How to approach a girl in a bar

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what's going on you guys welcome to the

single guy channel my name is Lloyd

today we're gonna be talking about how

to approach a girl at a bar which most

guys admittedly really do not know how

to do I see a lot of guys doing wrong

things as my students with you know

people watch my channel and just guys

all around generally those guys just

stand around and they do it wrong they

didn't come up creepily that make the

girl feel awkward it's uncomfortable

you're gonna be learning how to do it in

the right way that's gonna give you the

highest chance of success meaning that

you're gonna be able to have a good

interaction she's gonna like you she's

gonna want to get your phone number date

you and maybe even possibly go home with

you that night so what I'm we talking

about first is how a lot of guys

approach in the wrong way I'm teaching

the right way to approach and then I'm

gonna teach you how to start a

conversation after that and also kind of

obviously there's gonna be a lot of

times where this doesn't work out and

that's totally fine you know people

sometimes they don't like each other or

sometimes they're just it's not the

right moment to talk to that person okay

how do you walk away and still kind of

keep in save face alright so before I

get into that if you guys are interested

in getting coached I mean one-on-one

fill out my form down below I teach you

guys exactly how to do this in the right

way and if you're the average guy

watching this channel I think you could

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in that fill the form below okay so the

first thing that I'm going to tell you

is how most guys do it wrong most guys

when they walk up to a girl they do a

bunch of different things okay they had

to run up to her they just get you know

completely drunk and it'll just walk up

and they'll be like hey how's it going

okay like way too close store they do a

lot of really bad things okay

so if you're going out the way that I

would recommend doing it is a lot of

times women are well they're gonna be

certainly everywhere you know they were

at the bar sitting down the best time to

talk to a girl is when she's usually

standing up I like to tense talk to

women that are standing up a little bit

more because that way she is the option

to leave if she wants to also - I

generally don't like talking to girls

that much on the dancefloor if you're on

the dance floor used to dance and see if

she wants to dance with you but if she's

just kind of standing around at the bar

that's a great place to start now if

she's at the bar

sometimes what a lot of guys will do is

they'll walk up and they'll kind of like

tap her on the shoulder like this and

then she'll turn around and start you

know they'll start talking to each other

okay that's not a good that's not a good

way to approach I would recommend that

you actually don't have girls in the

shoulder and get him to turn around

because she is trying to order a drink

or she's trying to talk to somebody you

basically are interrupting her now she

has to turn around and maybe her friends

are staring at her maybe the bartender

is waiting for her to order a drink

whatever it is there's a lot of pressure

on her to like envy interaction as

quickly as possible so I wouldn't come

in from behind also I when girls are

kind of like approaching you and they're

going somewhere and you try and stop

them that can work sometimes if they're

they want to stop but if they're trying

to go somewhere and you're holding them

back from doing that then it makes the

interaction there's probably going to be

a very short time limit on this

interaction the best way that I think to

go and start talking to somebody whether

it's at a nightclub bar or social event

is to come in from the side meaning if

she's kind of I got the bar you coming

alongside her maybe order a drink or

whatever with her too and then start

talking to her okay coming in from the

side is a lot easier she has all this

room over here so she can leave if she

wants to and you always want to give the

girl the option to leave in the

beginning if you pressure her and you

corner her or you put her in a spot

that's kind of tricky like the best

example is when she's like standing up

against the wall or something like that

and you come in right in front of her

she doesn't have a whole lot of options

to leave she feels trapped so women are

gonna worry about their safety first and

the first thing you want to do is make

sure that they're not afraid of you okay

be purely selfish standpoint this is

gonna make it a lot less likely she's

gonna want to give you her phone number

or something like that so basically what

I do is I come in from the side and when

I come in from the side I'm kind of like

talking like this and if you saw in my

other video where I showed you to a

video of me talking to two models in Los

Angeles I'm kind of leaned back and I'm

very relaxed okay by coming with very

relaxed body language I'm smiling I'm

like having a good time I come in maybe

just slightly higher energy level

that her like if she's with a friend or

something like that and they're talking

they're having a good time I don't want

to come in and being all low-energy okay

I want to come in at their energy maybe

take it up a notch because when people

are out there trying to have fun so I

walk up kind of relaxed a little bit

higher energy level than them and then

so a lot of people wonder what's the

first thing you usually say okay it

really depends in the situation I have

no idea what I usually say okay but most

of the time if I can't think of

something cool or something funny

something observational I'll literally

just say hey how's your night going very

very simple it doesn't really matter

what you say it's how you say it and how

you follow up okay usually people if she

was down to talk to a guy that night

she's probably gonna say something like

oh and it's going good how's yours and

then you can say something funny like

all you won't believe what just happened

to me bubble a little blah and then ask

her like where she's from what she does

and then these will branch into other

different subjects like oh cool how did

you get into that sort of thing now

you're learning a little bit more about

her passion learning a little bit more

about her makes it a little bit of

teasing that's a typical Goodbar

conversation okay where you learn a

little bit about somebody it T's you

have fun you experience each other a

little bit that's a great way to start

okay now a lot of guys when they come in

some of the biggest mistakes that I see

in this area so we've talked about what

how did not walk up and approach the

girl we've also talked about what to say

when you go up and do it and doing the

correct fashion now let's talk a little

bit about like where things tend to go

wrong okay so I see the number one

problems that I see is guys either run

out of stuff to talk about so if you're

running us to talk about I have a video

on how to never run out of things to

talk about with someone that you're

talking to whether it's a girl or really

whoever honestly like I have topics for

girls as well too but a lot of times

they don't take the interaction anywhere

or they don't know if the girl likes

them and the girl just kind of gets

bored and she leaves okay the way that

you prevent this from happening is make

sure the interaction is leading

somewhere okay and by leading I mean

actually leader somewhere dude like if

she's there and let's say you're at the

bar and you're talking for a little bit

just say hey cool come meet my friends

like if she says something she maybe she

like one of your friends or she might

you know it might be cool for this to

her to meet people people are usually

out to meet people mover to someplace

else if you just stand there and talk

and expect some magic to happen usually

that's not what's going to go down okay

so that's how I recommend walking up and

talking to a girl remember by language

is super important come in from the side

don't corner then make sure you give

them the option to leave at all times

and also don't come in with a lot of

hesitancy the a big thing that I see

guys come in with is they come in with

like hi like my name is Lloyd and they

kind of like shake their hand or

whatever like the girl women do not like

guys who hesitate for a lot of reasons

because they usually label them as

creepy the reason why they label them as

creepy is because it seems like they're

up to something but if you come in

secure confident hey how's it going my

name is Lloyd nice to meet you how's

your night going

awesome yeah my nights going great you

won't believe what happened to check

this out and then so you just start

rolling in it and you start talking okay

that guy that confident guy is actually

gonna make the woman feel a lot more

relaxed and the guy who hesitates and is

unsure of himself okay a lot of people

mimic how your behavior is so come in

with that high level of dominance and

security be assertive non aggressive and

a lot of times it's gonna be a much more

successful interaction okay so even if

you do all of this right there's going

to be a lot of women and I don't want to

talk to you and that's okay it's not

because they don't want to talk to you

because of you it's just because maybe

they're talking to the friends right now

maybe they lost you know maybe they're

going through some some [ __ ] that

happened them earlier that night maybe

they're just in a bad mood who knows it

doesn't matter and it's okay if a girl

doesn't want to talk to you at that

minute it doesn't mean she doesn't want

to talk to you forever it just means at

that time she's a little bit busy and

whatever happens do not react negatively

okay even if she comes out just like Oh

get away from me like the appropriate

response to that dude is you laugh if a

girl does that [ __ ] to me I think it's

hilarious they had like what could I

possibly have done in the first five

seconds just like my haircut she doesn't

like my beard you know it's like you got

a laugh things off take things with a

positive spin because if you react


you're gonna get yourself into a

negative state and maybe that girl that

you talk to next who will like you your

being on Negative Nancy you're being all

downer you know you're she's not gonna

want to hang out with that guy she's

gonna want to hang out with your best

self so make sure you keep your best

self ready for the girl that does want

to talk to you and if you walk up and

you do it in the manner that I'm telling

you you're actually not gonna look like

you've got rejected or you look like she

didn't want to talk to you or whatever

which I know a lot of guys are concerned

about they're concerned about what other

people think of them so if you come with

the right way you come in like that

very relaxed whatever she does you're

positive you laugh it off a lot of

people see it as a positive like I

remember I walked up to a group of girls

the other day and I talked to them and

like it was it was what Evers but they

didn't really want to hang out with me

and I just kind of like walked back to

my friends and they're like well how was

it now it's like that sucked

they're like what like dude it looked

like it was going really well looked

like they liked you and I was like well

then it kind of didn't want to talk

right now

it's all about the way that you handle

it if you handle things with great


great positivity relaxed body language

and you're assertive and you know if

you're coming in dumped not hesitating

not insecure then a lot of people are

just going to assume that all your

interactions are really good even though

you didn't actually get what you wanted

so remember that when you're going out

hopefully this helps you guys if you

guys are wondering about more tips on

how to do this I recommend you check my

facebook group if you want to be trained

by me in person where I teach guys

exactly how to do this in person I mean

this is my bread and butter man I've

been out a lot I've approached like

thousands of women slept with hundreds

of women just from the bars to not gonna

bragging about being of those crafts

things but if you're wondering how to do

this probably your guide thanks a lot

you guys good luck out there