How To Text A Girl You Like (steal these text examples!)

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It's Tripp from

I have a special presentation for you on this video.

Today, we are going to be talking about one of the burning questions that guys come to

me and ask in the comments.

I want to answer it for you today.

How do you text a girl that you like?

We are going to answer this, we're going to break it down.

I'm going to show you some actual examples from past conversations that I've had with

girls via text.

You're going to see exactly how it's done.

We're going to break it down into a simple formula.

You'll be able to use it for yourself when you want to text a girl that you like.

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Let's get into it.

Basically, what's the goal?

That's what you need to know.

That is the most important thing when it comes to texting.

I'm telling you straight up.

What is the goal?

I'll tell you what the goal is.

If you don't already know, the goal is to get her to meet up with you obviously.

The goal isn't to just text her all day long.

Or get into a sexting conversation, which I will be doing a video about pretty soon


As much as that is fun, you want to meet up with her, you want to get with her in person.

That is the goal.

Knowing that is the goal, you need to make sure that everything you do regarding texting

has to do with trying to achieve this goal.

The reason why I have to say this as obvious as it might seem to you is because I've worked

with so many guys that have really not understood that this is the goal.

I see them texting the girl all day long, never trying to get them to meet up.

That is the point.

Remember that's the goal.

Moving along.

We're going to break this down.

There's two scenarios in which you're going to be texting the girl.

You either don't know her, meaning you got her number at a bar or maybe during the day

or you finally just got a girl's number and you're about to text her for the first time.

A first time number.

We'll go over what to do with that.

After that, I'm going to teach you what to do if there's already a girl that you have

been interested in, that you got her number maybe a long time ago, or it's a girl that's

in your social circles, someone that you like, and you already know her.

I'll show you how to text that girl as well.

Starting with the first time number, I'm going to tell you about the 48 hour rule.

If you ever seen the movie Swingers, which by the way, I highly recommend you see it

because it's hilarious.

It's an old movie.

The guy kept saying it's an old movie, it's only from the 90s.

I guess that was 20 years ago.

It was Vince Vaughn and John Favreau . They go out, they meet girls and they talk about

when they should contact the girl.

It's really funny because it ends up that they said, that they contact the girl six

days later after getting her number.

It's hilarious.

I hope that none of you guys are doing that.

I believe in the 48 hour rule, especially these days.

Why the 48 hour rule?

Why contact her within 48 hours?

That's because if you don't, that means someone else is probably jumping on board and doing


You're going to be missing out if you're getting a girl's number, especially a high quality

girls number, someone that's really awesome and beautiful.

There's a good chance that she's giving her number away to other guys as well.

You need to jump on board.

Also, with mass social media these days, we're in contact with so many people that it's very

possible that you're going to get a girl's number.

If you text for a week later, she's going to actually forget about you.

That's what happens, attraction decreases as time goes on.

That's exactly what happens.

I want you to contact her within 48 hours.

You're going to text her within 48 hours of meeting her.

Here is an example text.

This is one that is so simple, steal this, use this.

This is something that I have been coaching for years.

It took me, it's crazy that it took me a while to figure out this simple text, but I'm not

really into texting weird text.

I don't know, there's a lot of text game stuff that makes you sound very gamey and strange.

A lot of girls will see through that these days.

This is really simple, hey you!

Great meeting you last night.

This is something you can play around with, you meet her last night or a couple days ago.

Say the name of the night, great meeting you Saturday, maybe Sunday, whatever it was.

Then you put a cute little saying here, causing more trouble after I left?

dash and your name.

The name is important because she might not remember you 24 hours later.

She might be like, wait, who's that again?

What was his name?

Because we're meeting a lot of people, we’re doing a lot of things.

You want to remind her of who you are.

Put dash your name.

That's a great opening text.

They will work for you.

If you're one of those guys who's watching right now, and you're saying, this is lame,

I would never say this.

Trust me, if a girl likes you, if you made a great connection, because that's what it's

all about.

It's all about making that great connection, getting her attracted when you first meet


If you did that correctly, what's going to happen is that she is going to be excited

that she got this text from you.

It's really simple.

She's gonna want to text back.

She's gonna want to text you back if she likes you.

I'm going to go over my texting formula.

If you've been watching a lot of my videos, you might be like, wait a minute, Tripp.

This looks very familiar.

I've seen this before.

You are right.

You have seen this before.

You've seen this on how to ask a girl out on Facebook.

Check that video out.

I'll put a link in the description below.

This is the same exact formula.

The formula being used is just the formula for any type of social media or contacting

a girl, virtually, digitally, whatever you want to call it.

This is the texting formula, same as the Facebook asking the girl out formula.

It's T1>R1>T2>R2>C. Not to complicate this anymore.

T1 is just your text, that's your text number one, which was like this one.

Then she's going to respond, that's her R1, then you're going to text her back, T2, and

then she's going to text back, her response too, then C is close, meaning you're going

to go for the close.

You're going to go for hanging out with her right because that's the goal.

Remember, that is the goal.

In this second here, I'm going to show you an example of me using this formula.

The general idea of what it looks like so let's get into that.

I'm in blue and she is in the light gray.

This is a few years back.

I did basically almost the exact same thing here.

Hey you!

How was the rest of your night?

I broke my own rule, but I shouldn't have done that.

I should have put my name after that.

Either way, as you can see here, this is the best par, 9:42am, I remember this text, this

message was sent the very next morning.

Here's the beauty of this.

I know you're probably reading these text messages right now, but listen up for a second.

The beauty of this and the reason why I'm showing you this example is because we talked

for five minutes.

That's usually pretty rare, it's very rare.

Not that you can get a girl's number in five minutes, but you can get a number so fast

and get her interested so fast.

That's the thing.

You can connect so fast.

I proved to you that even after talking to a girl for five minutes, connect with her,

getting her interested in you and getting her to like you.

Again, you can watch all the other videos in this channel to learn how to do that.

Imagine five minutes and she still responds the next morning.

That goes to show you the proof that when you really get a girl to like you, it doesn't

matter what you text her.

Let's go into it.

Hey you, how was the rest of your night?

Then she responds, okay.

I mean, she responds.

That's good enough.

Hey, good you.

We left kind of early.

Then I said, where'd you go?

Fasting today?

I said fasting today because that was referring to I remember that she was Jewish.

There was like a holy holiday.

We were talking about the idea of fasting.

That’s the reason I want you to learn from that, that's like a call back to our conversation.

That's something you'd want to do too, is called back to something you guys talked about.

She gets it right away.

She says, just went home.

No, I'm not you.

It’s funny.

She's not really responding very excited.

She has no smiley faces.

I said, hell no smiley face.

We should hang out.

I just go for it.

I did exactly the formula.

This one for the close.

Hell no smiley face.

We should hang next week.

What's your schedule like?

Then she didn't respond for a long time so I sent this text message.

I think someone told me that.

I did not make this one up.

I think she didn't respond for a whole day.

I said, was it something I said? *holds head in shame* lol.

Just because I'm calling her out, I'm like, hey, where'd you go?

We were talking.

She was responding pretty quickly.

It's weird how she didn't respond to that.

I was like, this is probably the girl that is gonna flake.

But then she said yes let’s!

Now here are the exclamation points.

Here's the excitement.

Sorry, I was getting dressed!

I don't know if she was lying or not.

Who knows?

Then I said, cool.

One, what's your favorite food?

Two, what days are you free?

See, I'm getting right to the point there.

She answers and goes right with it.

She goes right along with it, sushi.

Tuesday or Wednesday.

Then, let's see.

I did love sushi.

I'm kind of being cute with there, I love sushi, which I do.

I'm kinda logistics down, Tuesday?


What area you live in?

She said, Brentwood you.

I said West lA ish.

Very nice.

Katsu ya let's do it.


What if you already know her?

I want to talk to you about something called the fun factor.

What you want to do is when you're texting the girl that you already know and you're

trying to get her to respond, you want to make sure that what you're saying is fun.

You want to turn things into a more fun question and more fun statement.

I'll give you an example of exactly what I'm talking about here.

The fun factor, an example would be like instead of saying, hey, what's up?

Instead of texting a girl, hey, what's up?

Pretty boring.

I want you to turn that into, you'll never guess what I'm doing right now..

That's very intriguing.

That's going to get her to want to respond to you.

You want to be fun.

You want to be intriguing.

You’ll never guess what I’m doing right now.

Then whatever you want to do, maybe you are doing something fun.

Maybe you're doing something lame.

That can be funny because it's like a juxtaposition, like this is saying that you're doing something

kind of crazy but you're really not.

Play around with it.

See how it works for you.

Everything's kind of a test.

Another thing, instead of doing hey, what's up?

You could do something, whatever it is, reminded me of you, what have you been up to missy?

Whatever it is something that reminded you of the girl.

That's also intriguing.

She's gonna be like, oh, what's going on?

Oh, I popped in his head.

Then you can be all cute about it.

What have you been up to missy?

Another one can be, instead of saying, hey, what's up?

You can say, omg, what are you doing right now?

That's gonna get her attention.

She's gonna be like, I'm doing this.

Why is he texting me in such a panic and such a fury?

After that, you can be like, you and me have to get together or something.

It doesn't really matter what you say.

The point of these text messages is to get her to initially respond.

If she doesn't respond after the initial text, and she doesn't want to go out with you or

hang out with you, then I would drop it.

She doesn't like you at that point.

There's no special fun little quirky magical line that you're going to say to her that's

going to all of a sudden get her to want to meet up with you again.

If that does happen, it's super rare.

I'm just being real with you.

I'm not going to give you some lame advice here that's going to steer you in the wrong


These are some good text messages to start it off.

Here's another one, and what trouble have you been getting yourself into lately?

You can use that as a follow up or you can use that as an initial text.

Again, that's kind of flirty.

I like the little emoticon there.

Remember, what's the goal?

The goal is to get her out.

I don't want you to stay in a text message conversation for days and not eventually asked

her out or get her to meet up with you.

That is what you want to do.

You're going to gain quicker attraction with the girl if you meet up with her, rather than

trying to do it with some stupid little text messages.

That is the goal.

I want to give you some rules in terms of texting before we close off this video so

you know what to do when you guys are in the middle of a text message conversation.

Emoticons when necessary.

Here I use an emoticon because I'm just being flirty and cute.

If you're being flirting, you can throw it in there.

Don't overuse emoticons because it makes you look girly.

Only use them when necessary and use them once in a while.

Use them if you ever telling a joke.

If you're saying something that might come off as harsh, like you're teasing her, throw

an emoticon in there to let her know that you're flirting with her.

Don't over text.

Don't sound like a bunch of text messages when she hasn't responded to you.

That's going to come off very needy.

I don't want you to send very long text messages either.

Don't put a whole story in a text message.

The only exception to that rule is if she's doing it first, and you're responding, you're

having a long conversation.

Even if you're at that point where you guys are sending each other very long text messages,

I want you guys to get on the phone, just call her.

It's going to be better to connect with her over voice or in person rather than reading

some words on the screen.

Another rule is to avoid the getting to know you.

Don't try to get to know her over text message if you first met her.

Save that for in person.

Don't try to do any kind of like questions about what she's into, or getting to know

her interests, or her values or anything like that.

Do it in person.

Don't do it over text.

Text message is just the vessel for logistical purposes so you can meet up with her.

If you want to learn more about texting, if you want to get really deep into texting,

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Sift through a couple of blog posts.

Look for the ultimate guide to texting.

You'll learn every little aspect that you need to learn.

I'm going to be putting out some more videos on texting in the next few weeks here.

Again, if you're watching this a year later, check out my other texting videos because

you're going to learn more stuff that's not going to be necessarily in the ultimate guide.

But everything's a compliment, learn it all.

Watch it all.

Take the notes, learn this stuff, implement it.

I hope that you see success from it.

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Thanks for watching.

I'll see you next time.