7 Best Conversation Starters at Bars and Clubs

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have you ever seen a hot girl at the bar

a club and you want to talk to her but

you just don't know what to say today we

gonna fix that what up homies Dave here

and I put out new videos every Tuesday

and Friday to help you get the girls you

want and become a man you were meant to

be and in today's video we're gonna be

talking about the seven best

conversation starters to use at bars and

clubs my friends and I have used these

conversation starters on thousands if

not millions of girls all around the

world all right maybe not millions but

the point is I know they're gonna work

for you remember one thing though the

way you deliver these lines is even more

important than the lines themselves so

you want to make sure you make strong

eye contact talks alone they give a nice

sly little smile while you deliver it

and make sure you stay all the way to

the end of the video somebody giving you

my favorite conversation starter of all

time that being said let's give it to

number one this one is best to use when

there's something obvious you can ask

her about like a cool looking drink

maybe shaking one of those crazy straws

or you just like what the hell is that

so you can just go up to her and say hey

your drink looks awesome what is it this

one is great if you're the type of guy

who has a lot of approaching anxiety

because it allows you to gauge your

interest level and her overall vibe

without risking much you're just an

innocent guy ask an innocent question

and if she cool you can keep it going


so this one is best to use on girls who

gussed some open body language and some

high energy so they're not super stiff

or close off they look like to kind of

open to talking to people so the way you

want to do it is to get in both of the

girls line of sight and say hey then

when they look at you touch both of

their back shoulders and say y'all look

like fun how's your night going you want

to make sure that you make eye contact

with both of the girls or glance

throughout the group if it's more than

two that way you engage everybody gets

heavy just trying to single out one or

two girls doing it this way is gonna

make you seem like a fun guy who's gonna

add value to their night instead of some

jamoke who's like ladies and bro ain't

no jamokes on this channel so I got my

lovely girlfriend you eat over here to

help out with the video guys and we're

color coordinating yellow as always

anyway hey this one is called the hand

of God

and I gotta give credit to RSD they came

up with it years ago I've used it a

bunch of times

[ __ ] works like a charm now the great

part about it is if it does work it

makes things sexual right away it's a

very high-risk high-reward so maybe

she's talking to one of her girlfriends

maybe she's talking to some Jim oh it

doesn't matter you walk up there you

look her in the eyes and put your hand

down if you do it with confidence and

everything goes right so you go and take

your hand then you can pull her in and

say hey what's up and boom things are

gonna be sexual right away and your job

is gonna be a lot easier now she's not

always gonna take your hand sometimes

she's gonna shrug you off that's okay

that's part of the game rejection is

part of the game just move on to the

next girl I said what do you think would

you take my hand all right guys so I'm

out here in the forest of Mexico City

with my little buddy Murph

taking care of him for my buddy Freddie

for the week anyway unique complements

so these are great anytime a girl is

wearing something unique and different

maybe your cool dress or a cool shirt

and can go up and say something unique

about her style so you could say hey I

really like your sense of style you're

the first girl I noticed in the entire

room this is gonna help you stand out

from other guys who are just like oh my

god you're so beautiful and it should be

a start of a good conversation and by

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alright guys so it was my first night

out in Boston actually my first night

really trying to go out and pick up

girls and I saw this group of girls at

the bar they were all drinking wine on a

Saturday night so I go up and say hey

what do y'all ladies doing drinking wine

on a Saturday night

what are you all sad about they started

cracking up laughing they loved it it

made me realize that teasing girls is a

great way to start the conversation it

shows confidence and again it sets you

apart from other guys who are just going

up and saying the same old [ __ ] so how

do you do it basically you can make an

observation about something she's doing

like maybe drinking something funny or

something that you overheard her say it

should set up a flirty vibe for the

conversation which is gonna be good for

you alright so this is another ball move

and you're gonna keep being sexual

afterwards or it's not gonna be

congruent basically you want to say

something like hey you're the sexiest

girl in here and I had to see if you're

cool enough to back it up that way it's

like hey I think you're attractive but I

got to see if there's some type of

substance behind it to keep me

interested now of course any time you

state your interest to a girl

that's can I have a higher risk of

rejection because she might just not

like but there's also a higher reward

and you might just intrigued her enough

to really hook her attention


now I told you guys I was saving my

favorite one for last and I wasn't lying

this is my favorite one I use it the

most and it's also the most simple all

it is is you say hey how's it going

that's it it works in any scenario you

don't need her to be wearing anything

crazy or drinking anything crazy or

whatever all you have to do is go up

with some confidence deliver the line

make strong eye contact and you're gonna

have a good chance plus it shows

confidence because you're not trying to

get too cute with it you're just kind of

like hey this is me what's up all right

so you're probably wondering how do I

keep the conversation going after I get

it started I got you homie check out

this video right here it's gonna show

you five easy ways to keep the

conversation going I'll see you there