How To Approach A Girl - SAY THIS TO HER

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hey guys it's me Cathy ennoble leading

female dating and attraction expert for

men and today I'm gonna show you how to

maximize your results with women in

daytime scenarios



daytime scenarios present great

opportunities to meet women many of our

students who come the 7-day program or

even the boot camps are always surprised

about the amount of success that they

generate from the daytime sessions now

most guys go and approach women in night

time environments and that's because

they're oblivious to the amount of

opportunities to meet girls in the

daytime they often think it's going to

be so much harder or it's somehow

socially not allowed or not acceptable

so what's all the guys are kind of like

flooding to the nightclubs and the bars

we make sure our students experience

night game meeting women obviously in

bars and in nightclubs but also in the

daytime scenarios now there are pros and

cons to both okay and I have spoken in

other videos about the pros of meeting

women in the night time so let's talk

about the pros of day time okay why is

it great to meet women in the day time

first of all you're not restricted to

three to four hours you're not

restricted to having to leave the bar at

midnight or 1 or 4 and get there a

certain time when things get busier with

day time I mean you can literally start

from 11:00 a.m. and if it's in summer

then you can really work day game until

about 7 o'clock 8 o'clock at night it's

cheaper you don't have to keep spending

money on drinks I mean even if you're

not buying drinks for the girls you've

got to pay for entries you've got to pay

for cabs you've got to pay for drinks

for yourself so meeting women their

daytime lot cheaper much more

cost-effective there's less chance of

flaky numbers so if you meet a girl in a

day time she gives you a number there's

more chance that you're going to hear

from her again that she's going to

respond to your text messages we found

that you know nighttime environments you

know girls drinking they're giving out

their number a little bit more and then

the guy rings up and she's like you know

who is that again Rose day time there's

much more chance that she'll respond to

your text messages that you follow up

with okay but the real pro of meeting

women in daytime is the spontaneous

element to it okay you create a whole

new dimension when you meet women the

daytime is it almost not just

spontaneous but but kind of romantic

connotation to it where's nighttime it's

kind of just very standard

you know you're kind of like on this

conveyor belt of talking to women and

you know it and she knows it so meaning

or in the daytime has that new dimension

to it and this is why using direct

approaches in the daytime are amazing

now just for some of you out there who

might not know the difference between

indirect and direct approaches here's

just a quick summary in indirect is

approaching a woman not showing your

intent so basically maybe asking for

directions just making kind of polite

chitchat citroen or situational

observation something like that whereas

direct is you going in there and and

telling the girl you know I think your

heart I think you're beautiful

showing your intent basically and then

just proceeding to have a conversation

and I find that you can do that in

daytime and nighttime environments but

daytime it works even better so today

I'm gonna give you my go-to sequence

that I've been sharing with my clients

for many years now

and it's really helped them generate

some great results from daytime

scenarios not only does it make a strong

impactful and confident connection

straight away but it will also give you

the ability to transition into a

full-blown conversation and that's where

a lot of guys struggle they struggle

with using direct and then going into a

normal conversation but stay tuned

because this little sequence is going to

show you how to do just that

now before you use a sequence before you

go into the approach I need you to just

quickly check yourself check what mental

state you're in if you're feeling low

with an authority or you're just not in

the mood then don't do it

go indirect if you want to but don't use

direct when you go and direct when

you're about to pay someone a compliment

you're about to stop someone on the

street or go up to somebody in a coffee

shop or a bookstore you've got to do a

watertight confidence so check yourself

before you do it if you're in the mood

if you're feeling good about yourself

then direct is the way to go your

opening line should always be this is so

random okay this is so random but I had

to come and tell you and that's when you

give your you know your your compliment

to the guy I think you're really hot you

can make it feel a little bit more

spoke if you want you can be quite

general with it

there's I've done videos about

complimenting a girl on the best kind of

compliments to give her but I don't want

to focus on that too much your yourse

your line should always be this is so

random that's the first line that you

use and I'll explain why you must avoid

an all costs saying I've been watching

you or this is really weird or I don't

do this often okay you've got to avoid

that all cost because that will make you

come across as creepy if you say this is

so random she'll feel like hey guess

what this really is random this doesn't

happen to him every day and it doesn't

happen to me every day that's for sure

so you're stating the bloody obvious now

once you've said that once you've

delivered your compliment remember that

watertight confidence should do what are

two things she'll either walk off

literally she'll just turn around walk

off okay or she'll do the kind of thanks

and it's a kind of side shuffle where

it's like that was interesting I might

want that to transcend to something else

but I'm not sure yet

now if she walks away you have literally

wasted three seconds or seconds of your

time but if she's kind of in that I'm

not sure kind of reaction it's like

they've got one foot out the door and

they're but they're kind of intrigued

okay and once you start doing this a lot

you'll know that's when you pursue now

the next part of the sequence is to use

force time constraint so you've got him

with this is so random

then you've given her a compliment she

said thanks and she's kind of still

hanging around then you go in the first

time constraint I've got to be

somewhere in a couple of minutes I've

got to meet Lucy um she's my friend and

she hates it when I'm late or I've got

to be at this meeting now you use a

forced time constraint but you add

detail to it so you don't just say oh

I've got five minutes to

I've got five minutes to spare show the

girl that you've got something to do and

tell her what it is again this Pink's a

kind of picture of your reality to her

so you know remember you're a complete

stranger so she wants to kind of like

fill in the blanks a little bit and you

can provide that by by telling her

something about yourself even though she

didn't are so I've got a got to go

meet my friend Lucy in five minutes this

is obviously this is really annoying now

this is brilliant because this takes

pressure it takes pressure off the

encounter so she doesn't feel like oh

you're gonna be hanging around forever

in a day there is a point where you're

going to have to go and that will

increase her desire or increase her

chances of speaking to you for longer

but to invest in the conversation

because she knows if it doesn't go well

you you have to go it's not going to be

that awkward kind of well nice meeting

you now he's gonna ask my number you are

going to have to go you've made that

very clear but also what it does is it

reinforces the random aspect of the

encounter okay so what do you do next

this is where most guys fall apart like

a cheap suit you've got her attention

she's looking at you right what's your

pitch what are you selling and most guys

will then say so what do you do for a

living my name Steve nice weather and

they've taken it to a very impactful

moment and they've turned it into a very

prosaic experience okay they've taken it

from high impact to low impact very

quickly if however you are a master

conversation is and you can just

generate multiple conversational threads

from a girl you know how to springboard

from hook to hook and create impactful

connections long lasting connections

with a woman you can make a laugh you

can code really you can do all that

wonderful stuff that I teach then you

don't need to watch the rest of this

video however if you are like most men

and you just go blank and you just

suffer from decision-making paralysis

you don't know whether to left or right

in a conversation

don't worry because this is the next

part of the sequence and it's really

gonna help you keep the conversation

going without turning it prosaic so

again you want to make this pot feel

really Brandon okay you can even say

this is so random again you couldn't you

can say it again you could say this is

so random um I'll tell you what I'll

tell you two things about myself and

then you tell me two things about

yourself dill now I know you're thinking

you're thinking oh my god cuz yeah this

is incredibly cheesy it sounds cheesy I

know it sounds really cheesy and

don't ever use this in a nightclub

environment please don't but in the

daytime you have to contextualize this

cuz this is daytime and you've just gone

in and you've done something she's not

used to and you don't have many choices

unless your master conversationalist

you're just gonna go blank and you're

just gonna make the conversation really

boring this actually in context really

works because the girls and that kind of

she's in that flow like you know this

guy's just approached me as high energy

I'm like what am i doing I'm on a little

bit of a sort of a little mini roller

coaster here let's just go for it

it let's just go for it so yes cheesy

when it's taken out of context perfectly

perfectly workable and very very

powerful in fact when in context so you

tell her look I'll tell you two things

about me you tell me two things about

you okay and then that's it now what's

important here is that you have to go

first you have to go first because if

she goes first she'll say my name is

Sarah and I'm 24 years old and that's

not going to help keep the conversation

going so if you go first and you think

about two things two interesting things

about yourself beforehand again it can't

look contrived you have to be looking

like you're thinking about like mmm so

you could say something like I have a

terrible fear of dogs and I really want

to visit Italy one day you could use

those two now because they're kind of

like interesting quirky facts she's

gonna come back with something as

interesting as quirky because you've set

the tone so always go first and have

those two interesting points that you

know are going to generate a response of

questions like to then have them already

up your sleeve and then use them there

was one that we came up with and that

was oh I hate summer and it always got a

reaction so the girl didn't even stop to

you know let you finish you just be like

why do you hate summer and it'd be like

okay and that's already a conversation

done okay so the more impactful they are

the more chance that the girl will latch

on to that hook and you know kind of do

all the hard work for you so yeah you

give her two facts about you as she has

to give you two facts about her and that

will create multiple threads and then

you can use those to springboard into

other conversations okay this is not a

video about conversation skills but

using this part of the sequence you'll

find that you'll be able to transition

from that opening line to a full-blown

conversation quite easily this sequence

is a go-to it's not something you're

going to be using every single time but

for heaven's sake next time that you see

a beautiful woman and your mind goes to

and you go like yank okay

rather than say oh I guess I'll just let

that one go and maybe I'll see the woman

of my dreams in the next five minutes

okay if you see a beautiful woman your

mind goes back go do this go this is a

go-to sequence it's a safety net you

know we have safety nets conversational

safety nets all the time it's just like

a go-to thing you know and we think our

sure I should have used that that was

better but sometimes your mind just

up completely when you're you know

faced with unexpected beauty or just an

unexpected scenario but if you have that

in place and it's you know you practice

that you've worked at it you know how to

just rely on it then for heaven's sake

go to it that's what it's there for

so don't rely on it all the time but

it's your go-to when you've got nothing


so never have an excuse to not approach

a woman in the daytime and instead let

the go-to sequence replace your excuses

okay guys I loved a game but I also

loved night game and this is why the

7-day mastery program we show guys

how to generate how to maximize their

results from daytime scenarios and

nighttime scenarios come the seven day

mastery program experience it for

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