How to Approach a Group of Girls | 5 Easy Steps

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so you see a sexy girl and you want to

approach it but there's just one problem

she's in a group and if you don't know

how to approach a group of girls the

right way then bro you're probably gonna

get shut down and Plus approaching a

group of girls can be pretty scary today

we're gonna tackle those problems you're

gonna learn the easy steps to take to

approach a group of girls and attract

the one you want sound good let's do it

number one you acknowledge the group

don't just start a conversation with the

one girl you want to talk to like the

other ones don't exist I see guys do

this all the time it makes the other

girls in the group feel like you're just

trying to steal their friend and suck

the fun out of their night instead go up

get the attention of the whole group and

then start the conversation you can even

touch two of their shoulders as you're

approaching just for a second don't be

creepy about it but this just helps to

get their attention a little bit better

and realize their focus onto you when

you can get the group's attention from

the outset you're gonna give yourself

the best chance of having a good

interaction and by the way man if you

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amen number two is to match the energy

of the environment now listen man when

you approach a group of girls you want

to add to or enhance their experience

not bring them down and the best way to

do that is to match the energy of the

environment that they're in so if you

approach them on a dance floor don't try

to have some deep conversation instead

bring some high energy go up and dance

around with them add to the fun of their

night but if you're in a lounge or even

on the street or in a cafe that's a more

chilled environment so you want to come

up with more chilled and relaxed energy

those are the types of places we can get

more conversational you know talking

about what they do what they like to do

for fun in the city and that kind of

stuff that's gonna be a lot more

effective than going up dancing like a

crazy man and trying to bring super high

energy because that's just not gonna

vibe well see ya man get a sense of the

energy of the environment try to match

that when you approach a group of girls

and that's gonna give you the best

chance of getting accepted by the group

and making sure the girl you like is

gonna like you too anyway speaking of

groups I'm about to meet up with my

group over here in Japan or I guess my

crew you could say and now we're gonna

get someone so let's keep it going

yeah something about Japanese menus is

that a lot of them are not in English so

you just have to like point at a picture

and yourself it sound good

says we're gonna do all right so here's

the first one here's a set go on looks

like we picked pretty well guys talking

about meet you I I'm gonna give it a

seven out of ten fulfilling all these

Japanese restaurants they give you like

tiny portions and they're like $25 each

so it was leave we have to look like a

family bar afterwards to get a bunch

more food my house a little chicken

things and stuff but this meal was good

I'm satisfied all right guys great lunch

we're gonna hit the park for some

adventures in a little while but first

it's time for number three and that is

to flirt with the whole group now bro of

course you want to focus a little bit

more of your attention on the girl you

like but it's good to flirt with the

whole group this makes them feel

included and it's especially important

if you're just hanging out with two

girls because in that case if you just

focusing your attention on one the other

one's gonna feel completely left out and

a bench is gonna take your friend and

drag her away so this means you want to

use physical touch with the whole group

flirt with everybody and try to connect

with people just a little bit so could

just be asking other girls what their

names are asking what they do and kind

of including them in a conversation so

they feel like they're getting to know

you a little bit this is gonna help you

win over the group get their approval

and give you the best chance of sealing

the deal with the girl that you like and

bro the good thing about is it also


I'm potential threesome if you play your

cards the right way and if you don't

know how to flow rate girls then what

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new videos about already packing come

with me I'm not really asking we'll get

away to a place where we eat all right

so the zoo is closed I think the rest of

the park is open so they're gonna try to

explore the world in action while we can

be live with no distractions so get away

this is what we waited for


so there was a battle here in this park


55,000 people over there yeah guy that

like fought a war because of the belt

and I think that it's I think so he told

me is the was the Emperor I man very

beautiful park anyway time for number

four and that is to lead the group so

when it comes to talking to girls you

always want to be the one who's leading

you know taking her to the bar for a

drink it's taking it to the dance floor

setting the plans and stuff like that

well when you deal with groups it's kind

of the same thing you want to leave them

in a similar way to kind of assert

yourself as the guy who's going to be

bringing them the fun and kind of

steering the direction of their night so

one thing you can do is say oh this room

in the bar is pretty cool you guys want

to go check it out and bring them there

if it's a group of two girls you can be

go let's go to the bar for a drink and

you can even buy them one round of

drinks you don't have to do this every

time or every round of the night but

just getting him in for one round can

kind of show them that hey like he cares

about the whole group he cares about

showing us a good time and overall he's

a socially intelligent guy and if it's a

situation where the girls are staying

together they're roommates so they all

have to go home into the same place then

you can even bring them all to the next

location together whether it's back to

your place for drinks or to an

after-party or whatever so yeah bro lead

the group and steer the fun


knees English

I'm making out

right here so I do the 180

this is


what's up man got the beer you can

actually drink in the streets in Japan

which is pretty cool anyway it's time

for number five and that is to have a

good wingman now I know it's not always

possible to have a good wingman

sometimes your friends are gonna be busy

sometimes you're new in a city but if

you're gonna be somewhere for a while

then getting a good wingman is gonna be

key for you especially when it comes to

approaching groups of girls you're we

may can help you keep the group

entertained and fun and if it's a group

of two girls then your wingman can talk

to the other one and y'all can live

happily ever after at least you know for

the rest of the night the best part

about having a wingman is that he's

gonna help you get some alone time with

your girl because he's gonna be talking

to the friend or the friends and that

alone time is gonna be key for building

a good connection and attracting her

just be ready to return the favor when

it comes time for you to be a good

wingman for your friend remember this

man the best quality you can have in a

wingman is for him to just be a normal

dude no we're pickup artist or like

over the top cloudiness just being a

normal dude who can have a good

conversation that's all you need because

if your girl and her friends already

like you then they're gonna be

predisposed to liking your friend as

long as he's not a freaking weirdo CMN a

good wingman makes everything easyy my

man if you can follow these simple steps

then approaching girls is gonna become a

lot easier and it's gonna be also easier

for you to attract the girl that you

like in the group now if you're still

nervous about approaching girls in

general then make sure to check out this

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