How To Tell A Girl You Like Her

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Do you like a girl and you're not sure exactly how to tell her? Are you too shy, too nervous

or fear coming off desperate? Well watch this video and we'll go ahead and fix all of that.

Stay tuned. Hey, Tripp here with, teaching you the steps on how to get the girl

while still being your genuine self and today, we're talking about how to tell a girl you

like her. Of course, there's two different scenarios in which this could happen. Number

one, if you already know her, and number two, if this is some sort of cold approach. Today,

I want to talk about both and make sure to stick around to the end because I want to

give you a special gift. So number one, how do you tell a girl you already know you like

her? First things first, you never want to tell a girl you like her unless you have some

sort of indication that she's interested in you too. If you tell a girl you like her out

of the blue, she's going to be shocked and the chances of rejection are much higher.

Much higher. The first step is to get a sense if she likes you or not. So what are those

signs? Well I do a video all about that and you can click right here to watch it. But

before you go to that video, let me tell you a few right now. Does she contact you a lot?

Does she seem to want to hang out with you? Is she always calling you, texting you? Does

she get really excited to see you? These are the questions that you have to answer. Now

be careful, all those signs may be there, but you still might be in the friend zone,

so at this point, it's your call whether you want to tell her you like her. My recommendation

is to go for it. Like I say, if you're head over heels and she still sees you as a friend,

it's not a true friendship. Better to let her know that you're interested. So how do

you do that, you ask? Just be open, direct and honest. There's no better way. Let her

know you see her as more than a friend and then you want to take things to the next level.

If she's interested in you, then this won't be hard. She'll be thrilled that you brought

it up. Go ahead. Tell her you're taking her out on a date. Use the word date. This will

tell her that you like her. Ding ding ding. So how do you come off not desperate? Well

you don't unveil your unconditional love for her. Don't act needy. Instead let her know

that you see her more than a friend. And if she can't handle that, well abundance my friend.

You'll always, always find another amazing girl. There are plenty out there. Trust me.

Okay, so what if this is a cold approach? You know, in a situation where you didn't

know her previously, but maybe a girl you met during the day or possibly at night or

at a bar, well first off, throughout the entire interaction, you should be telling her you

like her. But you're not doing this verbally per se. It's more sub-communication. That

way, you won't come off needy or desperate. You'll be flirty with her, touching her and

letting off little hints that you're interested. Of course, by the end of the interaction,

you'll grab her number and let her know that you're taking her out. Remember? A date. Trust

me, it's simple, but if you need more help, then grab my e-book, 10 Simple Unknown Dating

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so much for watching and as always, I'll see you on the next video.