How To REALLY Snapchat a Girl...

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Oh oh my gosh this is a huge one don't

this I feel like it's definitely a

no-brainer but half the guys I know or

like what is it she's not gonna be back

welcome back everyone today we have a

serious problem that we really need to

address I for some reason have not

thought of this video topic before and a

lot of people have been asking me to do

this it is how to snapchat a girl if you

want to snapchat a girl it can honestly

be super awkward sometimes because

you're just sending pictures of blacks

we've all been there trying to make

conversation but all you see is like a

black picture or those really awkward

selfies from down here no one wants to

see that so I am here to help you like I

said my name is Gabrielle Moses I am the

hero of today relationship guru here on


238 thousand subscribers and here to

help call me first thing on snapchatting

a girl start out with a question or with

just a simple conversation don't just go

straight in for the dive go in for the

killer however you say it and be like oh

what's gonna date

that'll creep a girl out and she will be

scared and terrified of you and think

that you're out to get here or to kidnap

her so don't do that

first just ask like a random question

like hey what are you up to send the

picture of your face so that's number

two actually I just thought of something


do not start off snapchatting girl

without a picture of your face because

that is very very very creepy because

you don't know who it is who

snapchatting you burped up do not add

people who you don't know when snapchat

only add them if you know that those

mists I know sorry about that but yes

send a picture of your face at first

unless you're like doing something else

and you're talking about what you're

doing so you're sending a picture of

what you're doing what some people could

also be very awkward on snapchat this

brings me to my next point

if it's awkward just ask her about

herself a girl both probably

sir questions about herself or if she

asked you a question about yourself

it'll stir up a conversation like hey do

you like dogs or cats oh my gosh I have

a pet dog her name is Cory she's so cute

she's she's an Australian Shepherd see I

can go on about my puppy forever because

I love my puppy girls just ramble on and

on about things they love so if you get

the girls to start talking about

something that they absolutely love they

won't shut up and it might be annoying

but hey your goal has been accomplished

you're a talking is snapchatting this

girl that you have a thing for so you're

in the good you're golden also then

girls videos I don't make some laughs or

it's in just like a snap message that'll

make them locks like use that funny

filter on your face make yourself look

absolutely stupid and embarrass yourself

because if you're trying to do you know

that half face selfie like just use a

snapchat filter make yourself look

stupid girls like that use those

snapchat filters there and therefore

there's like 15 of them you know it make

a collage and just send them to everyone

at a time or tell a story with snapchat

filters oh my grass I've never actually

thought of that before make up the story

you can make a character you know the

puppy-dog one make his name pair up

that's talking Spanish or make his name

cat or something stupid I don't know you

can make up a story with that if you're

really struggling for conversation now

next to the next point

next oh my gosh I am like thinking so

fast right now does your brain ever do

that you're thinking of so many words

and then you just say things that don't

sound like English sorry be positive

whatever your snapchat name girl when I

figured just snapchatting her like super

emo stuff like oh it's not sunny enough

outside I just wanted to go and bed and

sleep all day and be super lazy I don't

know that just doesn't want to the girl

just won't want to snapchat you back if

you're always constantly negative just

be positive be like a hippie or flower

or something I don't know those things

are always positive to me so just do

that because a girl's gonna want to

reply to you faster and keep replying to

you if you're positive no girl I cannot

think of a girl who wants to be texting

a guy who's always negative and stuff

because that's no fun that just makes

your day going downhill also next next

thing girls want a guy to ask them

questions I said this earlier like

starting off for conversation with

questions but don't always talk about

yourself ask questions that will lead to

a good conversation not just one about

the NBA Lakers or whatever the Golden

Bridge team what's the name or the

Cavaliers I should stop your basketball

because I fact oh no I can't no matter

but yeah girls don't want you to

constantly talking about yourself the

entire time or trying to snapchat them

because eventually she'll lose interest

about hearing about those New Jordans

you got or how many points you score it

at that game bhalo make a girl laugh

while you're snapchatting her I know

this is the same like with texting her

but if you're making her laugh while

she's snapchatting it she'll send those

cute laughing pictures of herself or

Michelle might be really just ugly

looking last like you know but yeah

girls will keep snacks out of you if you

make her laugh cuz then she's just happy

that when she sees the snapchat like

it's oh he stopped trying to me and I'm

happy or her day might be super bad and

then she gets this stupid snapchat from

you and then she's like oh my life

really isn't that bad it's all okay it's

like putting a bandaid on it the glass

might be broke into a million pieces but

you get that funny snapchat it's like

putting a bandaid on it so it'll hold it

just a little bit longer don't know what

that's supposed to mean it's supposed to

be informational suppose that helped you

guys you want to give her compliments

but don't give her a cop

to the point where every single snapchat

has a heart emoji now let me tell you

heart emojis are super cute if it's like

once in a hundred years just kidding

but if it happens every once in a while

it's good it's cute but just give her

compliments one I'd say at the maximum

one time a day or else she gets annoyed

and she's like oh my gosh she's too

clean get him away from me you know how

it is so just one time a day and don't

make it like oh my gosh baby I

absolutely love you I never want to let

you go the more I think about you the

more I want to let you know I'm sorry if

you know this song let me know and I'm

not trying to say like compliments are a

bad thing but you don't want to give

girls too many compliments to the point

where she's like oh he just wants

something from me that type of thing so

that's what I'm trying to say the more

compliments you give the less special

the next one's gonna be exactly so then

as you say more and more compliments

it's just like a and then eventually the

complement will mean absolutely nothing

here's another thing that guys really

don't don't get it's okay to snapchat a

girl in the morning or in the afternoon

because sometimes guys only like to

snapchat a girl at nighttime who knows

why hmm

but it is okay to snapchat a girl like

hey good morning what are you doing

today cuz then you can slide in like oh

I want to meet up with you let's get

some lunch so let's get some coffee

let's get some Taco Bell and that's how

you'll get a date with her if you

snapchat her throughout the day at night

you know that's only gonna give you one

thing denied another really annoying

thing that some guys do is only text in

those acronyms like let me know LMK IKR

you know those types of things

because those get really annoying to

just try and read and decipher snapchat

allows three lines of text for a reason

actually no it's more like fiber however

many lines do you want to do does anyone

else remember whenever it was only one

line of snapchat words yes it ended that

reason so you can type out an entire

word like if you're just trying to say

something super quick that's fine but

you don't want to be texting just single

letter words all the time because that

just gets super confusing to read and it

makes her think too much and then she'll

just stop snapchat I can't breathe

moving on though guys always wonder how

long they should wait to respond to

snapchat well I have two things to say

about this if you want to keep the

conversation going on give it a good

like for five minutes in between because

if you snapchat her like as soon as you

get the snapchat then you're gonna run

out of things to say so if you really

want to draw on that conversation wait a

few minutes to respond and a test if you

really want to know if she likes you

wait and just open it and leapfrog open

and then see if she double snaps you and

most think don't do this all the time I

know cuz that'll just make her mad and

then she'll won't respond to you but if

you do that once to just see if she has

some feelings for you and like actually

likes you do that it'll work a lot of

guys get nervous because they're not

always that funny and hilarious guy so

if you're you don't want the

conversation to get awkward or anything

don't fret you don't always have to be

that funny guy just make up a

conversation make up a fake story that

you want to tell berries if it's

something interesting don't I'm not

saying lie about everything but you know

just make up a story slide it in there

and you don't have to say it's about you

just say oh did you hear about that

no that's gossiping don't do that yeah

just start up a conversation it doesn't

always have to be a serious or funny

conversation it can be serious - oh oh

my gosh this is a huge one don't only

snapchat a girl streak

if you want to get a girl to snapchat

you back this I feel like it's

definitely no brainer but half the guys

I know or like who doesn't she snapped

you and me back I send her streaks

because no one responds to streaks these

days like it might have been a thing you

respond to whenever it strikes this

person thing but today know if you want

to start actual conversations but it

really is your streaks thing be like oh

my gosh I have a test today but don't

worry if you're not funny that's what

I'm trying to say and next thing if you

are funny

keep being funny you do your thing but

when it is time to be serious when you

actually are I mean cool conversation

tone it down a bit don't always be too

over the sarcastic because that's

another thing guys are overly sarcastic

all the time and girls overanalyze it

and they're like oh my gosh did I really

do something that made the mad or offend

them or did I just say something stupid

so you know when the time is right be

serious and then don't be serious you

know how it is anyways that is all I

have for you guys today I hope this

helped you hopefully you'll get a

girlfriend maybe from snapchat I don't

know but maybe it did help you I hope it

did I hope you enjoyed it too be sure to

fall all my social medias they will be

in the description down below and I'll

see you guys in the next one