How To Talk With Someone Up On The Train, Bus Or Tube

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how to chat someone up on the train bus

or tube

have been welcome to videojug how many

times have you seen your dream date on a

train bus or two only for them to

continue to their destination leaving

you alone and cursing or shyness we're

going to show you how to maximize your

chances of chatting someone up

successfully this film is set on the

tube but you can adapt these techniques

to the bus or the tram

step one you will need a journey by

public transport in this case the London

Underground an attractive stranger

nerves of steel step 2 dealing with the

environment public transport is a tough

environment nobody really wants to be

there and most people don't like any

intrusion into their privacy

to chat someone up successfully on

public transport you need to be quick

thinking and decisive without being

aggressive it's a difficult thing to

pull off but just remember he who dares


step3 the checkout Wow check her out

you've seen someone you fancy but you

must act quickly as they may be getting

off at the next stop but wait

are they with someone if so does this

person look like their other half

chatting up someone's other half is

inadvisable and mailed with a black eye

step 4 position your positioning is

critical if you're waiting on a tube

platform then let them get on the train

first you can check out whether they

decide to sit or stand and position

yourself in their line of sight if they

sit down then sitting opposite is a good

move this is far better than being

side-by-side as there is more chance of

making eye contact if the train is busy

then you're likely to be standing so get

close but not too close

top tip if they're sitting in your

standing try and avoid positioning your

crotch in their face step 5 props it's

useful to have a newspaper book or

magazine in your hands as it gives you

something to pretend to look at instead

of awkwardly glancing around or staring

off into space if you have an mp3 player

be sure to take your headphones off or

you will look unapproachable if they are

wearing headphones then starting a

conversation is going to be very

difficult and you may want to consider

Plan B which is outlined later in the

film step 6

I contact this is the best way to tell

if someone finds you physically

attractive begin by glancing up at him

or her catching their eye and holding it

for a second or two then look away 30

seconds or so later look up again if he

or she looks back again this is a sign

that they are interested you may wish to

repeat this move before you speak up as

it's easy to miss read these signals if

they don't look back at you the second

time the chances are they're not

interested and you proceed at your peril

top tip do not stare they might be hot

but they're not a piece of meat and it

might freak them out

step 7 smile when you catch their eye

for the second time you might feel that

a smile is proprietary and approachable

if they smile back it's likely that

you're onto a winner

however too much smiling can make you

look odd so be careful not to overdo it

step 8

body language after you've caught their

eye and have smiled check out their body

language if they've angled themselves

towards you this is a good sign

make sure your own body language is

positive don't crush your arms your legs

or hunch your shoulders these are

negative signals instead angle your body

towards them step 9 speaking up now it's

time to start a conversation most people

don't have the nerve for this but you

must seize the day you're on a time

scale they might get off at the next

stop they might pick up a newspaper but

calm down reassure yourself you've got

nothing to lose if you're not back you

won't see them or anyone else in the

carriage ever again try and ask a

question that requires more than a

yes-or-no answer

don't ask does this train stop at

Victoria as they can simply say yes and

end the conversation instead ask an open

question like how do you get to Victoria

as they will have to reply with a more

detailed answer which will help you to

get a conversation gardening's

if they're genuinely interested in you

they will be happy to start chatting

you'll be able to tell if they're not


if it's going badly and you feel

embarrassed just hop off at the next

stop Plan B if your nerves have got the

better of you or you're unsure if they

find your attractive there is another

way write your phone number or email

address on a piece of paper wait until

they move to get off or your stop comes

up hand them the paper make eye contact

smile and exit it's quite simple you

leave it completely up to them if they

do call around somewhere to meet and

make sure you tell a friend where you're

going good luck