How to Flirt With a Girl On Social Media

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hey Jose what are you doing you know

just trying to get a date for the

weekend not to burst your bubble dude I

think you're gonna be staying home this

weekend are you talking about this this

works so in efforts that you don't stay

home this weekend I decided to do this

video and show you a couple of tips and

tricks on how to flirt with the girl on

social media I mean this is a new age

honestly if you want you could pick up

girls strictly from your phone nowadays

it's not like your dad and mom you

should do so and while it might seem

easier there are so many things guys do

wrong that automatically make you come

off as creepy and desperate and that's

exactly what I'm going to help you avoid

today the first thing you're going to

want to do is put your best foot forward

this is just like when you're meeting

somebody face to face in person you want

that amazing first impression that's

going to leave her wanting more it's the

same thing but on social media you need

to understand that that girl you're

interested in is most likely going to

switch through your whole Instagram or

your Facebook to see what you're all

about so try to actually post substance

things that make you look more

interesting more sophisticated pictures

with your friends pictures your doing

your hobbies and interest you like

pictures of you traveling just post

actual value and avoid it being 80% of

just your face complete selfies and then

another 20% of you just completely

shirtless let me tell you guys that's an

automatic turnoff unless you look like

this guy number two do not be a stalker

this is where you don't want to fall

into so you don't want to go in and like

30 other pictures and comment on 20 of

them that's asking for an immediate

block request it instantly makes you

look thirsty and desperate so let me

give you a real live example Instagram

is a popular one to easily come across

off as creepy so for example if you

generally find a girl you're interested

in girls are thieves and at most like

like three pictures but try to get to

know her see what her interests are if

you can find anything in common if you

do you have a bull's-eye also a little

side note you might want to avoid

gliding her bikini pictures or her

half-naked pictures because you'll

automatically be categorized as

one of those guys I know right like why

do you even post it then so once you

like at mostly pictures you probably

already have her attention going to

slide into those the ends but don't go

with the cliche man you're so hot

here's my number or anything stupid like

that instead comment on one of her

interests or hobbies or that one thing

you guys found in common this is going

to spark a genuine conversation you want

insightfulness not desperation so are

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three is to understand that nobody cares

about your problems that might sound

harsh but so people usually go to social

media to get away from their problems so

nobody wants to hear you vent or rant

about the fight you had with your boss

or about your crazy ex-girlfriend or

even how sad you're feeling so on social

media you want to keep things light and

fun don't take it too seriously because

trust me that girl you're interested in

as soon as she lands on your page she

will instantly be turned off by your

emotional rant unless she's sort of into

that creepy thing then congratulations

you found yourself a soul mate number


patience is key my friend so first of

all don't freak out if she doesn't


we respond to your DM or one of your

comment you don't want to follow up with

as if this was a business email an hour

later like hey just checking if you saw

my last message and second once she does

reply you don't want to pounce on that

and immediately reply a half a second

later talk about looking desperate play

it cool if she responded that means

she's interested so you have the upper

hand and finally number five is to not

forget your end goal yes flirting on

social media can be fun and the whole

cyber stalking can maybe make you forget

about reality but remember your end goal

is to actually get on a date with her so

after you get that conversation going

you guys are actually getting to know

each other ask her out on the date or

even try to get her phone up or maybe

add on snapchat the point is you want to

get more personal with her to make that

next move and hopefully make her your

girlfriend if you end up liking each

other alright boys that's it for today's

video I hope you enjoyed it that's

basically five rules you want to follow

to get flirting right on social media if

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