How To Talk To Girls In A Loud Night Club - Ask Sami Ep#6

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yo family here from Ministry of

attraction welcome to another episode of

ask family today we're going to jump

into the previous week video of ask

Tammy and see like the questions you

guys had before we get started I want

you guys to go in the comments section

right now and comment and ask the

questions that you want me to answer in

the next week's video

alright so glad further ado let's jump

straight into this now the first

question goes how do i socialize if I

don't have a strong voice and nobody can

hear me in the club now we're this I

would say that you could watch another

video of mine where I talk about vocal

tonality and how to become louder but

generally speaking it's kind of

difficult to be heard in a club anyway

so you kind of have to work on your

nonverbal communication now how does

this look now the idea of a club where

it's so loud that you can't even hear

yourself think you can do two things if

you still want to communicate verbally

you can talk to you can try to get the

girl's attention and try to talk through

it but then when you're listening to her

you can put your finger and press it on

your ear and then you'll be able to hear

much louder if you press right here

you'll be able to hear her and much

better and it's cool because if you

teach her the exact same tricky like hey

take her finger and put against her ear

and then you speak she'll be like oh my

gosh this really cool trick sometimes

she'll even try to show their friends

like oh my god check it out

it's kind of like a little fun thing to

do this thing I learned when I was 2 DJ

when I was younger nice to be at the

clubs and then what people would come

and ask us for like music requests or

like you know I was trying to speak to

another DJ or something we would press

our ear like that and we be able to

communicate with each other much better

another thing you have to work on is

your nonverbal communication something

called the hand of God that would be

using for ages is literally singing

girls looking at her and just being like

putting your hands out grabbing her

putting her in and then you can start

talking once you get her into close

proximity then it's much easier to speak

but if you're trying to like go up to

grown dance floor and she's dancing and

you go hey if you come here often and

she's like what do you come here often

what it's going to go pretty badly

because she's not gonna be able to hear

you you're gonna look like an idiot and

it's not going to work out you want to

get the girl's attention get closer

speak to her at a close proximity and

you don't want to stay too long in that

area there's no way you're going to have

an hour conversation even with this

trick on the center of the dance floor

you want to talk for like one or two

minutes as soon as she gives you like

one indication of she's excited or

interested if she smiles or she lasts

funny you say like

here you 2 seconds two seconds and you

pull her away you go to the bar you go

to a quiet area in the club you go to

the smoking section you go somewhere

maybe the rooftop even just so you guys

can communicate on a much better level

but trying to stand a store and have a

full-on conversation it's not happening

what you can do is stay there but dance

you don't have to talk you can dance a

little bit more get er more excited more

interested and then for later the idea

is you can never have a full

conversation on the dance floor so stop

trying to do it

the next question goes who has more

options men or women in dating and how

can you have more abundance or an

abundance mindset so the first question

is who has more more options well

realistically speaking women have more

options because men don't take action

women have more option because they can

go on the bar and they can look at a guy

like you home now and never go back yes

sold done whereas the guy if you tried

that to make no but fortunately what

happens is a lot of guys will show up to

the bar or the club and the reason why

they don't have options is because they

approach one girl night maybe two girls

tonight and that's it

if you approach one girl item two or two

girls a night you are no Casanova you're

no pimp master flex you're just a guy

who's approaching one girl right and

where their works are or doesn't is just

you approach to one girl night so you

don't have any option for you to have

abundance what we're talking about is

approach more people that's the solution

to all your problems it's just approach

now if someone says oh I'm not making

enough money how do I make how to make

more money in my company pick up the

phone and make more sales call if you

call one person he's your only customer

you're not going to make an equal of

money but if you make if you pick up the

phone you've got a list of a thousand

people when you keep on calling you're

going to make money so you're gonna have

to approach more to be able to have an

abundant mindset

once you have 10 girls who you're

texting every day and you've got like

three dates lined up you've got an

abundance mindset not even a mindset

it's a lifestyle you're living the

abundance lifestyle so girls originally

have more options than men just by

default because they can but if you take

action then you will have more options

if you take action if you're the guy

who's actually going out there and

approaching and having fun having a


socializing it's working with everyone

guess what your options will increase

dramatically than the one or two growth

per night the question goes are you guys

still accepting people for the bootcamp

now the boot camps are run

we do it by application process we don't

put a button out there for just anyone

to join because I want to know that the

people I'm working with are real action


I've seen some times in the past where

we've had guys who come aboard who I'm

like you know go and approach and he's

like Nam okay I'm just gonna sit here

I'm like okay this is gonna be tough

working like god this is more than I was

you know excited about or thinking about

no I'm gonna looking for that I'm

looking for the guys who are going to

come really hustle hard really push

themselves get their ass kicked by me

and at the same time they're gonna have

a blast

if you're kind of person who's not

willing to do that then no we don't we

don't accept these guys that's why we

have a filter process if you are

interested in the boot camps you can

apply down below but otherwise we're

looking for the guys where the real

hustler is the real action takers the

guys who really want to actually move

advanced and they're actually motivated

and dedicated to get results if you're a

guy who's sitting at home and he's

lazily anything but throwing a bunch of

money in my face is going to change your


I don't want have you on board I'm sorry

simple as that the next one goes family

you should go to a speed-dating event

now I'm sure that actually would

probably be quite fun I don't exactly

know how I've ever been to speed dating

event but I'm pretty sure would be

pretty fun to be like someone who

actually goes around has game how it

would be to have like a 60 second or two

million traction just see what kind of

stuff you could spit out I don't know

maybe we'll grab a camera and try to

sneak it into a speed-dating event and

see what I can work and pull up that's a

pretty good suggestion thank you for

that the next question goes what is the

difference between bar game and

nightclub game generally speaking I do

see a difference in game with stuff that

you can do in day game is a little bit

different vibe an action that you can do

in a bar or nightclub it's all a bit

different in a bar it's more about your

communication your verbal communication

you could talk to the girl talk for

quite a while

escalate and kind of move her away from

her friends or move her to the location

where you guys can make out and move

forward and pull home in a club it's

very loud so you can't really speak as

we spoke about earlier when it's so loud

you're going to be able to only dance

with her on the dance floor and then

move her away or just talk to her in

that word like a splits two three minute

conversation and then move her way the

bars you can communicate verbally the

club it's very difficult to communicate

verbally so you have to work on your

nonverbal game that's why guys are

scared of clubs you just ask any guy ask

any guy friends hey man you

to go to the club they're like I don't

know I don't like I'd rather go to the

bar instead guys always are more

comfortable bars because they can speak

now the guys are good dancers who know

what they're doing

okay let's go to the club let's have fun

let's have a party where as yep the

understand the difference is one is

completely verbal game and one is very

very small part of verbal game and the

rest is non verbal game and if you're

not comfortable in non verbal games then

guess what it's going to be a tough time

for you that's all the time we have for

this episode's ask Sammy please comment

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