How To Talk To A Girl For The First Time

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what's up this is Jesse Jones and in

this video you're going to learn how to

talk to a girl you like for the first

time in this video you're going to learn

how to walk up to a girl that you like

and how to create a playful fun

conversation where she feels relaxed and

where you feel relaxed you're going to

learn how to keep the conversation

flowing and how to eventually get her

phone number so that you can see her


now when you walk up to talk to a girl

there are only three possible reactions

one she might flat-out reject you two

she might give you a neutral kind of

reaction or three she will give you a

friendly smile and be very open to

talking to you so let's explore all

three of these and see what you should

do in each scenario so for the first

scenario let's say you walk up to a girl

that you like and she either flat-out

rejects you or she's just acts very

indifferent and cold first of all I want

to let you guys know that this scenario

hardly ever happens in real life most of

the time girls are either very friendly

or at least polite and neutral when you

go up and talk to them the reason why we

are including this scenario of having a

girl be completely cold - it's just so

you know what you can do if it happens

but I assure you

in reality this hardly never happens so

what do you do if you go up to a girl

that you like and then she hardly

acknowledges you she doesn't really say

hi and then she just looks away and she

doesn't want to talk to you the best

thing to do in this scenario whenever

someone ignores you is to immediately

just walk away if the person doesn't

want to talk to you at all and doesn't

give you any respect then

all you need to do is turn around and

walk away the sooner this negative

interaction ends the better it is for

everyone so just walk away like nothing

happened and give yourself a pat on the

back for taking action and trying to get

what you want again I will stress this

harsh rejection hardly ever happens in

reality so please please please don't

worry about it

I just gave it to you so that you can

know how to deal with it if it does ever

happen now let's go to the second

scenario what if you walk up to a girl

and she gives you a neutral to reaction

so she isn't really mean to but she

doesn't give you a big smile either a

lot of guys get discouraged when they

get a neutral reaction from women but I

want you to know that most of the time

that neutral reaction from her is not a

negative one she's surprised that you

came and talked to her she's just trying

to figure out why you just came and

talked to her so when you see a girl who

has a neutral reaction to you the reason

why she looks so serious is because

she's just trying to figure out what's

going on why is this guy talking to me

so what you do when a girl gives you a

neutral reaction is you simply tell her

the reason why you came up to talk to

her and then just keep talking to her in

a relaxed playful light-hearted way and

then she will quickly warm up to you and

start talking to you and smiling now

this brings us to our third scenario

which is very obvious if you go up and

talk to a girl and she immediately gives

you a smile and good eye contact then

everything's cool and you can just keep

going from there so how do we go up to a

girl that we like for the first time the

first thing to do is to smile and have

good eye contact first impressions are

very important so when you talk to her

you want her to feel that you're a

light-hearted playful guy you want to

remember to smile and look straight in

her eyes the way to start a conversation

with a girl you don't know is to simply

introduce your

just say hi say your name and then reach

out your hand and shake her hand at the

beginning of the interaction you want to

start with a compliment something I say

for example is hey I saw you from over

there and I thought you're really cute I

wanted to come say hi another thing you

could say is I've seen you around and

I'm curious about you so I wanted to

come meet you my name is Mike and then

you will shake her hand and continue the

conversation what you say in the

beginning of a conversation is not

important what is important is what

energy you are giving the girl women

mirror your energy that means if you

want women to respond to you in a

positive playful way you have to give

that positive playful energy first that

means when you go up to a girl be

relaxed be light-hearted and playful and

then that positive energy that you're

giving to her she will reflect back to

you if you are too timid or shy or

nervous and you're very serious with

that girl then you are giving her very

serious awkward energy and then she will

reflect that awkward energy back to you

so when most guys ask me what should I

say in interaction I tell them say

whatever you like what's really

important is what energy are you giving

off because the energy is going to

determine if the interaction goes well

or if it goes badly after you've walked

up to the girl and introduced yourself

and a cheerful light-hearted confident

way the next thing that would be good to

do is to give her a compliment and tell

her the reason why you're coming to talk

to her this accomplishes several things

number one by giving the girl a

compliment she knows that you're a

potential lover and that she's not going

to put you in the friend zone

it also shows her that you're not afraid

to flirt with her and this shows

tremendous amounts of confidence the

reason why you want to tell her why

you're coming up to talk to her is so

that she can relax and stop being

distracted by wondering why you're

talking to her when you tell a girl I

saw you from across the room and I think

you're cute so I had to come say hi you

have given her a compliment

and you have given her a reason for why

you're talking to her so now she can

relax because she knows exactly what's

going on and she can be happy and

flattered that a charming guy has come

up to her and made her feel beautiful

women want to feel beautiful so whenever

you have a compliment to give a woman

never hesitate never keep it to yourself

women will always appreciate you giving

them a genuine compliment because

compliments make women feel beautiful so

when going up to talk to a girl you like

for the first time don't focus too much

on yourself this isn't about you this is

about her this is about going up to her

and making her day better this is about

going up to her and making her smile

this is about going up to her and making

her feel beautiful when you can

accomplish this simple feat the rest of

the conversation will go incredibly

easily so after you tell the girl why

you're talking to her and you've given

her a compliment what do you say next

this is very simple just transition into

neutral conversation

ask her about herself get curious about


how's her day going what's she up to the

biggest point I need to make is any

neutral conversation will do the trick

what's important when you meet a girl

you like for the first time is you need

to set the frame instantly from the

beginning you have to let her know that

you are attracted to her this will keep

you out of the friendzone and this will

set up the interaction to move in a

romantic direction once you get the

beginning of the conversation right

the rest of the conversation has much

less importance all you need to do when

talking to a girl you like is remain

relaxed light-hearted and playful don't

take yourself too seriously don't take

her too seriously don't take the

interaction too seriously in the end of

the day women just want to have fun and

be romanced so keep it light-hearted and

playful flirt with her make her feel

beautiful make her feel good make her

smile and that's really all that you

need to do when you go and talk to a

girl you like for the first time it's

more about connecting with the woman

than it is about impressing her when you

try to impress a girl you break off the

connection between you two because now

you're making the interaction all about

you when you instead are focused on her

and focused on making her feel good then

that's when a true connection is formed

between two people then she will feel

close to you you will feel trust she

will feel happy and that's when the

stage is set for attraction to hop so

the next time you see a girl that you

like take action go for it go and make

her day better go and make her smile go

and make her feel beautiful

do that and you'll quickly see how you

have a lot more success with women this

is JT Joan sending you much love thanks

for watching