3 SECRETS To AVOID DRY Text Conversations || How To Text and How Flirt With A Girl Over Text

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yo what up my young king

it's your boy oh here back here with

another video so

as you guys can see from the title what

i'm going to be talking about in this

video is bro

how you can go from a dry texture to

just an interesting texture and show you


how to text girls how to get more women

through texting so

i'm going to first show you example of a

dry texture for one of the guys in my

patreon who's showing me his texting

and i was trying to critique it so

basically here i'm going to show you the

text message examples

and how he can turn it from dry to

advanced so the second part is gonna be

showing some

advanced texting some good texting that

makes girls more interested in you

so you guys like this kind of content

let's jump into this video


all right so you guys are new to the

channel i like giving guys dave advice

men's lifestyle advice how to be

confident how to be an overall alpha

male and i like to show guys text and

breakdowns too okay

so you guys like this kind of content

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and let's jump into this dry example

the first example is hey look at this

he's basically talking to a girl on


and it's good she showed interest but

she said hi boo this means she has high

interest because she messaged you first

and what did he say back he said hey

what's up

is that your dog yes yes obviously it's

her dog

it's in her profile picture and hey

what's up you can be a little more

interesting than that hey what's up

that's not creative at all you can look

in her body and see something that's

more creative

but is that your dog too like that's a

yes or no question and you guys watch my

channel consistently bro you guys always

know i say like yo

don't be saying yes or no questions that

makes the conversation dry it's not that


it's not that playful and like yo even

when you're approaching girls you don't

want you just no conversation question

because like yo it's yes or no it's not

going to have interesting conversation i

mean she was she said that's exactly i

said she said

yes and he said nice he looks like a

little baddie okay

huh little assumption let's see how that

goes and she said she's a sweetheart


okay and then he says i need to meet her

one day

okay so this is good a little bit

because he's applying that

they should hang out one day he needs to

meet her so meeting up in person so he's

pushing towards the meet up so that's

that's good because a lot of guys will

text and never push towards it

but i would have said he should have

built a little more interest or a little

more like conversation

or investment towards the beginning

before he starts seeing stuff like that

but this is overall that's that decent

point okay but it should build more

interest in the beginning

and then she says that can be arranged

okay so a little high interest and she

missing it first

and then basically now what he's saying

he's saying we should go out for ice

room day okay

cool but now think about right you met a


you only had five conversation on tinder

text message on tinder

unless she's dtf most likely she's not

gonna be willing to just meet up right


she probably won't you do a little more

investment and yes it sounds good right

that you should get straight to the

point but you think about it from a

woman's perspective how often

do women just meet up with you after

five messages

it's quite rare you might get some and

yes some people say don't text

just ask me to meet up right away yes

but let's be real how many are

actually going to meet up with you right

away now ask yourself that question how

many okay

so you want to build a little bit of

investment okay then she asks do you


it's a life or death question as you

guys can see every girl is different

every girl has different values every

girl has different interests you'll find

out that a lot of girls when they're


they love smoking they love drinking

okay and usually like on tinder i don't

know about your area but i know my area


i see a lot of younger girls be like yo

they're trying to smoke they're trying

to link up do this okay

so if you don't do this you're kind of a

disadvantage but

hey it's not the end of the world okay

because i don't even smoke either so i

filled him with that

and he says no i don't smoke i drink

and then she says dang i don't drink

well opposite

and then he says do you at least drink

wine so the thing now is like hey

it's like hey he already said she don't

drink and now you're trying to

situate it okay and then he says

basically like yo

we can do something else for fun she

says yeah of course and then what he

tried to do now is accentuate the media


it's good to accentuate the meetup but

there was no advancement no common

interest no nothing and then she asks

where does he live

and then she tells him and then he asks

again like yo

do you still want to hang out and then

she never answers back so the biggest

problem this is right

is one thing that he did well is that

hey he asked to hang out

but the next thing that he did bad is

that hey he didn't build any more


he should at least try to get off the

app maybe if you're going to go for a

straight meet up

you want to call the girl at least talk

to her get her voice so she knows you're

a real person

because think about it when a girl meets

up with you she has way more to risk

than when a guy meets up with a girl


so you always want to try and build a

little bit more investment and that's

why you're watching this video because

you want to know

how to have an interesting conversation

and for real for honestly

how he could have built a more

investment he should just ask my one

simple question

that tell them always to ask like yo did

you smash prince o's like button

yes smash the like button for the

youtube algorithm but i'm trying to tell


if you text these girls did you smash

princess like button and if you smash

yourself too

they might end up like you that's

automatically a building investment

it's like a psychonaut but yeah i'm

about to jump into the next point

and guys do me a favor you guys saw this

breakdown in the first beginning right

what could he have done better to make

the conversation more interesting or

build more investment

leave that in a comment and let me know

so actually let me talk about

how to make conversation way more

interesting and this is a concept it's a

concept i call a

role play okay my role playing so

effective and so good is because like


i always talk about you get to talk

about nothing when you texting like hey

talk about nothing it keeps the

conversation up in air it's playful fun

and it's not scripted

because a lot of you guys watching my

channel you guys have a problem with


hey you always use scripts and you never

know what to say next but when you're in

the moment you're focusing on her and

focus on listening to her

and just joking around with her there's

no hard feelings and it's all emotion

because you guys

aren't talking about nothing of

substance so that's why role playing is


now look at this example right okay this

is the hindu girl i was talking to

and then she said in her bio that she

hasn't had fast food

in years okay and look what did i say i


you must have a crazy six-pack okay and

then she says

oh yeah the rock is even jealous if

i'mma be honest okay

yeah so that's funny okay her six-pack

is better than rock that's what she's

trying to say

and then i said i said i heard they call

you the stone okay

so now i'm joking around role play that

we're talking about building superheroes


her super name nickname her villain

nickname is the stone okay

so we're joking about that okay now you

guys see that's a role play okay what

are we talking about superheroes but

that's nothing really a substance

that's nothing crazy that's not about

politics that's not about her day it's

just entertaining conversation

and then what is what did she say she

says lml

and then she says that was good and then

she says don't refer to me as

anything but the stone much cooler than

emily okay

so now she's playing along too loud

she's coming into my world coming to my


and hey this adds value because you're

making the conversation more fun and


but i want you guys to to remember like

hey did just do this at the beginning

just to build investment just to build a

mutual conversation a mutual connection

and then you want to get the number

maybe give her a call so you can get the

media for the hangout

and then next what do i say the stone

i have a role for you in the next movie

but i'm going to need you to be an evil


that's such an evil that's such a weak

that's such a weak evil villain laugh

yeah let me stop him i wouldn't be an

evil villain i think i'll probably be


the black panther saying nah i don't

know what i would be i'd get like

i would get super strength i watch anime

so i don't know nothing about super


but i'll be like that group for my hero

if you guys know what i'm talking about

plus ultra

okay so now that's the concept what i

call role playing

so when you do role-playing it makes the

conversation more interesting it makes

it more fun

and that you guys are boasting your

creative imagination and hey

when you don't role-play you're not the

guy saying what are you doing

what are you doing hey big head hey big


what are you doing what are you doing


so and a lot of guys struggle with

texting okay because they always want to


hey big hair what are you doing honestly

that's why i like been trying to strive

on helping guys improve texting

because in today's age like yo you can't

get a girl if you don't know how to text

and you don't want to be interested okay

like a lot of people say like hey don't

worry about texting just get her to meet

up right

but hey what about the people who

actually want to have conversation

and they're not going to meet up with

you until you actually get to know them

first okay or what if you're not capable

of meeting them so that's why you still

have to learn how to text a little okay

especially in today's age and that's why

like yo

yo that's why for the past few months

i've been working on my next content my

next course okay

it's called toxic texting and it's for

online game and texting right

but i want you guys to help me make it

too okay so i left a quick little survey

in the description right

and basically you guys are gonna tell me

what the biggest thing you guys are

struggling with texting and what you

guys actually want to know

okay and i'm gonna be putting all this

stuff in the toxic texting course

and i'm gonna get you guys input okay so

let me know okay put it

check out the survey and help me out

it's completely free so check it out and

help me out okay

and yo i'm gonna give you one more

example okay so the first thing i talk

about role playing and the next concept

i want to talk about

is like yo value exchange okay when your

value extension when you're talking to

people right

you always want to be adding value and

you always want to be talking to stuff

that are relevant to her

if you talk about stuff that she likes

that she's interested the conversation

gonna be way more fun she's gonna invest

way more into the conversation

so like hey in my hinge profile i always

talk about like yo

i pre-game to chris brown yo don't judge

me brad

but like yo i put that in my bio because

i know that's relevant to a lot of girls


a lot of girls will pre and to chris

brown okay so like hey i get comments

like this like look at this she says

okay wait i love chris brown the


not the biggest fan of him as a person

so i always have a little problem

listening to him

but his but run it slaps okay so like


always say this okay i always get this a

lot i know how to react and i can create

funnels for this okay

so what i always say is like yo the

music is fire

and then what i did i did something

that's relevant to her so i saw on her

hinge profile

that she talked about hey how she got

kicked out of a nightclub okay

and so what i say i put in like yo tell


how did you steal this bottle that led

you to get kicked out and she did a

whole long paragraph right

i'm not going to read this whole

paragraph because you guys see it's

freaking long

but what i want to say is the moral is

hey i'm

talking about stuff that are relevant to

her and we talk about stuff that are

relevant to her

you're going to start getting long

paragraphs like this you're going to get

her start investing the conversation

and you're not going to have to worry

about how to make the conversation


but what you are worrying about is how

to add value to stuff that's relevant to

her and that's going to get the most

conversation interesting

and you guys see when you have long

pairs like paragraphs like this like yo

you can just have simple conversation

after that because she and so as you

guys can see the rest of the concert i'm

just telling my story how she got kicked


and eventually you guys can ask for her

number and then ask for the meetup so

like hey

the purpose you guys want to see in this

video was how to go from dry

texting to interesting and you guys got

two points you gotta

make this you gotta make sure to focus

on roleplaying you gotta make sure to

focus on adding stuff

that are relevant to her okay so yo if

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