How To Ask A Girl To Be Your Girlfriend (And Get A Yes!)

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This is tripp from

Today, we're talking about how to ask

a girl to be your girlfriend. Why do you

need to know this? Well, a lot of people

make mistakes when asking girls to be

their girlfriend which can cause a very

awkward situation and or a girl to flat

out reject you. Today, I'm going to show

you how to do it right, minimize the

chances of rejection, and get yourself

into a relationship that's right for you

along with when to do it and exactly

what to say. And stick around until the

very end, because you'll want to use all

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If you want to ask a girl to be your

girlfriend, there's something that you

have to figure out before you do it. Are

you two dating? I know this sounds crazy,

but for a lot of guys out there they

jump the gun real fast and assume that a

girl likes them and is dating them. It

sounds delusional but many guys think a

girl is into them but they are

completely wrong. Before you jump into

asking a girl to be your girlfriend, make

sure you guys are actually going on

dates and that she actually likes you. At

this point, it should be painfully

obvious that she is interested in you

before you ask her to be your girlfriend.

And you should know because at this

point you guys should have been physical,

which leads me to my next point.

There are some exceptions to this, but in

general you don't want to ask a girl to

be your girlfriend unless you guys have

been extremely physical with each other,

all the way up to sex. It's not the best

move to lock yourself into a committed

relationship with someone unless you

know that you have sexual chemistry.

Think about it for a second.

Imagine you ask a girl to be your

girlfriend and you finally have sex and

it's terrible. Okay the first time, it can

be rough. But by the fifth, six, the tenth

time, it's still bad then this

relationship is going to get sour

quickly. Get physical with her before you

commit. You'll be doing both of

yourselves a big favor. Okay so at this

point, you know she likes you, you've been

physical with her, so when are you

supposed to ask a girl to be your

girlfriend? Of course, this is different

for different people, but I would say a

good average is 3 months. Again, it could

be shorter, it could be a little bit

longer. But 3 months is a solid

average. In these 3 months, you

should have been on plenty of dates, had

a decent amount of sex, and spent a good

amount of time together. Why am I

saying all this? Because you don't want

to get into a relationship with a girl

or get her to be your girlfriend, unless

you know her pretty well. Of course you

get to know a person more and more as

time goes on, the more your date. But

after about 3 months of time

together, you start to see a person's

true colors. Again, sometimes less,

sometimes a bit more, but it's crucial to

see many sides of a person before you

decide to commit so you can raise the

chances of a successful relationship.

Last, what are you supposed to say to her

when you want her to be your girlfriend?

It's really simple. Do something fun

and romantic with her. Not too cheesy

like a candlelit dinner, although that

wouldn't be terrible and when you're

doing this set aside a time and tell her

that you like where things are headed

and you don't plan on seeing anyone else

but her. That's it, simple as that. Wait

for her to respond back and if you

followed everything I've said in this

video, she should agree and boom you got

yourself a girlfriend. If you want to

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