How to Approach a Girl You Like and Get Her Phone Number

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getting your phone number if she's

obviously you know not coming home with

you maybe find out she has to work early

in the morning or maybe you're just you

know want to get some phone numbers at

night you're not focusing all your time

on one woman always good policy remember

the goal is to get her to ask you for

your phone number but you know some

girls are never gonna do it no matter

what made it playing hard to get maybe

they're shy you got to go for it so when

you're forced to make a move you know I

find it's best to act a little reluctant

kind of like you're doing her a favor

you know so you know if I'm talking to a

girl you know and you know I'm talking

about going to a party on the weekend a

belly well you know what I'm she I mean

I guess you could come with me you know

if you promise to behave you know so

it's kind of like you know you're doing

her a favor and then you know of course

16 numbers I'll be like you know I'll

tell you what put your number in my

phone and you know maybe I'll take you

there sometime you know if you guys have

been talking about a restaurant or

something you know if you think you can

handle it you know just keeping up those

you know challenging her with a cocky

comedy another thing I like to do after

I exchanged phone numbers with her you

know it's a kind of um you know put some

more icing on a cake is I'll give her my

phone number I'll be like okay now don't

you call me after 2:00 a.m. you know get

enough of those calls as it is other

ways to get a phone number one of my

favorites is to memorize it again I

usually start with you know we're

getting ready to leave or I'm getting

ready walk away be like you know there's

something you don't know about me what

well I know you well I can tell you that

I'm actually of an excellent memory I'm

very very good at memorizing phone

numbers try it test me out right now

tell me yours you know and I'll tell you

and you know remember every few seconds

say bye and then she leaves puts in your

putting your phone you know cuz the few

memories as bad as mine you know got

back up

another great one if you really want to

make her work and it's really on you

know and she's really into you and she's

talking about hanging out okay well hey

go find it you know before you leave go

find a pen and paper and write down your

phone number bring it over you know give

your phone number before you leave make

sure you get it and just have her do all

the work and then she just hands it to


mmm I like that one a lot you can also

uh this is one of my favorites as of

late we'll be talking about doing

something or hanging out or even if not

you know the conversations just be

coming to an end I'll be like here put

my number in your phone and then I'll

have her put my number in her phone and

I'm like okay call me right now cuz you

know so I have your number because I

don't answer calls I don't know you know

so then she calls you and you put her

name in and then you guys both have each

other's number you know and the

indication there is that she's gonna

call you and you're gonna answer you

know and hopefully she will but then

even if she doesn't you have her number

you know so you're kind of setting it up

like she has to work but you know yeah

the cool thing you can do with your

phone is if you've got a phone that's

got a keypad on

you can type things in real quick and

you're good with it um you have her call

your phone or you call her in some way

get her number

and then while she's not really looking

type in the name that goes with it like

you know dorky random chick met at bar

Saturday as the name right and then you

say okay you know call me again to make

sure I have it and then when it rings

you go you hold it up and she sees that

as it's ringing you go okay I got it

nice I also do the opposite I'll put my

name in her phone is like sex machine or

something like that you know then I call

hey what's up yeah it's a good one and

who's not gonna answer a call from sex

machine I mean come on

but these these sound like they're

little dorky things and truly they are

yeah but if you take her phone and you

put your number in there and then you

get hers and you put your number in

there and then you put your name a sex

machine but she doesn't know it I mean

think about that you programmed it in

and then when you call her the next day

she's gonna be like