How To Approach Women At WORK!

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are you guys so different setting as you

can see Hey we're switching it up we

still knocking it out for you guys the

showers running so that's what that

noise is in the background but we're

gonna get straight to it how to approach

a girl at your work okay so you're at

your job right and you're supposed to be

doing your job you're even supposed to

be in mingling like you're not supposed

to mix business with pleasure so first

of all it's very risky you might get

fired but don't blame me I you look you

might get fired but then you might get a

girl so it's not really a total hell you

know I'm saying like you still getting a

double you out of it anyways alright so

you're at work and there's this one girl

and she's just bad but like you just be

fantasizing every time you go to work

she's low key part of the motivation for

you getting up and going to work because

you know saying you got the same shift

as her all right well how you want to

play obviously it's smooth but this is

very very easy because you are in the

same you guys are the same job you know

what I mean so this makes a conversation

very easy go up to her talk to her about

work you know I'm saying I'm assuming

that there's certain things about your

job that you guys probably both don't

like so off top that gives you guys

something in common

you know what I mean you work at the

same job you probably have similar

dislikes like I don't know maybe what

you do like maybe you flipping burgers

who knows whatever maybe you had you

working at the movie theater and you

hate that and you both hate that your

hands get greasy because the butter

ain't real and it's just oil so you're

just walking around like you get

permanent hand sanitizer it's not a good

look but it's something that you guys

can both relate to having common okay

so go up to her and just start you know

me having a normal conversation be like

hey what's up Becky did he put you on

the late shift again yeah I hate when he

does that you know I'm saying blah blah

blah oh my god yeah

I hate it it's so annoying because like

I wanted any of my girls

Oh Pharrell what do you like to do other

than work I know you're a hard worker or

it could be something like you ain't

getting paid enough that's definitely

something that you guys could probably

relate to even if you are getting paid a

good amount everybody wants to get paid

more right hey girl you thank you like

we both need a promotion we've been

working our asses off you know saying oh

my god I know I want to get like a Louie

Vuitton and like a white Estelle and

like a every designer ever and like a

like a like a no I feel you I feel you

for sure for sure I mean with whatever I

scrape up with this next paycheck let me

take you out sometime boom there you go

bet you in there I'm telling you it's

easy it's it's a layup

it's a lob you work at the same job

that's a lob I'm telling you all right

so just find something income and just

go up to her and just be like hey do you

like working here easy simple very

simple she could be like yeah I love

working here and then you can talk to

her about things that you don't like

because she might be expecting you

you know I'm saying if you trying to hit

on her it's a bit oh yeah I like working

here too and you might hate it okay and

if you really hate it just hate it own

that you hate it don't like it be like

Dan you really like working here what do

you like about it cuz I don't like it at

all horrible hours not enough pay it


you don't say people are rude oh well I

mean yeah they're kind of alright even

really think of it like oh yeah I didn't

really think about it like that yeah

they are kind of rude and I was do sigh

oh my gosh you're so right

you're so interesting what is your name

I've been working with you for years you

don't know my name girl

no but huh yeah just just start a

conversation you know I'm saying don't

be afraid a lot of these video

and advice just comes down to overcoming

fear you know what I'm saying and once

you can do that the initial fear that

goes through your body and anxiety and

not knowing what to say

it really just comes down to to you bu

so like I said this is really really


it's a lab this relates to anything else

that you're doing you know school oh I

mean yeah school or work or if you like

volunteering somewhere or just anywhere

that you're interacting with people

these dollars are going at it I'm so


oh yo stop that that so yeah this was a

very simple video but hopefully it

helped you guys out basically five

things that you guys have in common

which is simple because you guys both

have in common that you're working at

the same spot also use being opposite in

opinions to your advantage you know if

she feels a certain way about something

at job and you don't then let it be

known and then try to see her side ask

her her side that gives you a you know

easy way to initiate a convo with her

about a subject and you guys will

probably be dating very soon at least I

hope you will all right yeah I love you

appreciate you if you're brand new to

the channel make sure to subscribe and I

will see you next time until then focus

on you and the women will too