How to Approach a Girl in College

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so this past semester there's a good

chance that you were probably sitting in

class that you thought to yourself

god damn I talked to the ponytail badi

with the great yoga pants and the badass

eighth rotor see to the left of my

philosophy lecture well my friends let's

first start by taking some advice from

college girls themselves what's your


if a guy sat next to you in a lecture

hall with your friend you're sitting

right there because this is like usually

the scenario here right you're with a

friend are you an authority used to be

so you're with your sorority sister and

a do6 next year what's the best way he

should try to talk to both of us instead

of just talking to like one girl if you

like talk to both of them it'll make us

feel more like willing to talk to you

that's so much work oh it's a classroom

right it's like five people dispersed

across the whole room and a dude comes

and sits right next to you is that weird

they need to say something okay what

should they say Michael Court yeah yeah

you're really not just obviously just

just get this girl Michael Kors bag or

something and then she'll it's all your

[ __ ] bougie yes it is like hi my name is

Kevin nice to meet you it would be Kevin

huh if there's a I'll show a guy

approach you at a coffee shop if I'm

saying a table just say oh can i shirt

seat with you nice you know

Leslee it most likely will be busy we

start having a conversation with her

classes you taking listen this what

about in lecture halls I think that

that's like the hardest place right next

people get weird about it

hey I have a question on this okay see

you in lecture you like it looks like

you know what you're doing you're like

other girls would prefer something

straightforward but for me personally I

would like if they just like pretended

like they weren't trying to get at you

and then became your friend first like I

was about like help in class or

something well we should the opening

line be if it's like with your sister

you know your friends your close friends

I should a guy break the ice this

anti-social which is Jesus sandals this

is like the Crocs of 2017 yeah it's I

don't and I never want to organic people

it's really not that I don't know why

you're freaking out you're good you're

good you're good

all right it's a way uglier people won't

know that's like is it weird if say in

the beginning we class you know there's

not a lot of people in the class right

and then he sits right next to you is

that weird like the opening line do you

get the homework did you get the

homework and you got the bar over the

same struggle like man [ __ ] philosophy I

don't need this class to graduate oh


did you fail to she would not believe I

was actually a hospitalized last week I

ended up in the ER that's why I I

couldn't even take the makeup exam oh my

god what happened College you know went

a little too hard on the party and huh

yeah [ __ ] them on goodies and then they

see you know three frat guys

choo-choo sorry what yeah they ran a

trade on me that's Pleasant oh well you

know what hey next time you could come

to my parties where it's a little less

wild yeah mr. Graham and there you go

you get the social media and next step

is how does a guy know

that if a girl has a boyfriend without

actually having to ask her oh I know you

couldn't stop them on Instagram if they

had like any pictures so you know your

honor Instagram me you kind of scoping

out clues as to whether she got a manse

or not and and you stopped upon

Halloween 2017 where she is in a mrs.

incredible costume and she's with a dude

who is in a mr. Incredibles costume you

better [ __ ] hope that he is

incredibly gay and one of her best

friends because if that's her man's then

honestly you gotta move on we don't want

me to direct that first right unless you

all you got like all right guys all

right so um how about can get your

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