HOW to talk to UNKOWN GIRLS in India? Girls answering the questions!

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I should be approached with oil bali-ba

to opening up Aeneas Miro there was a

virus like this like a bee no idea I

joke about Bobby bacala tajabbar

couldn't go public you go coffee Nakata

- be a gentleman

no like pick-up lines other Matthews

carry aids are the 30 motto yet be a

gentleman that will definitely

definitely work

you see back KK normally not be lit till

evening open a class and a cello classy

Larissa Cooper supper

can you tell me what is the first thing

that you notice in a guy and what's the

most attractive thing in a man is

personalities choose to sneak up and


Oscar boiling up a channel a girly boy

dhes body h-here face times and smile

and shoes shoes shoes physique height

what is he wearing t-shirt Cassie looks

hair you know dressing style personality

that's leo shocking and a physical

appearance like attractive appearance

observer look personality for a guy in a

weird body should be kimchi oh yeah I

love men injured I absolutely love my

name's rich do anything

a guy with a bill I believe that boy

should have here like there are like

every day become the biggest man Google

is like chicken arm the article it's hot

so once again we are read by trim with

number how many attach a nope especially

they should be bearded I don't like in

chapter I don't I don't like I know what

would you prefer it but the clean-shaven

with this Oh little baby coming out of

them that's the truth I think he push

wizard Cartier but mu Disney person any

person we all right up store erogenous

so there are cool look at my yoga a

chill appear so I think the Kunta

don't give out their eggs or pickup

lines Marvin or a too confident

responsible confidence over picket lines

every day lot of confidence confidence a

person without conference is nothing

confident as you see confidence

confidence confidence cheesy lying story

about paper cup nice gooey basketballs

at that confidence should be their

confidence confidence confidence


sorry learning a confident speaker Bruce

I think good gz9 sometimes attack a bar

of massage pushing add me oh sorry

stranger to get shot case at present

parents will respond again so Valentine

CRA and a scheduler Caillou

Rodriguez at risk energy for GT

I mean like I'll pay for a shirt a black

shirt restored sleeves and a wash

probably will with good genes or

something summative charts personal

voice we're actually shirts this opechee

love their the Ben Carter book fitted

pendulous icky sniper Nicole given here

it is looking very good with more

depleted shorts for mushroom t-shirts

t-shirt a white shirt of black shirts

black pants denim blue denim jeans black

shirts and leather like shred charts and

sneakers a clue navy blue shirt and

white shirt black pants jeans as a high


walking short but Eggman is okay I

myself not that tall so I don't really

care about height

we should be okay like your height maybe

okay thank you so much sure that was a


hi I like tall guys and what would

attract to a guy with impulse or a guy

with muscles muscles muscles

I think I'm a Shahrukh Khan fan so I

will get attracted by dimples force is

unappealing goes over a man with

six-pack abs or a man with a veil

petition it will fit into their



so guys Abnett baker milk will be as

magnetic athena board American somatic

attractive personality and confidence

am i right give a [ __ ] if I show up

Indian bingo dinner shower gate

- a prepaid of please forgive a mad

fellow which we can expel little cute

expected most important [ __ ] so when

your food is a magnitude given a would

be a queuing cook a person like any

person their respect can achieve the one

and the only tip that I would like to

give to Indian my number please don't be

cheesy you try and follow girls around

and that's very very cheesy nothing else

only respect respect so get the respect

me like you so chickity kml super trendy

about korea week ago as a friend here

about classics you it doesn't mean care

i am interested in him like relation

madonna and something like that - ish

Pierrot nutini's you girl is interested

in a relationship who bollock is a