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hi guys welcome back to my channel video

number two in the same outfit you guys

last week requested a bunch of videos in

my Instagram DM you guys submitted your

personal scenarios and things that you

are struggling with and you wanted my

advice on and today I have one for you

guys again so if you want to ask me

something if you have a scenario the

Aryan and you want to know what my

advice would be on that you can submit

that through my Instagram DM I will not

reply to you personally because I just

get too many and I don't want to make

myself have to do that it's too much

work in too much stress but if I do use

your scenario in video you will get a

message for me saying that I use your

scenarios so we're gonna get into this

one today how to approach a girl after

class I thought this one was so good

because I feel like so many people

struggle with this how do you approach a

girl after class if she's just too far

away she's not in like your friendship

group or maybe you're in college so you

don't really have any excuse to really

talk with her you don't have group

projects or something like and you still

wanna approach your after class then how

do you do that and also maybe you're

stuck with friends and stuff like this

is a situation I can imagine I see

people in class sometimes that I'm like

oh you are so cute I wish I could talk

to you and then we never talk because

we're always just in class and I wish

they would

I definitely wish they would so I'm

gonna get into some tips on how to solve

this problem so I did a lot of dating

online and I saw a lot of people were

saying you should just ask her out of

her class but I feel like even though

that's true I feel like you should do

something else first

you should poke and see what happens

see if you trigger her interest amount

so after class you go up to her and you

ask her something and you keep it short

you ask you something about class like

oh did you understand this oh I'm sorry

can I ask you something that you

understand this and this that none of my

friends seem to get it and I need the

answer like you make her feel like you

are not really tough to her on purpose

but kind of because you picked her so

but yeah so um ask her something about

keep it short don't start a long

conversation even if she is really nice

and starts to engage in a really long

conversation don't make it long just go

like okay thank you I have to go buy

something later say oh my group projects

waiting for me I have to go buy some I

like that keep it short and then next

time that you're in class check if she

starts to look for you check if she's

looking around check if she she looks

you in the eyes because if she's not


she will avoid you she will avoid

looking at you she will avoid eye

contact with you because she's not

interested in you she does not want you

to feel like that but if you piqued her

interest she will start to look through

you for you throughout the class and be

like is she here again you see here I

really like it he's real cute is he here

can I see him something like that so if

you can notice that she's doing that

then I feel like is the proper timing to

after a while ask her out after class

because then you've basically got a

green light I felt like that was a

really good technique so yeah I also saw

a bunch of people say stuff like tell

her that she's their prettiest girl in

the class and I think everything like

that it's kind of crunchy um you should

really start to connect on a level of

like classmates first and then start to

maybe for example me I have a cafe

that's really that's next to school

basically in the school and you can ask

her let's go for drinks my friends are

grown for doing so you coming along ask

her to come along

those are things are so casual and so

fun and they're not that heavy because I

feel like you can really scare people a

little bit with something really heavy

like a big commitment and then when I

get to know you first I feel like this I

don't know this is something I've

learned over the past year I think is

that I personally really enjoy getting

to know someone on a friendship basis

first a little bit before I can really

decide that I want to go date with them

because a date that is a date right away

can be so awkward for no reason but just

because you guys don't know each other

it's so much easier if you get to know

each other casually a little bit first

oh my god my tattoo is so itchy right

now I have we've had them on it I don't

know if you guys have ever gotten a

tattoo but it's at the stage right now

where it's itching my brains out and I


cream on it and not scratching it I'm

not itching it but I can just feel it

throughout this video and it's so

annoying I get it my whole hand it's

just because of this tiny little tattoo

you can't see because it has cream on it

but anyway drifting away from that topic

right now so I hope that helped this

little technique and let me know in the

comments if any of you guys have applied

this once again don't forget you can

supply submit your own scenarios and my

Instagram inbox and I'll see you in my

next one bye