7 Steps to approach a girl you do not know

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seven steps to approach a girl you do

not know interacting with women can be

difficult for some men it is often

intimidating to start a conversation

even with those women you already know

and are part of your life it is logical

then that it costs you to approach a

woman you do not know even if she

catches your attention the good news is

that you can overcome it if you use some

strategies that will make it easier for

you to interact with any female follow

these practical tips and improve your

security when meeting women 1

approaching to attract a woman you must

first make yourself known it is

important that she recognizes you know

that you are there and to notice the

interest you have in her approaching the

site where she has is essential to

demonstrate that interest it is as

important to do it as the way you do it

you must approach firmly with an upright

posture that shows self-confidence to

project confidence choose to keep your

gaze high shoulders back in a straight

back you can practice your posture in

front of the mirror walk several times

in your house to get used to this

position you will notice that just by

standing up straight you will change all

your appearance not only will you see

yourself taller but sure of who you are

to show a sense of humor

do not trust classic phrases like hello

how are you can I sit here

evidently they are the most traditional

way to break the ice and maybe they can

be useful but they do not help you to

differentiate yourself from the other

potential suitors of the girl the way

you start the conversation is


you must get their attention show

yourself different and interesting just

as your position projects security so

does the way you talk to a woman it is

much better to sound like a person with

a sense of humor to break the ice try


thanks for reserving this seat for me at

last I meet a woman who does not want to

seduce me it is important the tone and

smile she should note that it is a joke

and not a negative sickle comment once

you get a smile from her you're on the

right track 3 do not give up the

interaction if you already managed to

start a conversation

keep the conversation Pleasant and show

enthusiasm in listening to her ideas the

conversation is between two do not focus

only on showing that you are intelligent

and interesting remember

to listen attentively to her to avoid

becoming the guy who speaks without

hesitation who ignores his companion do

not exaggerate with the funny tone if

you repeat too many jokes you can seem

like a caricature of yourself for show

interest there are phrases and attitudes

in the middle of a conversation that

influenced the relationship of the

interlocutors and their interaction it

is important that you participate in the

conversation do not monopolize the

attention but do not leave her speaking

alone maybe you think that being shy as

a good strategy that sometimes works but

you should pay attention and respond

with enthusiasm to her ideas or else she

will get bored talking to someone who

has nothing to say while you talk the

best thing you can do is react to what

she says smile nod appeal to phrases

like really I cannot believe it I think

it's great she will be flattered by your

interest you can also ask about the

topic she speaks that is always a good

strategy to show that you want to learn

and you care what she has to say the

important thing is that you make her

notice that you approached her because

of a genuine desire to know her not only

because of her physical attractiveness 5

establish a connection once the

conversation already flows naturally you

can choose to ask questions and touch a

little more personal topics get out of

generic topics such as local news or

friends in common and start asking her

about her tastes interests what she is

doing and what she is passionate about

it is always good to start by asking

about her work this will help you to

know a little more about her what is her

area of professional interest and what

she wants in the future in that field

from there you can ask her about her

hobbies favorite writers if she enjoys

the cinema all that is information that

you can use later if you are interested

in inviting her to a date 6 put a limit

on your talk if the idea of knowing a

girl is part of your interest in

inviting her to a date you should know

when to end the conversation to leave

her interested and wanting more try not

to exhaust all the subjects or show

yourself completely transparent in this

first interaction you must be a little

mysterious and leave some hidden things

to raise her curiosity that will help

you when you invite her out because she

will already be intrigued by you 7 say

goodbye respectfully a woman will feel

comfortable with your company if you are

a gentleman before saying goodbye

tell her openly that you would like to

hear from her again that you were

pleased to have met her and that you

expect her projects to progress as she

wishes that will surely leave her

wanting to keep in touch with you sure

she will give you her phone number and

with that you will already have half a

way ahead to invite her to go out and in

the worst case if you do not achieve an

emotional connection to be a couple at

least you will have a new friend with

whom to share good moments conclusion

meeting new women is not a matter of

magic there are no tricks in this but

basic measures act like a gentleman be

very respectful show confidence in

yourself that is the key to showing

yourself attractive to others regardless

of the social situation in which you

find yourself addressing a woman you do

not know and conquering her is linked to

the way you sell your image project

yourself as a winner and she will notice

you as such do not hesitate to write us

your doubts and comments for us it is a

pleasure to help you we also want to

know your experience or the tricks you

apply when you have to meet a new woman

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