How to approach a girl at work?

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hey guys i'm gabriela ryan joined by air

miles and today we're going to talk

about how to approach a girl at work

it's normal develop a crush with a woman

you work with because she spends a lot

of time together actually

statistics show that couples who hook up

at what unlikely to get married the

problem is how guys we work with make it

weird for us once they figure out that

they like us guys who are into a woman

they like are afraid of rejection stop

being weird around them it creeps out

the woman without you knowing here are

ways to approach a girl at work break

the ice your relationship with the girl

is built around your work when you want

to approach a woman and make her think

of you outside the office you have a

task to create a relationship that's

casual start a small talk that will make

you know her as a person and not a

colleague at work sincere compliments

are also a great way to break the ice

because it feels official and casual

don't assume that just because we work

together that we know you so when you're

breaking ice you want to make a lasting

impression that will put you in our

freezer flip up the moment now you have

so many opportunities at work to

approach the girl that you like and make

her like you know no matter how good we

are at work there is always need for

help so you can be polite and you can

offer to help her and teaser as you are

helping her now we feel indebted to

people who are nice to us and that's the

feeling that you want her to have

towards you and you can also tease her

there because you've helped her so she

can have lunch with you at say at the

cafeteria now look at the moment that

she needs help at work and work it to

your advantage but also don't push her

too hard or she'll report you for

harassment and joking incite her friends

the oldest trick in the book that men

use is to approach women is through

their friends and it always works when

you are shy to approach her while in the

office or the nature of your work is too

busy than used Plan B organize an

outdoor event with mutual friends and

also invite her she'll feel safe being

around her friends if she is not used to

you it will give you an opportunity to

be casual with her and get

outside the office talk to her now this

is a risky business because she'll

either turn you down immediately or be

impressed by your boldness so guys the

ladies know when you're not sincere so

if you're not honest with what you're

about to tell her to sit hit your desk

now before you build the approach you

need to know if she has a boyfriend or

if she's married you know as girls at

work are offended when a guy they work

with asked them out even though that

they know they're dating or that they

married so guys I hope you enjoyed

watching and that's all from us today

but I'd really encourage you to check

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guys one-on-one so anyway I'm Ian miles

and this is Gabriella Ryan and we'll see

you next time