How To Approach Girls Dancing In The Club And Not Get Rejected

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girls can see you before you approached

us trying to dance with us we saw that

you approached five other girls and were

rejected next month when I'm in the same

club and I see the same guy I'll still

remember that he approached those five

girls before approaching me because in

my mind I already labeled him as

desperate so don't be that guy

hi my name is Monica matys I'm a club

dance teacher and a personal dance


welcome to my dance steps in today's

video I'll be teaching you how you can

approach girls on the dance floor number

one don't be creepy I would hope that


tip number two accept rejection it will

happen a lot it's normal we can just

move on tip number three before you even

approach a girl just know that she saw

you first all right guys so first thing

you have to realize is that we can see

you even if it doesn't seem like it if

the girl is in the cloud let's say with

an intention of meeting somebody and it

seems like she's just busy on the dance

floor you know she's dancing with her

friends having fun and all that she

knows who's out there she is looking

around she's watching the room and she's

already in her mind labeling you guys

and yes and no Anna maybe if there's no

physical attraction the moment she sees

you you will be labeled and no that

happens a lot it's normal and I'm sorry

but I don't think any amount of great

dance skills will change her mind you're

just not a good match that happens what

can you do just move on and don't waste

your time and just keep in mind there

might be other reasons too like maybe

she's taken maybe she has a boyfriend so

she's not interested maybe she's just

there for her friend's party or she just

wants to have fun with her friends and

not really looking to meet someone so

you know don't take it personally it

happens if you are labeled a yes or a

maybe now this is where dance skills

will help you a lot if you're labeled

and maybe as far as being attracted to

each other but she is impressed with

your dance moves or she likes the


or she likes dancing with you she likes

how you guys dance together then

automatically she bumps you up to a yes

keep in mind if she did label you a yes

because she is attracted to you but then

you start dancing together and there's

no chemistry or maybe you start to

impress her too hard with your dance

moves and she's turned off then you're

going to be a maybe a backup that's why

what you do next is very very important

okay so now straight to the point how do

you approach a girl who is dancing you

know just boot cuts we'll go with a club

and introduce yourself

it's creepy the most successful way to

approach a girl who's already on the

dance floor is a natural transition from

you dancing by yourself into dancing

with her what it means is that you

already are on the dance floor partying

with other people dancing around who

your friends are by yourself and then

coming up to a girl and starting to

dance with her remember that we are

watching you watching us kind of if your

label - yes or maybe that's very

important we are paying attention to

what you do throughout the party so if

you're standing along side of the dance

floor just watching us and then you try

to two-step around towards us this is

not a good look

this is super and natural and we know

you just came onto the dance floor to

get our number but if a girl sees a guy

who's having fun dancing on his own or

with his friends being confident having

some cool moves some rhythm very


she will already want to dance with you

before you even approach her so let's

say you're dancing for a couple of songs

in close proximity maybe you can try and

make eye contact maybe smile at her and

don't worry if she doesn't smile back

she didn't notice you smile if you had

the eye contact right she will notice

that you're smiling at her and then at

this point from this point she will be

watching you dance so that's very

important because now it's your time to

shine even if she didn't respond with a

smile now she's thinking about you

because if she noticed you're smiling of

her maybe she's thinking okay do I know

this guy have we met before or stuff

like that so now you're in her head may

be repeated after a song or so again and

see this time she smiles back this would

be a great opportunity to come up to her

and start dancing with her if you notice

positive response

make sure you retain eye contact maybe

smile again and then it's your time to

kind of swoop in and try to dance with

the girl just for a little bit you know

no physical contact just dancing maybe

you can lead and maybe she'll follow

your movements or maybe you can do

something similar to what she's doing if

she's dancing in one goofy way you can

be goofy that's going to be a plus

that's how you do it this is the most

successful way to approach a girl and

not be rejected all right you guys that

is it for today's video if you have any

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