How To Approach Girls | Effective + Boldness = REJECTION PROOF!

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how she wants you to approach her

i'm going to give you guys 10 ways and

10 tips really

to clarify how to approach women from a

woman myself

i'm going to really dive in with you on

this video and give you those details

because this has happened to me myself

and i've interviewed amount of

enormous amount of women in regards to

this topic this is your first time

visiting welcome i am a dating

relationship coach for you men to match

your attractive skills confidence and to

build a love life

and relationship and dating life overall

now let's get to it

so in these tips i'm going to give you

tactics and what women think

number one is you always want to smile

and give eye contact

duh i mean this is pretty easy right but

let me explain here a lot of times when

a guy will approach us we don't see him


he'll approach us from behind or

something like that always be aware that


somewhat making us eye contact with this

woman or smiling

especially if you're passing each other

by the street let's just say maybe she

didn't realize who you were or didn't

see you that's okay

but somewhat of a smile and eye contact

is very

important in the approach which we're

gonna go into

tip number two is there's nothing wrong

with saying this line i

hear so many people saying something

like oh this is too

um what's the word i'm looking for this

is too cliche it's too original

but like i don't know why in this

industry we're taught to like

do all these random like pickup lines

and give you 20 pickup lines and think

that this is gonna work

i do believe certain pickup lines work

just stick to one or two of them

but it doesn't have to be that intense

so number two is just come up to a woman

and say something like i just wanted to

come over here and tell you

dot dot dot dot so for example what you

can say is i just wanted to come over


and tell you that you really caught my

eye my name is

perfect you've already got your opening

and i'm going to go into

opening and a little bit of rejection in

this video as well tip number three

understand personal space and when you

approach a woman

the technique that you have to do to

make her feel somewhat comfortable in

that initiation stage

is back away so when you approach a

woman you're like

the first let's just say you did the

first thing is i just wanted to come

over here and tell you

you caught my eye my name is eric now

you're going to back away a little bit

because you're not don't

you want to show her that you're not

entering your personal her personal


one tactic that i teach in my how to

approach uh

product is to make sure that your

legs are kind of like an l when you

approach a woman because it shows that

you're not directly in her circle and

her personal space

that you have an option to walk away or

stay so you always picture when you

stand and you approach a woman and you

back away

put your feet in the l because of the

fact that you don't want to

go into her personal space because the

first thing a woman is thinking when you

approach her is

either how long am i going to have to

talk to this guy or to is he

crazy or is he going to hurt me right

because as a woman that's our automatic

defense as a woman

and that's our automatic guard that has

been inherited in us as well

so you don't want to also get touchy

with a woman as well when you do

approach her early on you don't want to

oh you're so funny haha and you talk to

her and you touch her

arms and things like that this is not

what you want to do you're just

approaching and conversating in the


anywhere from the first 30 seconds to

the first

two minutes okay guys now the next tip

tip number four

be aware of your tonality and your

facial expressions right so there's a

difference between

saying a sentence like i like healthy

food let's just say

okay or and you want to say it in a more

compassionate way

or a more loving way you know i really

love healthy food that's different or

you want to say it maybe in an angry way

i hate healthy food do you see the

facial expressions

are completely different i can even say

i love hate healthy

food i love healthy food do you see how

it's so different

because your tonality and your facial

expressions are different so what i'm

saying i said i love healthy food but it

was really confusing when i said that

because it looked like i really didn't i

was angry

you know so here's the thing is tonality

and facial expressions is so

so important guys and when we approach


this and when you approach women excuse

me this is something that we pay

attention to

because it also shows confidence in my

how to approach product i actually give

you activities to do

to start to change this if you struggle

with it or if you don't even know if

you're doing the tonality and facial

expressions the right way

tip number five is learn environment

tactics when you pick up

or when you talk to women and engage

with them and then learn how to push

forward okay this is a lot here guys so

let me explain a little bit

in regards to the environment pickup

let's just say that you're somewhere

that every common person probably goes

to the united states at least

and in the out of the country but

starbucks and you see a cute girl in

line let's just say for example and

she's standing right behind you

and you're like okay do you want to talk

to this girl all right we'll turn around

and say

wow environment tactics you're picking

up on the environment in the coffee shop

you're talking to her about something in

the coffee shop this is environment


i even ask a question as well and you

turn around and you look at her and you


you know i come here all the time and i

always have gotten the same coffee

for the past five years and today i'm

feeling a little daring

do you have any recommendations of some

good coffee what do you typically get

bam environment talking you get her and


automatically with you and this is where

you can read her body language

and you can crack some jokes here and

there you can talk and you can get her

to engage

well you know she can say something like

i really do like the white chocolate

mocha oh okay

but isn't that a holiday a holiday

cafe or a latte whatever you want to

call it and she says

she'll engage and you say no okay well

wonderful now engage a little bit more

with her right

so the conversation you want to do is

pick up on something that she's saying

right yeah i come here all the time too

i'm a big coffee drinker and blah blah

blah since when have you been a big

coffee drinker i've been a coffee

drinker since i was like 10 years old

how about you wow 10 years old that's so

long ago that's

that's such an early age to drink coffee

i started when i was about 20 in college

when i was in college oh really what did

you go to college for

guys engage pick up on the cues what i

always say is pick up on that one word

question her because this is how you

push forward with a woman

you're not standing staying on the

coffee do you see how quick i did that

in a conversation with my own self

we got away from coffee right away right

so this is the point guys is environment

engage and push forward

push forward is picking up on those

little cues that the girl talks about

so then you can engage now the

conversation gets a little bit more

interesting to her

okay you're not going to interrogate her

because at that point she'll somewhat

ask you those questions if you see

some interest going through there i also

teach you how a girl can give you the


in my how to approach product and this

is something that i walk you through


so tip number six do not make her jump

through a hoop early on okay so

this is something that i see so much

like a guy tries to escalate early on

in the first like two to three minutes

and i'm like no what are you doing

we can't do this right because of the

fact that she hasn't built the trust or

comfort for you

just in this amount of time your only

tactic right now your only

responsibility is to make this woman

feel comfortable

that you are not a serial killer that

you are a guy that is just a normal guy

wanting to have a conversation with this

woman that's your only responsibility at

this point

i'm going to give you an example of what

i mean what one of my clients did

one of the women that he was talking to

for example

asked him where are you from and his

response was well where does it look

like i'm from

okay you do not make her jump through

hoops early on because

she is giving you time to talk to her

guys right now so immediately she's

gonna be like gosh this is

so lame when a guy says this to you

because she doesn't want to jump through

hoops you are the one that's talking to


when she starts jumping through your

hoops is when we

get her to the attraction stage on a


and that's what i talk about my how to

escalate cheat sheet guys

so that is so so important is we do not

let a woman

jump through hoops or we do not want her

to jump through hoops early on

in the approach stage tip number seven

is you have to push forward what some

may call stack forward

and do not have this barbara walter

technique guys

barbara walter technique means you're

not stacking forward so for instance

my last example where she was like oh

yeah i started drinking coffee when i

was 20 years old in college oh what

college did you go to

that's an example of stocking ford and a

sample of barbara walters is oh yeah so

i started drinking coffee when i was 20

years old oh cool so where are you from

so what do you like to do so what's your

favorite color

are you single do you see what i mean

like there have no relevance

behind what the organic conversation

is happening here and this is what a lot

of men do when they get

nervous and they don't understand the

technique behind

approaching and talking to women tip

number eight

is do not try to make a woman stay

you can learn from the rejection and

learn from

what you might have done wrong in your

approaches and understand that when you

approach women

it doesn't mean it's supposed to go your


every single time we got to release the

attachment and not be outcome oriented

because a lot of people will tell men

stay there no matter what

and i am not a big believer in that

because as a woman one when a guy does


it just puts a really bad taste in my

mouth and it just

does not work for me and i do believe

that if a woman

is trying to walk away do not make her

stay with you meaning like oh wait hold

on hold on let's just talk for five more

minutes no don't do that

if she is showing you and she's not

interested or she wants to pull away

let her pull away pick up on the signal

shake her hand it was nice talking to


i had a great conversation you have

amazing amazing

charisma about yourself you carry

yourself really well as a woman

have a wonderful day bam you just walked

away with integrity guys

all right you controlled that situation

all right

tip number nine is conscious

vulnerability which a lot of people will

call the ability to

emote but i like to call this conscious

vulnerability because of the fact that

we are being honest authentic but also

we are being conscious enough to not to

think that if we share vulnerability

we are getting something from this

person and this is a tactic that i

share with my guys that are really


really shy um really like throw up

before they talk to women which i've

seen so

much before and i've had to coach them

through this

i don't do a lot of infield anymore i do

more of the product because i show a lot

of my product because i've noticed that


right here is all you need guys and i

really really do encourage

you to look at this product because it's

literally the keys of picking up women

from a woman

from a woman excuse me so one of the

best things that you understand here is

conscious vulnerability

is really significant to guys that are

ultimately shy and so nervous that they

feel like they're gonna faint

pass out or throw up it happens now one

of the biggest things that i haven't had

guys do before

is actually go up to a girl and tell

them that they were shy

and it actually does the opposite and

makes a woman

stay with you because she feels bad now

key thing here is it does not help with


but it does give you the ability to

emote and ability to show vulnerability

and be in the present moment with her

and then get you to scale higher to

break the nerves

so what i typically teach guys and what

i talk about in my how to approach


is to be honest and say something like

i'm a little nervous right now

approaching you but i'm trying to get

better with approaching women

and approaching people because i'm

really really shy and the woman's going

to react and be like wow that's so

amazing all

like those type of stuff now the oh yeah

i get it guys but we're going to build

from attraction from there and that's

what i teach you in the product as well

so that is one technique that you can

use if you were very shy introverted guy

next tip is the best tip of them all tip

number 10

is positively misinterpret

test right so if you're engaging

with a girl and this could be anywhere

at a bar this can be

not even how to approach this can be

used in daily tactics with men women

people co-workers everything

let's say for example someone says oh my

god that shirt is so ugly

why do you did you even wear that shirt

oh really

i love this shirt my god my grandmother

got this for me like 10 years ago and i

just wear it all the time because it

reminds me of her

you just made that person feel like

so you see what i mean like you always

have to positively misinterpret

especially when someone tests you

because it's like as though it went over

your head you don't care it didn't

bother your emotions

and literally you're standing integrity

and integrity and you don't care what

that other person is saying

meaning or thinks about you so

another thing that you can do is um

think of it when someone should test you

or does something like this to you

is like is if they really gave you a


and look at it from that angle and how

to respond

guys if you want to get better with

approaching women and understanding this

tactic behind this and real authentic

approach right

there's a lot of things out there that

will are teaching men approach which are

great and good

but i'm sharing with you in this product

what to do afterwards and it's

really really vital i've gotten so many

men breakthroughs with this product

i mean you can see for yourself check it

out in the description box below

as always i welcome your comments

questions concerns

i'm here for you i thank you for

watching and i'll see you in the next

video remember you are always loved bye

for now