How to Approach Girls (works EVERY time)

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what's going on guys it's David here and

in this video I'm gonna go out on the

streets and approach some girls for you


plus I'm gonna give you my three best

tips for programming your minds to be

insanely confident so that when you see

a girl that you want to approach you do

not hesitate let's get started alright

I'm about to go hit the streets but

first let me give you my first tip and

that is to warm up the same way you want

to warm up your muscles before you start

lifting heavy weights you want to warm

up your social confidence muscles before

you start talking to girls so if you

know that your going somewhere where

there's gonna be girls so you're gonna

want to approach whether that's a

crowded public area or a bar beforehand

you wanna do a few things to get you

outside of your comfort zone so you feel

loose when you get there so for example

give it a few strangers a high-five or a

fist bump or do something a little bit

crazier and get down and do some

push-ups in public and that is gonna get

your mind right that being said let's

head over to a crowded spot and I will

do a few warm-up exercises on the way





all right we are at the location and I'm

feeling loose so let's get it started

with the first approach hi this is

extremely random but I think you're

super cute thanks you're welcome with

your name Gavin yeah give it time to

chat for say

thirty seconds

I feel like and I think I have to have

like an elevator up for Halloween last

night no no what was your excuse for

that I'm free red

okay like labs all the time well I'll

let you go but would you and hang out

sometime maybe maybe all right let me

get your phone number

Gabby I will see I'll show you a text Oh


in case you forgot already all right

I love them the phone as I stopped organ


go yep alright so that first one was

definitely pretty awkward but I really

tried to push the interaction and keep

her talking just to show you guys that

even if it is awkward it's okay you can

still close the deal and get her phone

number also normally I don't like to

directly tell her that I think she's

cute as like the first thing I say but

it is a good thing to do for your first

approach of the day because after you do

that then just going up and talking to a

girl and making small talk seems super

easy let's keep the video going the

second main tip I have for you today is

that rejection is good and what I mean

by that is you have to sort of look at

rejection as a important

confidence-building tool like most guys

are so afraid of rejection that it keeps

them from approaching it prevents them

from taking action but if you make the

mindset shift that it's actually a

productive thing because when you get

rejected you become more desensitized to

rejection then on one hand you're gonna

be more likely to approach and on the

other hands when you get rejected you're

not even gonna care about it so I hope

that makes sense by the way if you're

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you don't want to miss them time for our

pro snubber to excuse me you know if

there's a cool coffee shop around here

but like not not Starbucks

okay and they have like all the

yeah I got espresso I'm all about my

espresso yeah they got it what's your

favorite thing is to get it quick


parrot they have like

okay so I get like a basic espresso one

more thing and I was for betting mr.


well take it as a compliment here we go


all right so there's two things that I

want to say about that approach the

first one is that she gave the boyfriend

excuse and every time I get this in a

video I get a bunch of comments from

guys who are like bro she's lying she

doesn't have a boyfriend but here's the

thing if she uses that excuse then

either she does have a boyfriend and you

should respect it or she's not

interested in you and then you just need

to let her go

and move on with your life and accept

the rejection because like I talked

about in the previous point it's

actually a good thing now the second

thing I want to say is that I use that

same line every time I get rejected and

it works like a charm

because it prevents the interaction from

getting awkward and if you didn't catch

what I said all I said was oh no worries

just take it as a compliment anyway

let's keep this video going the third

tip that I have for you is to always

assume attraction what I mean by that is

when you approach a girl you want to

assume in your head that she likes you

and she's gonna be attracted to you

because most guys do the opposite of

this and they assume like they're not

worthy of the girl and then that comes

through subconsciously in your words and

your actions and she picks up on that

but instead if you tell yourself before

the approach that she's going to be

attracted to you then you're gonna be

more confident she's gonna perceive you

as more confident and everything's just

gonna go that much more smoothly anyway

it is time to do one final approach by

the way if you do not follow me on

Instagram yet then make sure you go do

that now because I post motivational

things in my story every single day plus

I try and post good casual outfit ideas

that will help you look and feel more

confident in yourself let's go get this

approach let's do it I know this is

completely random but where were you for

Halloween yesterday

I was Kim Possible is that a cars in

yeah did you do any other costumes is he

or not well it's a really simple costume

it's just like a green shirt okay you

didn't put like super was ever done yeah

hi guys IV honesty I stopped you because

I thought you're super cute and I was

like I could think of what to ask you so

like a Halloween how's your day go by

the way here I'll go charisa yeah David

nice to be so

but how about this what do you think

answer time

I graduated


today's over

all right now with this give me your


I'll send you a text we'll see we can

make a Beretta

sure okay

go alright so as you can see I froze up

there for a second so I just went ahead

and asked her if she wanted to hang out

and it worked but I'm definitely off my

game a little bit today and that's

alright you have to realize that we're

all gonna have off days and even if

you're not feeling 100% confident if you

take action you can still have success

and that is going to wrap this video up

if you're a guy right now and you feel

like you don't have the confidence you

need to do things like this and approach

women do you find attractive then good

news for you I actually created a free

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small little challenges that I gave

myself to quickly expand my comfort zone

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