How To Talk To A Girl In Yoga Class + Q&A w/ Tripp!

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all right looks like we're live here on

YouTube and here almost on Facebook yes

live here on Facebook live on YouTube

and very excited to be doing this I know

that it's been a little up and down the

past few months with the lives you know

first we were doing the fearless formula

and then that turned into doing a couple

of interviews at different times but now

what's up Thomas what I'm trying to do

is go live and around well I'm in

Vietnam right now so I would say 9:00


Vietnam time depending on where you're

at you know going live at this time so

hopefully this works for you I say

there's a lot of people already joining

so this might be a good time I'd be

better to do it at night looks like

there's a lot of people this is great

cool what's up everyone were you were

you typing in from st. in the chat if

you're watching this a lot later I just

want to give some updates really quickly

if you don't know already what's up

Spencer what's up Louis Thomas Marco

Louise cusan what's up Marcel how you

doing Adrien some updates I am now doing

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there is a video already up on YouTube

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what's up everybody

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soon unhooked but right now this is

hooked on line so all about on line we

got someone from Wisconsin from London

wow I'm in Alaska not that anyone cares

we do care buddy

we care about you so what we're gonna be

doing today is we're gonna be doing good

old Q&A gosh it's been a long time since

I've done this I'm really excited to be

doing this again no I know there's like

over a hundred people watching so bear

with me while the chat blows up and and

I'll try to use this so someone said I

used your text formula for the first

time it sucked it was the first time I

had a girl goes to me lol I'll never try

your text formula again

well sorry didn't work out but for some

people it did Josh says which program

should i do first hooked or fearless

formula do fearless formula first and

then hooked if you can somehow managed

to do both simultaneously that can work

too because they do go together hand in

hand Josh cool cool okay so looks like

there's people from all over the world

we got over a hundred people watching

let's get into this who's got a question

for me I know I'm not gonna get to

everyone but I'll see what I can do

again keep this to dating and

relationships although I don't think

you'll be asking me and other questions

someone said your videos were helpful I

hugged the girl I liked fantastic

hopefully you're getting her on a date

as well and it's just more than a hug so

one said can you do advice in the best

place to find hookers well I don't

really believe in prostitution so and

even if I did I wouldn't know the best

place to do that so I'm gonna nix that

question someone said sad sad Indiana is

where I'm from okay Josh said how can I

attract girls at Yoga too advanced no no

it's not actually Josh I'm gonna throw

this back at you I'll go into some other

questions what makes you feel that's too

advanced that's and that's yours you're

stating the question in an interesting

way and I kind of want to kind of want

to talk about that you know why do you

think it's too advanced that mindset is

already preventing you from from being

able to to succeed here okay cool

trip can you give us some examples of

things to say when flirting sure Lewis

sure guys keep the questions coming out

trying to get them all to try to get all

to them to them all some examples to say

when flirting while flirting flirting is

a few things flirting is can be verbal

and nonverbal right I'd say your best

bet at nonverbal flirting is is eye

contact and body positioning making sure

you're actually in front of the girl

someone said how do you approach a girl

at the gym we're gonna get into that

that's a really good question I have an

answer for that I don't have really any

experience in that but I know some

people who have done it and done it well

and I have some ideas but yeah flirting

non-verbally and verbally so break it

down to those two pieces verbally would

be something like showing your intention

saying that you're interested in the

girl maybe not in those words I would

say something like a compliment you know

one of my best lines for flirting that I

actually talked about in a recent video

was name what am I gonna do with you so

you say her name then you say what am I

gonna do with you I just put that in the

chat so that's a good one let's keep on

going I want to try to answer as many

questions I can today Josh said he

thinks yoga is advanced to approach

girls maybe because women are there to

do yoga rather than to meet guys here's

the thing yes that is the answer women

are there to do yoga however women are

always open to meeting a guy who is

quality if they are single so they're

always open to meeting a guy some might

say not so

some girl might tell you I don't want to

meet a guy yoga I'm all kind of like

disgusting and I don't look good it

doesn't matter she still wants to meet a

guy so you should still give it a shot

and I would talk to her after class

that's pretty much the the answer there

how do you approach a girl at the gym I

think your best bet to approach a girl

to gym is to approach her after the

workout if you're getting in the middle

of a workout and you are interrupting

her workout it's not gonna be the best

for you or her she doesn't want to be

interrupted but if you can catch her

maybe towards the end when she's walking

out that's gonna your best bet

should I date a single mom if that's

what you want then yeah you should you

know lots of people date single moms

there's not a problem with that you can

do that

okay here's questions I want to stay

away from I'm going to teach you guys

right now how to ask a question whether

it be for dating advice personal

development advice fitness advice any

advice you're trying to get the best

answer that you're gonna be able to get

is by being very specific so imagine

Isaac you just said here how can I talk

to my crush right big question sure I

can answer that here and I can make it

because I know what you're trying to ask

but it's there's a lot of things to do

in order to talk to your crush and I

don't know where your crush is is this a

school thing is this a work thing I

don't know so the best bet and in the

end being able to get your question

answered the right way okay is to be

able to ask specific questions so you

can say Isaac I see my crush you know at

the mall every day where I work what can

I say to her to start a conversation see

that's a more specific question I can

give you a specific answer and you can

get a specific result so let's work on

that guys let's try to be as specific as

possible and I'll try to help you out

Cooper said why do all the girls in my

school have no passion and like guys who

are lazy and smoke weed please answer

well I'm gonna give you an answer here

and the answer really lies in in how

you're asking that question as well

that is a very generalized statement so

you have to understand that that's not

true you have to you have to question

your question there you have to

challenge yourself do all the girls at

your school actually have no passion do

they all like guys who are lazy and

smoke weed do you really think that

every single I mean realistically the

answer is no they don't so you must be

surrounding yourself by people who do so

it's up to you Cooper to find the girls

who are not doing that let's go here to


book how to flirt with a girl by

snapchat I have a whole video on that

I'm not gonna answer that question

because I have a whole video that goes

into that type go to trip go to slash trip advice go to the

search bar type in snapchat and you're

gonna get a great video from me and

Spencer Spencer Burnett is my head coach

at trip advice and he is a master and

whiz at snapchat seduction so you'll

learn more there that I can give you

Joel says what if you work a lot and

have little to well play if you can call

call it that too attraction then Joel I

don't understand what you're trying to

say so you're saying that you'd have a

little time to hang out with girls

jerel says trip how do I tell a girl I

don't like pet names it's interesting

question I would just tell her straight

up but you gotta do it nicely you know

to me like when someone okay here's the

best way to tell someone to stop doing

something there's a little formula

instead of telling someone to not do

something tell them what you do like

when they do okay so what do you like

when they call you just like when they

call you your name so instead of giving

a negative reinforcement give a positive

reinforcement so every using the word

don't use the word you know do metaphor

you know not literally but you'll tell

her to do something that you actually

like haha cummin said what are your

thoughts on bitcoin diggers that's funny

well bitcoin is big now but we don't

know what's gonna happen in the future

to that let's go back to YouTube lots of

questions here lots of questions

Graham says what does it mean when a

girl says she wants a break from the

relationship but hasn't messaged you at

all do I leave it and stay single or

wait for her to come back to me Graham

if she's on a break

you guys are on a break my suggestion to

you would be to probably move on and get

with the girl where you guys aren't on a

break a break usually usually means a

breakup and if she hasn't messaged you

that means that she's probably doing her

own thing unfortunately she probably

doesn't miss you that much you know

she's probably whatever she's doing you

know she's on her break so if I were you

Graham I would maybe focus on yourself

and stop focusing on her and maybe move

on Manny said how do I make girls accept

my dates to take her girls out when you

did all the work conversation and

flirting take time with the girl and she

seems to like it

so Manny are you saying that she's

rejecting you are you actually asking

her out on a date okay Adrian just asked

a question

that again is very very vague and

general he said do you have any tips on

how to get a girlfriend okay so the

problem here is is that yeah I have a

lot of tips on how to get a girlfriend

but where do I begin I could I could I

could talk to you for about 20 hours on

how to get a girlfriend there's so much

involved so what we need to do Adrian is

maybe break it up into little or

questions what's a smaller question you

can ask about the process of getting a

girlfriend that we can answer here

because I and any tips on how to get a

girlfriend yeah I have a lot but it

depends on kind of where you're at

someone said can you talk about eye

contact please yes our contact is very

important and you know you're doing it

right is if you're looking in the girl's

eyes or someone's eyes for a majority of

the conversation so if you're able to

look in the person's eyes for 90% of the

time when you're listening and when

you're talking you're probably in a good

position okay um let's let's I want some

good specific questions here of

situations you guys are in slow

try to go into like some situations like

someone said here King Rick said hey

trip from Florida and I have a situation

there was this girl I grew up with for

12 years and she's been all I want her

parents accuse me of being into her and

I denied on my chances ruined no your

chances aren't ruined but we don't want

to access or parents or some other way

to get to the girl instead what you want

to do is you want to make sure that well

first of all you want to get yourself in

front of her so you want to hang out

with her you want you know attraction

happens in person so something I've been

talking about for for many years now is

how attraction works and you guys have

to understand that attraction does not

work digitally okay it doesn't work

through phones and texting and even

calls yes you can get a girl attracted

to you in those ways is it possible yes

it's possible but the best way to get a

girl attracted is in person why because

that is how we were able to attract

someone for thousands of years so we are

we are basically designed to attract

someone when you're in front of them so

King Ric you gotta get in front of the

girl that's kind of step one there Josh

said can I go live yeah Josh we can get

you live we're gonna get someone live

here on Facebook if you guys ever want

to go live and ask me a question live

then then you can go on

slash trip advice like the page join the

live and we'll get you live how do you

get an older girl you get an older girl

by the same way you get a girl who's

your age okay attraction works the same

again it's about getting yourself in

front of them Josh I've already okay

looks like you're connecting hey Josh

what's going on man good good it's been

it's been a while

make make sure you're talking with nice

and loud I want the people on YouTube to

be able to hear you too so

it's a question okay cool so you didn't

hear my answer before okay

so Josh here on Facebook I'm gonna I'm

gonna show you guys real quick hold on

let me show you Josh here

say hi to YouTube Josh awesome cool

everyone say hi Josh he's got the balls

to be here on camera and asking a

question who's Josh josh is uh as a

subscriber just like you okay cool

happy of a cousin who's watching cool

okay cool

don't worry about it you're cool all

right so josh is asking how do you

attract a girl how do you get a girl in

the yoga class so you go to yoga every

week every day okay people are saying

hey Josh and the Elat Spooner's say

people are saying hey Josh to the chat

here there's like a hundred people okay

so he goes toys once or twice a week you

said to yoga and there's I'm guessing

it's like 95% girls in this class

okay okay is there like a time after

class when people are just kind of

hanging out and wrapping up okay cool so

I wanna see here this is just causing

some kind of weird mirror so

there's time okay there's time after

class so what you want to do is you want

to you want to use that time after class

to start a conversation with the girls

let's think of something you could say

to a girl to start conversation after

class what do you think you could say

there's no there's no right answer let's

just let's just hash it out we're

figuring it out right now

yeah here's another idea people really

like it when you ask them advice people

really like it right it feels good so

why not start a conversation with the

girl asking her for some advice on a

pose say hey I saw you doing whatever

pose hopefully it's one that's not too

like sexual or creepy but like hey I

started in a pose that pose is kind of

hard for me do you have any suggestions

or maybe like hey I only go once or

twice a week do you go more like I'm

trying to get more into yoga but I

wonder if there's anything I can do

outside of class do you have any ideas

this is just a good way to start

conversation with someone what do you

think yep you could do that here's

another one you could say you could say

hey I've seen you in this class I mean

this has to be true cuz if she says this

is her first time it's gonna be weird

but you can say hey I've seen you in

this class a few times and I wanted to

introduce myself I'm Josh no I know for

some people that might be like whoa

that's a little scary it's like where do

you even go from there but that is a

really great way to just she just boom

start a conversation right there

you just gotta try it and then you can

say how are you liking the class you

know that's it how you liking the class

cool and then don't just bombard her

with questions so here's here's the tip

here you don't want to sit here and be

like oh how do I like the class Oh

Halloween in yoga a question question

question question oh where do you live

oh cool instead try to offer some more

sentences or things that you can say so

yeah you know this is like my seventh

class and it's it's getting it's getting

easier but oh man my first class was so

hard but I love that I'm you know

continuing to go or whatever but you got

to just add a dumb sentences and

statements and and basically and

basically things to say that aren't

asking her questions to make her do all

the work you know you are the one who's

approaching so this isn't any approach

by the way you got to make sure you're

not going in there in super interview

mode you got to make sure that you are

in there and you are giving some sort of

value so to speak and the value is just

coming in the form of having an

interesting conversation so you can't

just bombard with questions I know

there's a lot of questions here coming

in by the way and YouTube will get to

them as soon as I can but is that how





you see so you've seen her a few times

at Yoga you've seen her around you guys

ever talked before

okay cool so so you don't know her name


okay here's what you do go up to her and

say when you see her next date you

whenever you see her next okay go up to

her and say we've talked before and I've

seen you a bunch and the crazy thing is

I still don't have your name that's it

that's all you need

what that does is you got to think of

conversation in a few ways very simply

there's just getting it started and

getting into the point where you're

talking long enough where you can then

ask her out because that's the whole

point so that's it think about this and

break it down to really simple two parts


getting in there starting the

conversation so again I want you guys to

learn this stuff if I'm not here like

how could you do this if if I'm not here

because I'm only here once a week to

answer your questions so what can you do

okay well make it simple the goal is to

get in there and then to get her on a

date maybe right there and that or maybe

later so just think about what can be

the best way to open up the conversation

to make it easy for you literally

memorize it if you have to so it's not

so stressful for you don't think about

the best thing the saddest thing about

anything you can to get in and then

after that focus on okay couple minutes

have been in hey listen I gotta run but

you and I we should grab some coffee

sometime it's fun talking to you or hey

what are you doing right now let's grab

some coffee let's continue this

conversation so that would be like an

instant date versus maybe getting the

number of doing something later and

that's it simple as that well that's up

to you if it's a different Department is

it like is it is it is it is it that

different like you guys like never see

each other you don't work together as

long as you guys aren't working together

like your work yeah if your work doesn't

coincide with each other I mean I say go

for it but it's up to

you Altima Lee you know better than I do

what's gonna be appropriate for the

workplace but a lot of relationships do

start in the workplace so I'm not

against that you know in my opinion I'm

not against that but it's kind of up to

you right if she did work in your

apartment Department it could be a

problem because if you guys end up like

together and it does work out but then

you break up well then now you're just

like working with your ex and that might

not be very comfortable for each of you

so so I say tread lightly and carefully

and but it's still yeah it is a great

option all right man thanks a lot Josh

thanks for coming on appreciate you and

I think everyone say bye Josh josh is

dry all right later buddy let's get you

on next week if you want we can um we

can get some updates on what's going on

all right sweet lettuce cancel oh I

almost said Oh phew almost ended the

life okay there we go all right all

right so I hope that hope that helps

guys if people are saying bye Josh cool

all right

ask your question right now and I'll get

to it Cooper well I'll get to you again

fine I'm productive and respectful

person who uses your conversation

tactics but girls don't seem to show

interest why I have a martial artist in

a musician it depends on your

conversation is going I wonder what

you're talking about in the conversation

so this is a little bit more difficult

for me to diagnose Cooper because I

don't know what you're saying in

conversation I have no idea why it's not

working out they're not showing interest

I want to know a little bit more about

what your conversation tactics all right

no you say you're using mine but I talk

a lot about conversation tactic so what

is it that you're doing we got someone

in sixth grade ooh as a dance tomorrow a

good luck buddy this one says trip how

talk to a girl at school who's younger

than me we talked a little last year she

told me I was in nine out of ten but we

haven't talked for a long time I when I

get back into her life now just find her

again guys remember it's about getting

in front of the girl so it's about

finding her getting in front of her and

starting the conversation and then

what's the second one the second one is

is after in conversation talk long

enough so then you can ask her out of

course there's a lot of stuff in between

I know you guys are like what do I say

and there's flirting and I got to

attract her and I got a display

dominance and Ted and you talk about Ted

and all this stuff yes absolutely but

you know what if you don't have any

practice just getting in the

conversation I would say step one is

don't worry about the details and just

get yourself in there and try to have

the conversation first of all someone

said how do you get a lesbian is it

possible well if they're a lesbian - no

it's not possible they're bisexual than

yes it is possible so there's my answer

on lesbians kuba says I think I might be

getting too personal too fast okay

awesome so that means that well there's

a lot of located cool so that means that

if you're getting too personal too fast

that means that you are aware of the

conversation and you're aware of what's

going on when you're talking to the girl

so if you're aware of what's going on

then maybe you want to try the opposite

so that's how you kind of learn this

stuff on your own is if you test some

things out then it's not working you try

something new if you think you're going

to personal too fast we'll try to go

more general instead and see how that

works out for you it's really kind of

like a trial and error process as you

learn the art of socializing okay I'm

going to take a question from Facebook

here what's up Isaac Isaac is I want to

call out Isaac really quickly a guy

named Isaac who is right now it was

right now here on Facebook with us and

he is super active in my private

Facebook group called Tripps corn or

Tripps corn or something you get access

to when

end up investing in one or more of my

programs and I want to call it Isaac

because he's in there answering guys

questions all the time why is he

answering guys questions well first of

all I'm sure he just wants me helpful

but because he knows the information

because he's very active in the process

of learning this stuff and putting it

out into action and so he's able to help

answer and him one of the best ways to

bother we learned some things to teach

something so if you're trying to get

better at something try to also help

someone else through and mentor someone

through the process once you get to a

certain level where you're okay so Isaac

calling you out buddy thank you for

being so active in Tripps corner and and

giving your advice and all that great

stuff all right cool questions here or

what we got here Tony's Mart you're

asking some really ridiculous questions

I think you're just trolling bro we got

a troll now so many more trolls are

gonna be around here Isaac said thank

you chip you touched my heart good do I

like it no I don't like it I want

serious questions okay what are the

questions we got McFly you slacker

that's a great that's a great name mr.


some of your questions look like the

titles of videos yeah they do

cuz I answer questions in the videos


actor non verba a very interesting name

said here's my dilemma I went on a date

with the woman she said she wanted to go

away with me on a trip no pun intended I

see what you did there because my name

is trip does she like me yes she likes


here's how you tell if a girl likes you

very simple you ready for this one very

simple if she wants to spend time with

you she likes you if she's looking to

spend time with you she likes you if

you're requesting to spend time with her

and she says yes she likes you there you


simple answer Josh said you were yeah

Isaac you were awesome trips corner cool

you know what sucks guys I Facebook

doesn't let me see sometimes long

questions it's kind of annoying Cooper

says thanks you're welcome buddy rachel

says hi trip hi Rachel Brittany hello

Rachel Rachel Rachel just had a

beautiful baby boy with one of my one of

my best friends Tony says no more troll

thank you Tony

isn't that nice that's how you get rid

of trolls you treat them with with

kindness cool um Isaac said how should I

talk to a girl that likes me Isaac

what's preventing you from going up and

sing hello in the first place that's my

question for you Cal said how often

should you text a girl Kells how often

should you text a girl you should be

texting or enough times to be able to

get the date okay so what do I mean I

mean that texting is used as a way to

get a girl to meet up with you I think

we have a theme here we have now

encountered a theme what's the theme the

theme is is all about getting in front

of them of the girl that's the most


whether that be starting the

conversation whether that be texting the

rule to get her to meet up and

understanding that when you finally meet

up with the girl and she requests or she

says yes then she likes you

I see it as a linear process and I want

you to see it as a linear process too

it's kind of how I've broken it down

over the years it's linear it's really

from A to B right a meaning you see a

girl and you want to talk to her oh you

know a girl you want to talk to her you

get in front of her and then B is

getting all the way to the point where

you get her on a date and then of course

you know from there on it's more and

more dates and then whatever happens

from there okay but that's really the

whole point here Gabrielle says how do

you get an independent girl but you're

still not independent what do you mean

by independent independent has many

different definitions I would need to

know what yours is before I answer the

question Krista's house Vietnam shooting

you trip Vietnam is the best is anyone

here in Vietnam by the way I'm happy to

meet up with any guys who are in Vietnam

right now I'm also going to Bangkok

December 16th

oh no I'll be going to foot long and

then per cat and then Chiang Mai anyone

who's going to be in Bangkok or Chiang

Mai or Vietnam and the next month let me

know right now and we'll do a meet-up

I'm happy to meet up with guys no cost

just hang up let's hang out let's grab a

beer let's talk my client says I work in

an industry that has a lot of women

what's the best way to display Ted Ted

is one of the main attraction techniques

that I teach my program hooked stands

for tension entertainment and dominance

so he's asking what's the best way to

display Ted besides stronger eye contact

and flirt with the ones I'm attracted to

well again it's about using the whole

process of Ted so if you know what Ted

is Ted is building tension that's

flirting that is eye contact that's

basically yeah all of flirting

entertainment is the idea of

entertaining yourself to the process so

you're not trying to get something from

her and dominance is just moving is

being dominant and in charge of the

interaction and moving the interaction

forward the whole time

so I'd say so ah that that's the best

way Alan says how did how do you

befriend with someone who I displayed

Ted already so that means that she likes

you already and then you wanna so are

you asking how to put a girl in the

friendzone Wow I don't think I've ever

had that question before Brandon says

let's meet up next time you go home in

Chicago okay Brandon we'll do that

Gabriel says she has her own card works

frequently so Gabriel do not have a car

how old you Gabriel guys by the way I've

only answering questions who if you're

18 or older this is for 18 or older so

we're not gonna be going into any high

school advice if you want to learn about

how to get girls in high school I do

like a whole hour video that explains

everything you need to learn about how

to meet girls in high school so go to slash trip advice go to the

search bar within my channel type in

high school you got a whole video there

Isaac you're you're saying some harsh

things to sheesh what's his she's saying

I trip the girl he used to like me

doesn't like me anymore why does this

happen to all of us I don't think he's

trolling I don't think he's trolling I

just think he's having some some issues

Isaac I think his issue is it's not

working out for him

why does it happen to you well it

happens to because it's not able to get

the girl attracted or maybe you're

you're you're being too desperate and

needy with the girl that's one of the

reasons why guys are having trouble with

girls because they're acting too needy


let's talk about racism in dating I'm a

colored person in a predominantly white

school is it more likely to be rejected

as a colored guy by a white girl talk

more about racism and dating please well

I'm not really sure what to say about

racism and dating you know here's the

thing when I want one of the best ways

to I mean if you want to have a general

topic conversation about this I don't

really have much to say I don't know

much about about who's racist and and I

guess I could give you maybe some

reasons why they might be racist they

were probably that's probably something

they learned that's a whole different

topic if you want advice in this

situation you got to remember that you

need to take anything that happens in

life into your control okay that is the

one of the best ways something I've

learned from I think it's the seven

Habits of Highly Effective People forgot

which one it was but it's about

basically putting everything back in

your control or is that I'm messing in

my books here that the six pillars of

self-esteem what are you talking it's

talked about in both either way the

whole idea here is anything that you're

trying to do in life you need to take

full control over the second that you

yes self responsibility this isn't the

six pillars of self-esteem in it by

Nathaniel Brandon talks about the pillar

of self responsibility taking

responsibility for everything I'm gonna

get some I'm gonna get somewhere here

with this whole racism talk don't worry

but it's about taking control of

everything what can you do so the reason

why you do that is because you're gonna

get more results faster that way if you

put the responsibility or you give the

control away to someone else then you

give them the power and it's gonna be

more difficult for you to be able to to

solve any problem that you want to solve

okay so in this case if you think that

other people are racist or you're

complaining about racism well that's

that's one thing but there's nothing you

can really do about that in the very

short term right

if someone's racist the racism they're

gonna be racist if you think they are

then maybe they are but if you say to

yourself well I'm a black person I'm

gonna white school most people are

racist they don't like black people that

means I'm screwed I'm not going to be

whereas well I think that's false cuz I

think that's a generalization I don't

think most people are probably racist

even if you are in a predominantly white

school but if you're like okay there's

nothing I can do because I I can't

control my skin color well that's gonna

be a problem for you because now you're

giving the power to other people right

and you're just like well I see a lot of

races and therefore I probably shouldn't

go and talk to girls who are of a

different color than me there's nothing

I can do

there you fail okay there you fail so

you want to put the control back into

your hands I know we're getting into a

very very sensitive topic here and of

course I'm not racist I'm against all

racism you know I help all guys of all

color I believe everyone should be equal

goes without saying but what I'm telling

you here is try to take that out of it

and try to just focus on what you can do

what you need to do to be able to

attract women

so take color out of it take the thing

that you can't control out of it and

focus on all the things that you've been

learning here at trip advice to be able

to help you I hope that helps and I'm

sorry that if you're experiencing any of

that racism because that's

terrible and and I'm sad for anyone that

has to go through that so Victor let me

know hope that helps buddy all right

let's go we got some more time here

let's answer some more questions

Josh says own it or it will own you I

agree with that okay we had a whole

conversation back and forth Issac is

doing some coaching here too Ashish in

our Facebook live I don't have a twitch

account no I'm trying to next I'm gonna

try to go live on Instagram I'm trying

to go live in as many platforms as

possible just is always kind of a pain

in the butt here because I need like a

lot of room a lot of tripods a lot of

stuff but I'm gonna put it back in my

control right I can say oh it's really

hard and but I need more stuff and

tripods and it's hard well then I got to

figure out a way to get more tripods get

more stuff and make it work so I can

start getting it out to Instagram

guys are asking what's the next Q&A the

next QA is going to be the same time

next week so for me it's Wednesday 10:00

a.m. right now but it's gonna be for you

depending on where you are it's gonna be

probably nighttime in the States so I'm

Britney Potter is watching hello Britney

Josh said Josh great question but I got

it I got to go to Morgan I gotta answer

working was question that you ask you

ask good ones though

Jason Matt says what should I do with

this girl and I takes over this summer

and she suddenly stopped talking to me

but every time I'm around her she acts

flirty with me okay this is a really

good question a lot of guys will be like

oh I swear this girl likes me she's

flirty with me but they're not really

sure and they're like I think she likes

me I think she doesn't like me basically

if here's a little here's a little tip

for you if you don't know whether the

girl likes you she's acting flirty

towards you be not sure what's going on

I think what you should do is ask her on

a date and actually use the word date I

know it's a little old-school you know

there's a lot of advice out there I've

seen on the internet so go don't use the

word date it's lame you know what

whatever gets you on a date with the

girl whatever works work so there's not

really one you know sole answer to every

question here is but one of the answers

here is actually use the word they ask

her on a date that way you'll know right

there and then you'll know if she's been

interested in you or not okay because

girls can be flirty just to be flirty

and and really have no interest in you

so just find out just find out see a lot

of guys won't do that I know that you

probably will like listen to that advice

but I can't do that

probably because you're really scared

and you don't want the rejection but

what I say for you guys my philosophy

here is go for the rejection get

rejected go for it so then you can

finally move on and talk to another girl

that's actually interested in you

because you end up wasting time there's

only so much time you have time is the

most valuable commodity that we have


the most valuable thing that we have and

so because of that we don't want to

waste time and then we're not to waste

time let's go for the girls

let's get rejected let's find out if

they're interested and if they're not we

can move on and not sit here and waste

our time I know guys who wasted years I

mean I'm talking that guys like you who

watch all this stuff we're on Facebook

and YouTube with me who go years and

years without making a move on a girl

and they become so obsessed with a girl

and then they don't go for any other

girls and then they're stuck and they

wasted their time one of the questions

we've got here


there's some there's some hot hot chat

going on here in Facebook I'm a little

lost I don't really know what's going on

there cuz I see all the streaming on

YouTube if you guys want to email me and

you have questions you can do that the

problem is is I won't be able to get to

your questions most likely my one of my

coaches Joe will try to answer for you

but he's gonna lead you to either one of

my products that I have and one of my

services like coaching that I have so if

you guys are interested in investing one

of my products or getting coaching you

can email me trip at and

that way you'll also get access to

trip's corner by the way Kevin T says I

have a question well spit it out buddy

okay Kevin says I'm in a situation I'm

in college I want to ask this girl out

of my class and I sit next to her and

try to talk to her but it's minimal

I think she's shy but so my part - I

have until Thursday to say something why

him til Thursday but I don't know what I

was thinking of going for broke and just

ask her out I wouldn't say it like just

ask her out what should I do okay so

what you should do is you should start a

conversation with her outside of class

and ask her what she thinks of the class

that's all you do get conversation going

and then ask her out gets them to get

some coffee and ask her for her number

that's my quick answer

thanks Josh for the recommendation I

appreciate that cool one of the

questions we got your welcome Kevin

Mohammed says how can you turn your

girlfriend who is angry at you if your

girlfriend is angry at you then you got

to ask her why she's angry and you guys

got to work out together why she's angry

where that comes from

and see how you can move past it one of

the best ways to have a difficult

conversation with someone is is by hold

on one sec I got to put someone in a

timeout because they are using offensive

language that I don't like here on

YouTube yes that's right I am reading

all your comments oh yeah so I was

saying if you're in a difficult

conversation with someone the best way

to have a difficult conversation this is

something I do with my girlfriend is to

validate their feelings don't have to

agree with their thoughts or their

opinions but you have to validate that

they have them and it feels really good

to know that someone is validating how

you feel saying hey I understand that

you're feeling this way even repeating

it to them even saying the word I

validate how you're feeling right now

and I validate I see that you're feeling

really angry and I understand that

you're feeling angry because of X Y & Z

and then moving conversation forward

from there and talking about how you

feel and also talking about how you guys

can get past the situation and trying to

have the most calm conversation you have

while at the same time validating how

they feel hey I understand how you feel

I understand you're upset right now but

what can we do to work past this so

that's the best way for a difficult

conversation in a relationship dual real

wheel says what's your opinion on make

tab and wanting to know for months no

okay I don't talk about that on this

because I don't have enough information

about it but I'll give you my first

opinion on mgtow and my first opinion is

I really don't like it and it's uh it

seems like a very negative lifestyle it

seems like it's a very reactionary

negative full of hate and anger kind of

movement and any movement that

associates itself with hate or a lot of

negative emotion very speaking very

generally here but anything that's

super on one end of the spectrum that

involves hate or anger or negative

emotion I should say is something that I

think is very dangerous to be a part of

so I'll just stop there but that's my

first thought on mgtow so McFly you

slacker says I'm kind of drifting

towards make tide want to know why make

towers men going their own way so make

tau is is like guys who are putting a

lot of blame on women as far as I can

see has put in a lot of blame on women

and also saying that they that they're

swearing off women so on one extreme end

of mgtow is like i'm not talking to

girls I'm not having sex with girls and

not getting into elationship girls I'm

going completely celibate and taking out

girls completely from my life and I mean

listen if that's something you want to

do fine but you're gonna have a very

troubling life I think it's gonna make

it harder for you not easier so okay if

you guys are gonna troll and say

ridiculous things you're gonna get put

in a timeout

and by the way I'm not afraid to ban

people because I've done it before

oh I've done it before so once a trip

answer me one thing I want to know is

the girl is interested to text me or not

in whatsapp I don't understand that you

guys got to get is gonna put a little

better better grammar here Adam Adam

worked a sham I remember UJ trip on the

dating app bumble the girls 24 hours to

talk to you first and if she does how

much time should I talk to her how do I

respond right away I have 24 hours to

respond should i Adam you need to join

my webinar that I'm doing next Monday so

go to slash mistakes -

online and you can sign up for a webinar

we're gonna be talking all about that

online dating

I'm gonna put that in the chat here / mistakes - online go

there you'll see the top right-hand

corner you can sign up for the webinar

hopefully you guys are gonna be joining

me in the webinar next week talking all

about online dating and how to meet

girls and attract girls online well I am

says Tripp how do you deal with the girl

who is think who is leading you on how

do you go about reversing and making her

like you again my situation she used to

like me a lot

Liam how do you know she doesn't like

you now have you tried asking her out

and got rejected don't assume anything

until you know for sure I'll take some

questions here now on Facebook so if you

got one send it right now send it my way

someone said is it weird to approach a

girl on a college campus or animate no

it's not you can absolutely do that

Stefan said I'm all signed up for the

webinar awesome cool

I want to ask girls out on dates that I

see frequently as in an awkward those

seeing them if you get rejected every

day like a workplace or school how do

you get through that well my friend

that's kind of up to you yes that is the

potential downside of asking a girl out

who you see at school or work but but

really what's important here is your

mindset if you care the more you care

about something okay here's how it works

with being awkward awkward is awkward

when you feel it's awkward okay if you

think something's awkward automatically

it's awkward if you can just be like I

this is not awkward and I don't care and

say okay so what so I asked a girl out

so I asked a girl out and she rejected

me okay so she's hanging out on campus

big deal right this is a self-esteem

thing if you believe that you are worthy

and you actually have respect for

yourself so that happens even though

girl says no well then it's not a big

deal right you know that you're a great

guy already it's just that when you see

that girl hanging on campus it reminds

you that you got rejected it reminds you

of this one negative thought you're like

oh I'm not worthy I'm a piece of

I'm not good enough so we got to work on

you're building yourself esteem one way

to do that by the way is by checking out

my program called the fearless formula

which is now closed down and only

available if you end up getting hooked

but either way self-esteem is something

you should be building sure is I'll

answer your question I just don't see it

here when you repeat the question in the

chat trace I'm just but okay I can't

here's the problem guys I can't see for

some reason Facebook is not allowing me

to see a full paragraph so you gotta

like do a couple of a sentences per

entry and then I'll answer it so go

ahead and ask me sway us the question I

don't know why doesn't allow me to just

you got a speaking again in the chat

this trip how do I ask a girl out of um

their server or waiter Wow I I don't

know I've never been a server away two

before I don't know if I have an answer

for that you might have stumped me on

that one the problem is this if you want

to keep your job you probably shouldn't

be doing that I just think that that's

not the optimal way to be meeting girls

you know it's like if all of a sudden

you the girls are complaining that

there's a waiter that's hitting on the

girls you might get fired so if I were

you I'd have an abundance mindset and

try to work towards meeting girls

outside of your job

okay sure a says he knows a girl she has

got a long-distance boyfriend good what

else guys I want to say there's been a

lot of people watching I want to just

really quickly say thank you for joining

and showing up here I'm very sorry that

we only have so much time and I can't

get to your questions but if you're in

Tripps corner we can get your questions

answered there I do this every single

week I'll be doing this at the same time

next week so just keep showing up and

we'll keep doing this okay Michael loco

69 is a troll you are now gonna be put

in another timeout and that's your

second strike if you say something like

that again I'm going to ban you forever

I'm gonna put you in a timeout to a lot

of timeouts I'm doing today guys come on

what we doing heizak said trip what if I

like more than one girl well I'd say

start one at a time here sure I asked

them sorry I don't know if I can answer

your question cuz I don't know what

you're saying here can I'm gonna answer

one more question here on YouTube and

then we're coming close to the hour what

do we got and

tonio says with with all due respect

please answer my question how does one

get rid of jealousy even if the girl

hasn't given us a reason to not trust

them it's a good question how does one

get rid of jealousy even if the girl

hasn't given us a reason someone's doing

the sad face here in Facebook I wonder

why sure I'll try but you got a you got

a I don't know what you're asking here

someone help me out here on Facebook and

tell me what your ass is saying jealousy

comes from an insecurity so the reason

why you're jealous is because you're

insecure by yourself and you're thinking

that you're not good enough in the

situation if you can't trust a girl then

you need to tell her and you can't trust

her but there needs to be a reason if

the reason is because you think that

you're not good enough and she'll go for

someone else then the answer here is to

work on you're building yourself esteem

working on things are going to make you

respect yourself and love yourself I

can't really get into that right now

because that's about a 10 hour program

that I already created so there's a lot

of information there but I think one of

your first things to look at is looking

into self-esteem building husband to ask

for ask this question he went out he

kissed her on the cheek back at

someone's house she said she has a C I

can't read the rest of it she has a


we hung out - she seemed quite

interested I don't know how to escalate

this you know what let's turn this

sideways it's not gonna work no it's not

because we're already in widescreen mode

so we can't

I don't know man I don't know what

you're asking if you're going for a girl

has a boyfriend I would say step away

immediately because we don't want to go

for girls who are already in


that's bad juju bad karma bad thing to

do and that is bad period that's like

it's just a band mindset to be in it so

if you have to go for a girl that has a

boyfriend it's like why can't you go for

a girl that's single it's like why

because you don't have the abundant

mindset that there's enough women out

there that that you can be with that

it's actually single and isn't in a

relationship it's just bad okay so here

we go so that's the question that dress

is asking she has a boyfriend assure you

agreed to go out again what should he do

you should say to her and this might

attract her even more okay even though I

don't think you should be going for

girls for a freshman relationship he

says they listen I'd love to see you


so sure ass tell her I love to see you

again but I can't see you until until

you were out of a relationship so that's

my answer should I ass

she likes you if she likes you enough

then she'll get out of her relationship

and she will go on a date with you but

until then we're not gonna be going on

dates with people who are in

relationships it's not the right thing

to do

and it's really it's just for so many

reasons it's bad for I mean even if it

wasn't a moral issue even beyond the

fact that I think it's just not a good

thing to do it's like just logistically

if you really want to deal with this you

want to deal with going for a girl that

likes you even though she's already in

relationship what a mess like what a

what a difficult situation you're

throwing yourself into you know it's

just like it's just oh man Nick you're

dealing with a lot of drama there it's

like is that really worth it why because

she likes you

Oh finally you have a girl who likes you

oh my god this is what happens we become

needy if you think that this is the only

girl who's gonna like you that we have

another issue here the bigger issue is

is the fact that you're not in abundant

mindsets probably self-esteem issue once

again because you think that this is the

only girl that you can get because and

because she's the only girl you can get

she's in a relationship you're still

gonna go for her so it's a needy mindset

what's the name of the Facebook group

trips corner so you get that by

investing in one of the programs and

then we're in there coaching and helping

you out cool all right guys thank you

very much this has been awesome this has

been awesome if you guys are interested

in my program called hooked go to get

her hook com

you will learn more about how to attract

girls and do it in the easiest way

possible so check that out if you want

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attracting girls thank you everyone

thank you thank you YouTube thanks

everyone say goodbye we