How to start talking to a girl sitting next to you

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whoa what's going on you guys welcome to

the single guy channel my name is Lloyd

so today we're gonna be talking about

how to talk to a girl how to pick up a

girl how to get a girl's phone number

who is sitting next to you or sitting by

you sitting at the same table so this is

pretty common if you're doing work at

like the coffee shop or something or the

library or maybe you're just sitting

next to somebody the DMV who knows

there's a lot of situations where we end

up sitting next to a cute and pretty

girl and if you just sit there and don't

say anything and you're a guy who's

single you're a guy who's looking for a

woman you're an idiot

okay you just wasted a huge opportunity

to have a conversation with a nice

pretty girl okay so how we're going to

do this I'm gonna give you a

step-by-step process you guys about how

I always sit down and talk to a girl

who's sitting next to me whether it's

like I said at a coffee shop or a

library or something like that okay I'm

gonna give you two cases the first case

where you start talking to a write when

you sit down which is probably the

better option you guys should try and

talk to her as quickly as possible or if

you sat down and you've completely

messed it up and you've liked it you've

been sitting there for a while and it's

getting kind of awkward okay or maybe

she sits down after you okay so the

first way first you see her you're at a

coffee shop a library you're looking to

get some work done or something like

that or you're waiting for your number

you get call to the DMV who knows you

see a cute girl and you want to sit down

next to her now obviously if there's

nobody else in the coffee shop or in the

room don't sit right next to her if she

if there are some people around what I

would do is maybe like maybe sit closer

to her obviously the closer you said to

her the easier it's gonna be to talk to

her you don't wanna sit too close to

make her uncomfortable right away so sit

like I don't know give her like one seat

okay or maybe if there's nobody else

there maybe give her a couple seats of

space so you're giving her some room

some space you're not crowding her area

but at the same time to it's close

enough that you guys can talk to each

other now when you sit down I try and

like look at her make eye contact smile

or something like that but if she's not

giving me anything then I'll just say

with a very

not a I wouldn't say commanding but you

know a tone where she can hear you and

I'll basically say hey how's it going

I'm Lloyd or hey how's it going what are

you working on or is this seat taken or

something like that I'll just say

something say anything okay whatever you


she's gonna either do like oh no that

seat is totally fine you can take that

seat or oh I'm good or maybe she'll

actually give you a smile and she'll

start talking to you obviously if she

starts talking to you

that's better than her giving one-word

answers but it's okay if she gives you a

one-word answer so typically what I'll

do is if she looks up and she's just

like oh I'm good and then look kind of

like looks down I'll be like I'll just

move on to it to another topic I'll be

like cool what are you working on and

then maybe we should say oh I'm just

doing some work for this this thing or

something like that and then I'll kind

of tell her what I'm doing too because

if you just ask her question she's gonna

get weirded out she's gonna think this

is an interview or why is this strange

guy just walking up and asking me a

bunch of questions so tell her what

you're doing usually I'll say like yeah

I got to get this project done right now

or I'm working on something or yeah I'm

gonna be here for just a few minutes

that I get some fresh air I don't know

whatever it doesn't matter and then what

I would do after that is if she's

playing ball if he's talking to you may

be asked one or two of the questions of

the five questions I ask every girl when

I'm out which you can check it's a video

that I have it's probably one of the

fundamental videos that I would watch if

you're learning how to start

conversations with a women that you

don't know okay

so I'll usually just go into hey where

you from are you from the area what do

you do maybe a couple of those questions

if she's giving very short one-word

answers probably means she wants to work

don't bother if she wants to work not a

big deal or if she wants to be on her

phone and not talk not a big deal okay

so um if that happens basically I'll

just kind of like do my work and then

maybe I'll try again later okay

now if she is talking to you if she is

like asking you questions about your by

your stuff then continue the

conversation as you normally would

basically watch some of the other videos

that I have asked about her interests

ask her a lot of how questions how

questions I find to be a lot better than

why or what questions meaning if she

says that oh I'm a marketing consultant

or something like

I could say cool how did you get into

that that's a very good follow-up

question to ask and if she's down to

talk talk to her you know be happy have

that good fun positive vibe between the

two of you maybe teaser a little bit

once you've built up some rapport don't

you know walking in and teasing her with

a strange guy sometimes can can go the

wrong way if you don't know what you're

doing okay so that's if you started

talking to her right away okay and I

would recommend that you talk to her as

quickly as possible because the longer

you way if you're sitting next to a girl

the longer you wait to initiate a

conversation and usually the more

uncomfortable and awkward it's going to

be but let's say you that up let's

say you sat down and you haven't said

anything or maybe you didn't notice or

something like that and it turns out to

be really cute girl okay how do you

handle this type of situation there are

a few things that I like to do to start

the conversation the first thing that

I'll do is this is a kind of a cheap

option you could basically say hey I got

a goat like you basically say hey what's

you know I'm Lloyd what's your name okay

cool nice to meet you Amanda hey Amanda

could you do me a favor I'm actually

gonna go to the bathroom barman to get a

coffee really quick do you mind watching

my stuff for just a second if you're

gonna be here thank you so much I really

appreciate it okay then you go up and

then you or your coffee or whatever go

to the bathroom then you come back and

when you come back and sit down you

thank her and then ask her how she's

doing however works going and then you

start the conversation from there you

know moving to the five questions after

you've built up a little bit of rapport

maybe get some flirty banter going some

teasing or something like that that

helps okay that's one way the other way

that you can do it and I like to

basically if I'm working typically

people are not going to be working

continuously for hours okay they just

the human mind can't work like that so I

like to take breaks so after like 15

minutes of work then I'll kind of like

look up and see if she kind of looks up

at me if she's observing me if she's

looking at me that's usually a good

thing but if she's not totally fine I've

worked with that tons of times before

too so if she's just kind of like

looking at her phone we can get her work

not really paying attention to anybody

else but her a lot of times the hotter

girls will do this they're used to not

making eye contact with people because

they don't want unwanted conversations

so if you are in this position basically

I just kind of like you know kind of

relax maybe do a little stress

and then rather than me talking to the

the girl who's like really working

really hard maybe I'll try and engage

some of the other people around me okay

so if there's some other people working

at the table and I'm a little nervous to

talk to the girl that I want to talk to

you I'll start talking to the people

around me and then once we've got a

little bit of banter going and I'll see

if she kind of looks up and when she

looks up that's when I'll engage her in

the conversation so maybe say how did

the guy sitting next to me but like hey

man how's it going

Oh a nice what are you working on okay

cool nice are you like do you work in

marketing and stuff like that okay cool

yeah I used to be into that sort of

stuff too and then I'll kind of like see

if the girl maybe over there let's say

she's sitting across from me um I'll see

if she I'll see if she looks up and then

I'll be like oh do you work in marketing


oh you do oh nice yeah so like I was

selling telling him I used to work in

marketing actually and then so now

you're have a conversation you've

started the conversation ask her how her

works going ask her you know what she's

up to how she got into it those kinds of

questions built up some rapport and then

like I said get into you know more

flirty kind of playful banter okay that

is how I start a conversation again if

you're nervous try and talk to some

other people first

maybe gas to go to they say hey I'm

going to the bathroom - I'm washing my


don't sit right next to her when you

first get to work and try to talk to her

as soon as possible okay if he the

longer you wait the harder it's gonna be

and if she doesn't want to talk you guys

totally fine let her do your work look

sorry let her do her work and then try

and engage later okay all right and the

final point is how do you ask for this

girl's phone number at the end let's say

it's going really well or you can say I

got a go right now but I'd love to

continue this conversation do you have a

phone number whatsapp or like an

Instagram or something and then I'll

usually get that I like to get the phone

numbers as opposed to an Instagram

usually a little bit better I don't want

to be smothered in a bunch of DMS from

other guys so I'll I think the phone

number instead so that's basically my

step-by-step process for talking to a

girl who's sitting next to you again

guys this works in a variety of

different scenarios but in this case I

chose one at like a coffee shop or a

co-working space where you're working

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