2 Ways To Approach A Girl At A Coffee Shop (use THESE lines)

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Hello and welcome to another episode of Tripp's Tips.

I'm Tripp


and today

I want to talk to you guys about


a girl

at a coffee shop.

There are two ways that you can

approach a girl

at a coffee shop.

You can either go direct

or you can go indirect.

Direct is something like

"Hey, I saw you over here and I think you're so adorable.

I'd regret it for the rest of the day if I didn't come over and say hi."

I know, pretty intense right from the get go,

you're just throwing all your cards on the table but

what's cool about it is that you're showing that you have at ton of

confidence and you're not scared to do what a million guys wish they could do.

This direct approach will work the best

if you're dressed really well

and you deliver your line

with super confidence.

So I don't want you going over there

looking like a schlub

in some raggedy clothes. You've got to look nice because if you're not looking good

and you're calling her cute,

she's gonna be creeped out. Make sure that when you deliver the line,

you say it and you're looking her right in the eye.

Give her good eye contact. Put a smile on your face.

If you don't and you look nervous,

she's going to reject you

and she's not going to give you a second

to get in the conversation. I don't care what anybody else says.

If you have to go and rehearse the line in front of the mirror over and over,

then do it.

Your second option is to go indirect.

So that is not directly commenting on the fact that you think she's cute or

you think she's interesting but

commenting on maybe

a book she's reading

or her laptop.

Anything that can get you in the conversation with her.

The key to an indirect approach

is to make sure that you can keep up the conversation and bring it to an

interesting level.

Stop right there. I know what you're thinking. But Tripp, what if people see me?

I'm scared to

talk to a stranger in front of other strangers. The guys around you,

they're jealous. They wish that they could have that courage like you to go to

a girl and approach her.

They wish they could be doing what you're doing.

Millions of guys wish they could be doing what you're doing. And women,

they only wish that

they were being approached by you.

Women dream of this,

being at a coffee shop,

being outside during the day at a grocery store and being approached by an

awesome guy

who's gonna sweep them off their feet.

They only wish it was them. So do yourself a favor

and stop thinking about what other people are doing

and live in the present and think about what you're doing and concentrate on what

you're going after, not what other people think, not what other people want.

If you don't

bring on your flirting, then

what's going to happen is you're going to be stuck in the friend zone

and I'm sure that's the exact opposite

of what you're trying to do

so make sure that you bring the conversation to a flirtatious level.

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You guys are awesome. Keep on approaching and I'll see you

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