Easiest Way to Kiss a Girl for the First Time

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in this video I'm gonna tell you a

really simple trick you can use that

makes a girl want to kiss you and this

is another body language trick but

instead of just reading her you're

actually gonna be doing something with

your eyes that gets her feeling like she

wants to kiss you and I'll tell you what

that is in a second but first you got to

understand what you should not do so in

a lot of my videos I talked to you guys

about how to make a girl feel

comfortable how to connect with her how

to get into a state of rapport where you

feel connected it's the same thing that

you do when you make friends only now

we're gonna add a sexual component to

that which is how you form a

relationship a friendship plus something

sexual but what a lot of people do wrong

and you may be doing this wrong too is

you forget that a girl needs to feel

comfortable and close to you and you're

talking to her and you might have

commonalities you might like the same

things and you might be enjoying

yourself talking and you might skip over

the rapport phase where you want to get

closer and you might just jump right in

and think I want to kiss this girl

that's going really well I've had a few

to drink I don't want to I don't want to

screw this up I'm gonna go kiss her and

you just lean in out of out of you know

from this distance away kind of out of

nowhere and if you notice what Christine

just did is even pull away a little bit

because that feels off-putting it feels

like a big move and when somebody comes

towards you like that

really really fast and suddenly and

abruptly and especially if it's not

expected a person feels attacked and

they're naturally gonna try to defend

themselves it's it feels weird and you

might not realize that because you're in

your head thinking all right I gotta I

gotta make my move I gotta kiss this

girl I don't want to screw it up what

you gotta understand is you can kiss a

girl in five minutes or five hours as

long as there's a sense of rapport when

you're in that state and you're looking

at each other like that

here's what you do this is called

triangular gazing or triangulation you

may have heard of this before what you

do is you look at her left eye and then

you look at her right eye and you look

at her mouth

and then her left eye again and her

right eye and her mouth and it forms a

triangle and it doesn't matter which way

you go

could be right left it doesn't matter

the point is you're looking or in the

eyes and then down our mouth and this is

body language for I want to kiss you or

I'm thinking about kissing you and when

you're in a state of connection with

somebody in a state of rapport what

they'll naturally do is they'll mirror

your body language this is subconscious

we do it all the time when we feel

connected to somebody we start copying

them we copy their speech patterns we

copy their body language we follow along

with what they're doing because it feels

good and we feel connected so when you

start doing this with a girl she's gonna

start doing it back to you and when you

notice that happening especially when

you notice the girl looking down at your

mouth she wants to kiss you and it's

totally okay and you can either lean in

or and kiss her or sometimes she'll even

kiss you first

or you can even tell her hey it's okay

you can kiss me I want to kiss you too

like it's okay to say whatever you want

because she's telling you with her body

language we're both saying to each other

I want to kiss you right now and then

that could happen in five minutes if you

meet a girl and you feel that vibe that

may take a date or two you never know

but the point is once you feel connected

this is the body language way of saying

I want to kiss you and it works almost

every time when you do it at the right

time in that state of rapport girl's

gonna feel it you can even do it too

soon you can do it five seconds after

meeting a girl and you can look down at

her mouth while you're flirting with her

or talking her and she might not kiss

you but she's still gonna feel sexual

tension she's still gonna feel a little

bit hot and bothered like oh who is this

guy he's really sexy I don't know why

well the reason why is because of what

your sub communicating with the way

you're looking at her and the way that

you're acting so that's the tip that's

how you make a girl want to kiss you it

works almost every time just try it I

guarantee you it doesn't fail I've never

had it not work when you use it at the

right time when you're in that state of

connection and rapport with a girl if

you want to see more videos like this on

how to speak body language how to read

it how to make a girl feel like she

wants to kiss you or sleep with you or

go home with you or get to know you

genuinely as a person whatever

is that you want to learn about body

language which is the majority of

communication it's not always about what

you say that's just the tip of the


a lot of what you're saying to a girl in

the way that you generate attraction and

make her feel something it's through

what you're communicating with your body

so if you want to learn more about that

because this is a skill just like

anything else it's a skill and you could

practice it and you can master it if you

want to learn how to do that then like

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