How To Ask a Girl Out NOW

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so you don't want to do it in a place

that's too public like in the middle of

a huge rager like dude hey guys my name

is Gabriel Moses I apologize for just

everything going on right now it's 110

degrees outside with really high

humidity so my hair is insane I put it

up those sweating balls but then I just

found a fan and I decided my hair was

it's just not working and I almost died

going out to my car because it was so

hot then I sat in my car and I burnt my

butt in my hand I went to get the seat

it just was not working today's not my

day but I have I'm going to film a video

to help you guys so hopefully your day

is better than mine and today's video is

on how to ask out a girl because I've

gotten this request so many times to

just do like an updated version of this

so I hope it helps you we're just gonna

jump right into it the first key thing

whenever you're asking a girl be

prepared for her to say no like just go

in thinking she's gonna say no so then

if she does actually say no you're not

gonna be sad you're not gonna be


and if you think she's gonna say no

anyways you may as well do it cuz you

have absolutely nothing to lose like

yeah she says no but nothing bad is

gonna happen you'd rather go up and ask

her and her say yes and yeah you took

the shot and she says no the nothing

Bad's gonna happen the worst thing that

can happen is you're just gonna regret

not asking her so I'd rather not live

with any regrets and just be like hey

want to go out with me instead of just

watching her get a really hot boyfriend

and be like oh I should have passed her

out when I had the chance to do it look

you know that cheesy quote that you miss

all the shots you don't take and I'm

sure there's a hundred other ones like

that yeah it's the one hundred percent

true yeah it's like I regret not doing

so many different things like

Highschool hanging out with friends with

guys and it all but stuff I'd rather

just do it and be like oh I learned from

that mistake instead I'm just always

looking back on it like man I wish I did


because that's how I feel and I'm trying

to make you guys feel better so you

don't regret every single thing in your

life like hey you might get embarrassed

that she said no but I'd rather be like

embarrassed for five seconds and learned

that she was not the girl for me then

just go on the rest of my life being

like oh my goodness she's so hot maybe

one day I'll marry her like if you learn

that she's gonna say no then it's better

off for that to happen earlier then like

later on in your life whenever use like

made shrines bourbon obsessing about her

for a few months don't set the bar too

high when you're asking out a girl you

don't want to go like all crazy insane

like have a airplane flying around the

sky with like a sign will you go out

with me we're like something insanely

huge or like way too out of the ordinary

because then if she does say yes her

expectations are gonna be so high like

for her birthday you're gonna have to

get her favorite band or something to

like talk that like it's just gonna be

so much harder to keep her happy and

stuff and she will always compare the

way you asked her out to everything else

you do if you just set the bar too high

so you may as well just do

maybe to something normal like you can

just ask her in person not make a big

deal about it because if you make too

big of a deal out of it then you're just

gonna let her down for the rest of like

the occasion it's like her birthday you

might let her down Christmas you might

Valentine's Day so just set the bar low

and if she says yes then you know she's

gonna be good but if she says no and you

do this huge thing you might have just

spent a bunch of money or nothing for

her to say no for her doesn't not you so

just go the easy way be like want to go

out with me in person no in person this

brings me to my next point

do not ask her out over text messages

this is what we did in fifth grade we're

not in fifth grade anymore most of my

viewers they're like 15 to 20 something

like that so please don't ask her out

over a text like maybe if you want to

just do something casual like I'd want

to go to the movie and you're just

texting her and you're already texting

her yeah but not do you want to be my

girlfriend type of thing you never do

that over text cuz that is just a red

flag for a relationship if you just

asked you out over text then the bar has

already been set way too low too low a

bar maybe she's desperate she'll say yes

to that over text but it in reality

you're not gonna get a dime for that's

another big thing like if you go after

her I know like

hi do you like don't act nervous seven

seconds of like courage can get you

anywhere you just got to pretend like

you have the biggest balls in the world

and just go up there and be like hey do

wanna go out with me if you get sweaty

and nervous like that's everything I get

them to it's a hundred percent okay

maybe just bring an extra shirt with you

or just try not touch your hands like

don't try the hand shaker I think give

her a hug instead like that's okay if

you get that type of nervous but don't

go up there and like completely psyching

yourself out because if you go up there

and you know you're nervous and you

overthink it all it just might not go to

the best as it could be if you're just

not paying attention about how nervous

you are so maybe he'll like your best

friend give you like a pep talk right

before like hey dude you're about to

have a hot girlfriend that type of thing

and then just smack her on the butt and

there you go so just try not to freak

yourself out don't get too nervous and I

know asking out a girl is a big deal you

can't get nervous it's normal but try

not to make it obvious that you're

nervous because she's more likely to say

yes because she really likes you if

you're not nervous then inter super

nervous and she says yes out of pity

so you don't want to be dating girl at a

pity if she does say no and you still

are like man I still want to give up on

her I don't want her to regret her

saying no like maybe I should give her

another chance definitely give her

another chance

but make sure you kind of space it out

maybe give it two weeks and she says no

the first time but if she says no after

that after the second time that's an

obvious like no she does not want to go

out with you so do not hound her on the

daily do want to go out with me do want

to go out with me don't go get coffee to

go to the movie you want to go get some

ice cream don't go get some candy no

just kind of let it be and if she said

no twice then she lost out on you it's

her own fault if she said no to you cuz

obviously she's not worth your time if

she already said no twice if you want to

do it a third time then you might just

start annoying her a little bit that

sort of thing so you just want to lay

off and then maybe play hard-to-get

after the first time or after the second

time act like like you're too good for

her maybe that's obviously Kate

then so just play hard-to-get then and

then if should you start seeing that she

likes you then maybe try for a third

time but don't just keep trying keep

trying like day after day cuz then she's

just gonna get annoyed she's just gonna

get turned off by you and she honestly

will not want you to like go out with


can I do an example of you are you gonna

upset me no I'm just gonna say how much

I hated you in eighth grade and how

you'd always ask me out never do I

actually really let's go to the

spongebob movie together I have this

sticky dough so I know

don't ask out a girl as a joke either

cuz that will hurt her feelings or it'll

just annoy her or she'll just be like

dude like I know your kid if you didn't

care if it was a joke and you hated me

why did it hurt your feelings so bad it

didn't hurt my feelings I think I'd like

an example kids okay no no no this is a

good point though like if a guy asked

out a girl as a dare or something like

say she's a girl who doesn't get a lot

of attention from guys and like all the

popular guys are like dude try and go

out with her like trying you see if you

can get some action from ur like as a

bet please refrain from doing that yes

it's a never single high school movie

that I see or it actually happens to

like please just don't do that don't

mess with someone's emotions emotions

are real it's not fair to place money or

bets on that type of thing if you are

struggling on how exactly to ask out a

girl it's not as hard as you think like

I said earlier do not go above and

beyond just make it super casual so

first thing this is what you got to do

you got to find something in common so

make sure you kind of know her a little

bit like hey if you like the same sports

do you want to go watch this together

don't watch this ballgame work

I heard you love this pizza place I love

it too

that's an idea you just have to be like

hey casually bring it up in a regular

conversation cuz one it'll kind of like

kick her off guard like oh he just asked

me out or - she won't realize that she

thought you asked her out and she'll say


so either way it will go in your

favorite there's no way she can say no

to like a super casual thing because

then if she does say no it doesn't hurt

you feeling yes feel like this bad but

she will most likely say yes because

it's casual you're not putting a lot of

pressure on it cuz that's why girls

might say no like if you make it some

big ordeal she might say no because she

might feel the pressure and she might

get kind of freaked out by it

okay but if you do end up saying as she

or if she ends up saying yes great job

perfect but then you think what am I

gonna do for this date you want to go

somewhere where she's comfortable you

don't want her to feel awkward like

first date this is a definite no do not

bring her to your house to meet your

family on the first day that says

disaster that says too much commitment

on a first date you want to go somewhere

fun you might want to go with like

friends and stuff you just want to keep

it casual at first and then if it does

work out really well then make it more

serious like that's okay you don't want

to go out like you don't want to just go

up to a girl be like head want to marry

me know whatever you do ask out a girl

make sure you do it in a setting that's

like meaningful to her cuz a girl will

remember that for a really really really

long time so you don't want to do it in

a place that's too public like in the

middle of a huge rager like dude want to

go out with me don't kind of make it

meaningful but not over-the-top

beautiful so maybe you like sunsets and

you're just hanging those friends but

you want more to be more than friend

so you bring her to like a cool spot

like my boyfriend he asked me out by

bringing me to the train tracks as the

train was going but at sunset listen


all right listen not only did I ask her

out I asked her out on October 21st of

2016 October October 21st of 2015 if you

don't know the significance of that date

Google it wasn't that the back of okay

but see like things like that like that

was sweet that was cute a train is

actually going by when Jack asked me out

and the horn yeah and but the horn was

like beeping so I didn't like hear it on

the way but I thought I did so then as

we were walking back to the car I was

like wait did you ask me to be your

girlfriend like it's just the cute

little things like don't go over the top

do it somewhere meaningful where she'll

remember cuz who knows you might end up

marrying her you could always bring her

back to that same spot like it's just

the cute little things don't do it in a

too public area like don't beat in the

middle of a crowd at a football game

where everyone can overhear everything

and everything's looks so loud like it

doesn't mean anything like you just got

the idea spontaneously like oh I want to

go out with this girl so but yeah guys

this is the end of the video but I've

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