How to Successfully Approach Women And Not Be Creepy

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well first let me start by making

something very clear I'm not a pickup

artist and I'm not going to be giving

you cheesy one-liners however I do

recognize how hard it could be to

approach beautiful women and the first

thought that most of us always go

through is she's gonna think I'm a total

creep and I get it so in this video

instead of giving you cheesy one-liners

I'm going to show you how to

successfully approach women and what not

to do to not be perceived as creepy the

first one don't be a stalker see you can

look but don't stare as soon as you guys

make eye contact with the person you

want to approach that should be a cue

for you to start making the approach the

last thing you want is to look like a

stalker with creepy staring episodes

with that person you want to approach oh

crap you saw me crap show me again

crap act natural act natural if you guys

make eye contact more than three times

and you still haven't built up the

courage to walk up to her just leave

game over and this this leads me to a

little trick that I used to do when I

was head hunting let's call it the

three-second rule which thank God I

don't have to do this anymore

but I'm gonna share my knowledge with

you and the little trick that I used to

do which i think really does help like I

said I'll admit it picking up the

courage to go talk to a complete

stranger especially if you think she's

beautiful takes a lot of courage but

instead of letting your thoughts

paralyze you count to three so literally

and your head go one two three and then

just go for it don't even think about it

just go and do it see what this is gonna

do is giving at least for me giving

myself those three seconds then instead

of me overthinking it I'm just counting

in my head I can ease myself into the

interaction without going in there with

all these preconceived nervous notions

if you wait any longer you're gonna blow

it you're gonna walk up there you're

going to be a nervous wreck and you're

gonna be sweating bullets and then then

you're gonna look creepy

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them so the next thing you're going to

want to avoid to not look creepy is

don't invade her space yes the right

body language and the right eye contact

is extremely important it should be in

sync with your intent so if your body

language is off and you're not showing

the right amount of eye contact

you can look this interested however

since you are interested you need to

show the right amount of eye contact and

body language to show her that interest

but when it gets extremely creepy is

when a guy invades her space and locks

her into I contact this this can get

very creepy for the person your eye

contact is locked so the last thing you

want to do is corner her make her feel

trapped and worst of all give her the

death stare like I said it has to be the

right amount of eye contact when I talk

to you guys or when you're having a

conversation you're not always dead

locked in with the person the fourth

thing you're going to want to avoid this

being a pervert so no sexual innuendos

no sexual jokes and don't be too full of

yourself this is these are not as common

but these are actually the guys are on

the other extreme so there's the shy

guys that are always nervous and then

there's the guys that are completely

full of themselves and think it'll be a

privilege for her to date them this is

the guy that will stare at her rack

instead of her eyes the same guy that

will probably lick his lips about 20

times in the interaction thinking he's

increasing sexual tension when in her

mind all you're increasing is your

cringy level so don't go for the overly

confident tool approach unless you want

to be perceived as cringy which

theoretically speaking

is worse than being a creep and then

finally something to kind of ease the

nerves a little bit talk to women like

regular people because they are this is

the this is something that needs to be

going through your head all the time

they're regular people just like us and

this is something a lot of us guys do we

tend to put women on this pedestal as if

they're perfect when in reality they

could be just as nervous about an

interaction and aren't as perfect as our

expectations place them so instead of

making the conversation 10 times more

awkward by being super nervous or

bombarding her with compliments because

you don't know what else to say try to

have a regular conversation with her as

if you would with a friend and for that

watch this video up here where I show

you how to have a interesting

conversation with just about anybody

but to close it off don't get too worked

up about it

keep in mind they are people too so

that's it for me in this week's video

guys I hope you enjoyed it if you did

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