but I don't think he's

serious about them William is still

sweet but I kind of want him now and I

wonder if you want me to he's definitely

got that part to them and I don't know

what to do but I definitely know that

that program of what I've gotten is a

gift it definitely does work and I just

want to say thanks