3 Best Ways To Get a Girl’s Number

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So you approached a girl she seems really into it, and now you have to go

for the number. But you start to get nervous because you don't know the best

way to ask. Should you just be straightforward about it? Or should you

try to make her laugh? I mean, what's the best way to go for it where she's more

likely to say yes? I'm Mat Artisan from The Attractive Man and these are my

three favorite ways to get her number.

We've done all the testing, we know what works.

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Now most guys ask for the number. "So... can

I have your phone number?" Big mistake! Because that shows a lack of

confidence, because it presupposes that you're not sure if she likes you, and

that you're not sure if she actually wants to give you her phone number.

Because I mean you're asking instead of just assuming that she likes you. So

instead, display confidence and rephrase it like a command. "Here, put your number

in my phone." It's really that simple.

I think a lot of girls now don't just want to give out their phone numbers to

strangers. I know I never liked to, so maybe, you know, try to make it funny.

Ask her for her phone, if she says why, say "Well I want to look for my number in

your phone!" Or just maybe even offer your phone number. For me personally it's much

more comfortable whenever I have someone's phone number. And yeah "Will

they call?" "Won't they call?" But you know as a woman we do have to be somewhat safe.

Now what I like to do is this: I just tell her "You know, you seem pretty

cool. I'll give you my number, let me see your phone."

Then I go to her texting app and I send myself a text. "Hey Matt you're so hot" and

I sign her name. Then after we part ways I'll wait a few minutes and I'll text

her this - "Oh thanks you're so sweet" and she'll probably get a kick out of it.

It's fun, flirty, and it works great. And the best part is that she's very

unlikely to object to you giving her your number. Because she doesn't know

that you're secretively sending yourself a text. She just thinks you're harmlessly

saving your number in her phone and she could always just not text you if she

doesn't want to. Hmm... I think that's a double negative. "You're a double negative."

Here's another funny move you can do: Save your number in her phone and then

call your number from her phone. "Let me see your phone, I'll give you my number.

I'm gonna call myself so that way you have my number too." But actually pick up

the call and use this opportunity to do a funny role play. "Come on pick it up.

Hi mom! Yeah, hey I just met this girl she's kind

of cute but I don't know she's kind of a dork. What do you think, should I give her

a chance?" Or if all of this seems too silly or gimmicky for you, you can always

just go for her number like a boss. Say something like: "You know, you seem pretty

cool. Here, put your number of my phone!" And remember to always stand beside her

when you get her phone number so you can touch more. All right that's it! This

video can't be over already is it? Okay well how about this: Let's show some pictures of hot girls instead.

*Slide show of hot girls* (whew)

So try that out man. And remember to be

assertive and don't ask for permission. I already know all the hardcore YouTube

feminists out there are gonna give me s*** for saying that but I'm sticking to

it. Because asking for permission to have her phone number shows uncertainty, and

you should assume that she likes you. Unless she makes it really obvious that

she doesn't. *Slap* And now that you have her number,

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